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So many really great photos -


#3 -- during summer months in NYC every now and then you would be rewarded with a guy just like this walking up or down 9th or 10th Avenues...

#5 - great tags that describe him well - a really "sweet guy" - now we need to see him w/o the shirt!

#7 - waiting for him to drop the soap and then bend over to retrieve it...

#9 - wonder what they charge for duo work?

#10 - addicted indeed - I would be addicted to his body if he lived nearby.

Liked very much the outdoor nature photos in 10-12

## 17 and 18 - great chests

#23 - yes, Jake Steele - always a pleasure to see him.

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Is #21 Tatum Channing? Google images id's him that way! Could it be we get to see that hunk's real deal?!?! Whoever he is, he's beautiful! And what I wouldn't give to be in #23's position right now:p


Well, that is Channing Tatum's face. I think it's one of those fantasy pictures though. I always appreciate a good fantasy picture, though....

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