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Are ya feeling lucky? WELL, ARE YA?

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I do not think of myself as an especially lucky person. I have not won a lottery. I rarely find a coin on the streets. The most usual situation for me to hear: "Wow you are lucky" is after I have barely survived a car accident or a tiger mauling. But today, as I was considering my upcoming appointment with a rather debonaire younger man, I thought that I am a really lucky guy. Not just lucky to have a date with a handsome young man, but lucky in so many other ways, that as I started to enumerate them in my head, I got dizzy from doing so

I am lucky to have led a robust and reasonably healthy life.

I am lucky to have found the love of my life, even for only a fleeting decade.

I am lucky to have found a career I am almost always passionate about and got to follow that career in a way that satisfied me personally and allowed me a measure of financial success, while I watched colleagues choose to pursue money and lose just about everything else.

I am lucky to have dear friends of long standing, who know me for the boy I was and also know where the bodies are buried and so far they are not telling.

I am lucky to have made some new friends who know me for the man that I am and not the boy I once was.

I am lucky to have an extended dysfunctional family who think they know what is best for me, which seems to be the best you can do with a family.

I am lucky to have met and known people I admire

I am lucky to have led a life which has led a few others to admire my tenacity, my professionalism, my loyalty, my charity and my ability to love.

I am lucky to have people in my life who respect me enough to tell me when I am being a jackass and when I need to bend and change and compromise, as those things do not come naturally to me.

So counting the date, that is a Top Ten list of reasons why I am lucky, So, what about you?


Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you? Because if you are not, you ought to start.

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Well said. I'm a worrier, it's genetic, I am my mother's son. But I am fortunate in my group of friends, to have a good job where I'm respected (yet constantly worrying about it - the job situation in 2009 messed with my head), a good home in a great neighborhood, and a new puppy. Today's mantra will be focus on the positive. or as my job partner (another piece of fantastic luck) is constantly telling me ... "Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!"

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I was lucky to be raised by wise, loving parents in a wealthy, powerful, democratic country. I was lucky to have had good teachers. I was lucky to have good genes and good health. I was lucky to stumble into the right job and career for me. I was lucky to always have just the right amount of money--not too little and not too much. I was lucky to have good friends from childhood to old age. I was lucky to meet the man who became my life partner--if we hadn't both been in the right place on the right day, we would have passed like ships in the night and never have known the other existed.


Most of the other good things in my life, of course, were not luck but the result of my own choices. Most of the bad things, too.

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I was lucky to go to really good public schools (from elementary school to grad school).


I was lucky to stumble into an activity in college that changed my life is so many ways I cannot begin to count them. (As I recently posted on a social media site, "Without <<activity X>>, I'd probably be a shift supervisor at McDonalds.")


I am lucky that my job provides great insurance benefits which we have, unfortunately, been using extensively for the past eight months.


I was lucky to stumble into this activity and this forum, which has made me a happier, calmer, more relaxed person.


I am lucky that I have finally been able to stop looking back and not only look forward but actively work toward the future.

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I am lucky that God has decided I belong here, at this place and time in my life.

I am lucky that I have lived in a country that allows me to be me.

I am lucky for family, friends, and parents, long gone, that gave me this life without judging me.

I am lucky for Ms Roxy, who greets me and loves me unconditionally and doesn't care that I am more often than not, "one hot mess"...

I am lucky that God has found favor on me, and decided to save me when I couldn't save myself.

I am lucky to be alive....

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I am lucky that when my father died when I was 16 (my brother was 10), I had a street-smart mother and many, aunt, uncles and cousins.


I am lucky to attend an elementary school with amazing teacher, some of whom I always kept in touch.


I hated being drafted in 1967, and never, never thought I would serve in Vietnam until I arrived there in July 1968. It forced me to grow up quickly -- a good thing!


Good job, life-long friends, reasonably good health.


In retirement, I am lucky to been able to travel and, most important, take courses at the Univerity of Pennsylvania. The latter keeps me in touch with young people, and gives me great ideas for books to read and new places to viist.


(I have to confess this is not really my kind of thing, so it's embarassing. But, I did it!)

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Guest countryboywny

I am lucky in so many ways that I could never list them all. Do I think about how lucky I am? Not often enough. Life's travails, problems and frustrations tend to overwhelm me sometimes, but I always make it through somehow. I'm lucky for that!

I'm a good person (err.. I think), I'm able to love, give love and let my friends know how much I care. Life is good!


Thanks to my friend PK for reminding me to be thankful for the gifts I have received.. it sure helps the blues go away!

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What kind of puppy did you get?

She's a rescue, but looks mostly black lab. I understand even more what my Dad said, that having their dog after my mother passed away was a lifesaver. I'm no stranger to living alone, but he's living on his own for the first time in his life, at 81.

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