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It wasn't the most exciting of shows today at the G, still who can complain about seeing beautiful naked boys dancing? As we did last week, Cooper and I are spiltting up the boys. Well, splitting up the reviews, that is. It's harder work than you might think coming up with pithy comments so we've decided to share the task. One thing I think we'd both like is to hear a little more from our readers out there. Please give us your thoughts about what you thought of the show. The more opinions the better.

Now, on to the lineup....


!. Devon Barry (Miami)

2. Tyler (Long Island, NY)

3. Dave (Montreal)

4. Tommy (Canada)

5. Cameron (Montreal)

6. Ray (Brazil/NY)

7. Felipe (Miami)


Both Cooper and I will be adding some thoughts later after we've had a cocktail or two.

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If last week's lineup was noted for big cocks, this week should be Veteran's week. Some big names were making their return to the G.


Links to pictures:


Devon Berry: http://www.freshmen.com/issues/F0204/F0204_devon_barry.asp


Cameron: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/gallerycameron.htm


Dave: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/gallerydave.htm


Who's Who in the lineup.


1. TYLER: Introduced as "the featured dancer and sexy blond"... I've reviewed Tyler several times and I wish I knew how to post pictures from HX magazine. There is an excellent shot of him in the G-Theatre ad that best shows off that special look. His head is tilted to one side and he gives a look that's so seductive... Tyler entered stage wearing a blue wife beater and blue clam diggers. His look is the same, dark blond hair that's spiked in the front, blue eyes, pouty lips, great tan, and a solid muscular build. Tyler doesn't dance much but moves around the stage seducing the patrons with that bad boy expression. As his show continues, he slowly removes his shirt revealing a great upper body, it's ripped, smooth, with very muscular arms and shoulders. When he lowers his clam diggers, he walks around in blue briefs that allow his cock to bounce up and down. Anticipation!... For his second number, I'd recommend you sit stage side for he pays a lot of attention to the tippers. Tyler is well endowed and keeps his cock rock hard throughout the 2nd #. He likes to stroke it in your face and tops it off by turning around and bending down to pick up his tip. Great butt viewing. In addition, he does some stage crawling and spreading eagle while pounding the stage. Great show!


TOMMY: making his 3rd return to the G. A good looking young dancer who, when smiles, has these cute dimples. Tommy has dark spiked hair, dark eyes, and a soul patch. He's 5'10", with a solid medium build. He looked very sexy wearing his blue shirt and white pants. He's an average dancer who's style is taking long steps back and forth... For his 2nd #, Tommy gets very close to the patrons. Foxy was in the right seat when Tommy bent over and put his cock in his face. Then, he turned around and spread those cheeks on his beefy, fuzzy butt. Nice! Tommy's English is improving and is very friendly to talk with.


RAY: a very familiar face at the G. He's a 6'6" Brazilian with dark short hair and dark eyes. Ray was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and going commando. He has always gone "al natural" on stage. So, if your taste is tall, dark, handsome, and hairy guys, he's for you. Ray is in great muscular shape and sports a nice tan w/tan line. He has a ripped 6 pack, well defined pecs, solid muscular arms and legs, along with a big fat uncut cock and low hanging balls. Ray is also recognized by his left arm, it's completely covered with tattoos... Ray is a very personable dancer, always making good eye contact and thanking each tipping patron.


In the lounge I saw Jordan who was called to fill the spot of Felipe, but wasn't used as Felipe arrived just in the nick of time. Foxy will fill you in with the details.


At the end of the show, most dancers were gone, hopefully, a good sign that business is picking up... If you get to see this week's show, why not share some of your thoughts and favorites.

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Thanks to Cooper for his informative insights into some of today's dancing boys. I'll do my best to fill in the gaps.


DEVON BERRY. This guy is a one man porn industry. He's just returned from an engagement at Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco. This is a place I've never been so maybe some readers on the west coast might want to add some info on Devon's show. He's just completed a film (unnamed) for Catalina where he pounded some lucky guy senseless. He's also done a photo shoot for Playgirl that may be in the December issue. Wouldn't you like to find that under the tree this Christmas? Of couse we all know Playgirl is for girls and no gay men look or subscribe to it but you might want to make an exception in this case. Devon came out on stage looking lean and hard. A nice 6 pack with a little soft hair on his chest made him look very appealing. He says he's 6 1/2 inches hard but it looked like more to me when he came out for his second number. It was a thick one too, so this guy is no small fry. He also does some fist fight videos so I wouldn't make him angry if I were you. All I know is that he's fun to talk to in the Lounge so don't hesitate to engage him in some banter. The guy is a real cutie pie.


DAVE. It's hard to believe Dave is now considered an "old timer" by Gaiety standards. This handsome, well built guy from Montreal's Stock Bar with those angel wings on his back never fails to please. He came out wearing a "Maine" t-shirt and jeans that lowered to reveal a pair of yellow form-fitting briefs that showed off that wonderful cute round butt. He has a really nice build, a nice "happy trail" and good sturdy legs. He's darkly handsome and when he comes out for his second number he has a hardon that reaches for the sky. This time he didn't do his signature precum routine where he takes some from the tip of his dick and tastes it. I always like it when he does that. Still he put on a good show as always.


