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Caption This 12-10

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I'd like to know how they took that picture... but I suspect it was photo shopped and the guy was added to the other picture... but it is fun to fantasize about it, never-the-less. Thanks for a fun post.



at first, I thought it was a real picture taken as a joke with the FA in on it because the lighting really matches and all seems balanced......but take a look at the left side of his left calf and it looks a little fishy right there in front of the exit door

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Did anyone notice the word "sortie" printed under the word Exit?

Must be an Airbus craft. Did anyone recognize the flight attendant's uniform?[/color]

It's from an Air Canada aircraft; stewardess uniform and maple leaf Air Canada logo gave it away for me. Air Canada must provide service in both official languages, so the sign isn't surprising and not indicative of aircraft manufacturer in this case.

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