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Wrestler Gets Manhandled, Suffers Erection

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As a kid, many of the guys on my block after a good baseball game enjoyed wrestling in a field behind our homes. It was all oh, sooo innocent. Then suddenly by the time we were all in 4th or 5th grade (or 6th for some), suddenly the rustling on the ground, grappling with bodies close together, occasionally the feel of flesh on flesh as shirts and t-shirts were rumpled up... suddenly our pants were tenting.


A new game developed where we would sit in the high grass, away from the eyes of nosey people, and lower our jeans and check out each other's boners to see whose was biggest or longest. Innocence -- we touched it other, slapped the boners up and down, and imitated photos of Sumo wrestlers, rolling our Fruit of the Loms into almost tight cords up our asscrack, with boners tenting out front, wrestling with nothing but the BVD's,


By high school, the excitment of seeing guys naked made gym class (and showers after) dangerous territory -- God help ANYONE who sported a woody in the showers!!!


My last "innocent" wrestling match was in freshman year of college, working on a project with 3 other classmates on a warm Indian summer type of day. The four od us were working up a sweat as we worked on this project putting together a display. Towards the end, one of the guys (a handsome swarthy Italian guy) started putting me in a headlock -- on the third or fourth try, I began grapling him and soon we were on the floor wrestling, and the other two just as suddenly joined in. Bodies were entwined, arms (biceps especially) exposed and taut, soon one guy "suggested" we take our shirts off as they might get torn, and we were stripped to the waist, and back to grappling and soon - OMG 3 of the 4 of us had enormous boners and the 4th sort of was a late bloomer, but he caught up, and it went from wrestling to pulling the pants off to y first major mini-orgy. It was hot, sweaty, and in the end, sort of messy as we were trying not to cum on each other, but... well...


So this is why I - to this day - fantasize about wrestlers and wrestling....

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