CAMERON. This good looking blond is like an erotic cherub from heaven. He's looking more ripped than ever with a nice hard tummy that must turn heads on the beach. Cameron has this spikey hair and wide eyed look that makes you think he's a little surprised to find himself dancing naked on a stage. This is a sweet looking boy that seems to have taken a wrong turn but just decided to go with it. Having seen him dancing on the stage at Stock makes me realize he isn't as innocent as he looks. He also has the cutest butt you could want to sink your teeth into. His nipples look pretty tasty too. The dick ain't so bad either.


FELIPE. This cute Latin boy from Miami is the closest we've come to a twink at the Gaiety in some time. He came in at the last minute pulling a big red suitcase that was bigger then he was. He dances really well on stage and has a nice defined chest that makes me think he won't be a twink for long. In his second number I found myself drawn to his good sized balls that looked like they'd be fun to bounce around. I'm sure he'd be great to cuddle up with.


Please add your thoughts to this weeks lineup.

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Ray will certainly be available to give you 20 minutes or most likely less of his time. Don't be surprised if he yells at you to "hurry up".

He's also a little smelly down there so keep that in mind if that bothers you. I don't think he owns any underwear. He looks good on stage which is how I prefer him. Just my opinon.

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Rarity that I caught the Monday show. Usually I wait until later in the week so that the boys are more accustomed to the show...Monday seems like a warm up day.


OVERALL: Looks like pubes and bodyhair are making a comeback at the Gaiety. And I swear all 3 djs were there. Maybe a staff meeting?


SEAT DRAMA: altercation spotted during Devon Barry's second number at the 830 show. Down audience left front, a gent tried to move up into a ringside seat in a row occupied by a fellow using the middle seat only. When gent asked fellow to excuse him so that he might get past him to access the seat. Fellow declined and moved over to occupy the ringside seat himself. The word "ASSHOLE" could then be read passing the gent's lips soon thereafter. In the fellow's defense, he had already put down several $$$ as a tip and no doubt he didnt want to lose his claim on Devon as he passed by? Gent eventually got a ringide seat on the opposite side of the stage. No injuries reported.


DEVON BARRY: He makes these sleight-of-handish movements with his hands rubbing his cock in his second number. I half expected a bouquet to sprout from down there or for him to pull a rabbit out. Some kind of transformation...perhaps a caged tiger? Keep your eye on his hands and you'll see what I mean.


TOMMY: Oh he has trouble with English! Totally casts a new perspective on words we exchanged (nothing too heavy "You're cool, come back often"). He seemed kind of awkward taking the compliment in the lounge and I was scratching my head trying to figure out if he was distracted or just cocky. I like him. He's beefy but not totally worked out. Kind of like the boy next door whose ass you totally just want to eat with vanilla ice cream in the small of his back for variety. He's like butterscotch.


RAY: Y'know, I actually noticed a smell too. Like fried food. Guess it wasnt just ME. He has the most perfect speedo tanline I have ever seen. I think he is slowly transitioning into Rocha. I see more and more of the elder brazillians moves showing up in the youngers' routines (not just Ray). He used to be on rentboy under a couple names (Constantin I think was one, dont remember the other) but I cant find him now.


TYLER: Those lips drive me insane. I would kiss them until my lips fell off. But more likely he'd kick my faggot ass first. :-) He smells very freshly showered too. He wiggles his hard cock at you during his second number too. Kind of makes it bounce up and down through sheer force of will. Caution, he could put an eye out if you look too closely.

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Guest master12361

Hi I love the show this week Denise is getting better with the dancers hate off to you. Tommy was hot. I enjoyed him and spent some time with him he a real nice guy. looking forward to going back this week.

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>btw... "going commando"?


Going "commando" means not wearing any underwear... When Ray began to unzip his pants, he revealed a hairy bush and a fat shaft. You had to wait till his 2nd # to see the whole package... As for Rays odor, he told me that some men like that sweaty bush smell. He said he's been asked by clients not to shower after working out. Just come as you are...


Two really big guys will be joining this weekends line up, JOEY JORDAN and JJ. This will be JJ's second appearance at the G and he was a big hit the first time. He's known to have picked clients up over his head and tossed them onto the bed. I guess he's not responsible for any injuries! Sounds like fun... JOEY JORDAN is a member on M4M and perhaps can post some of his contact information. I've only heard great things about him.


Spotted at the G on Mon. was XXX porn star Carlos Morales. It's good seeing escorts/dancers in the audience. Foxy and I thought he wanted to talk with us, but I guess he didn't want to disturb us while we were working on the reviews... That's my explaination.

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Thanks Cooper and Foxy for an appetizing review...well done. Pass the whipped cream...

Just wondering why email/cell phone contact info for the dancers isn't more readily avaialable. I can understand the Gaiety wanting to keep the seats full, but I'd think giving out contact info would only help business all around. Any comments?

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Brett, Re: contact info... I don't know all the details, but I read that the owner of a website, who was listing the contact numbers of the Gaiety dancers, received an order to "cease and desist". This letter came from an attorney representing the Gaiety... Perhaps someone else has more information.

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No one reviewed Lucas, the audition at the end of the 6:30 pm show. He is a friend of Devon's, but I don't think he will be back dancing.


Did anyone notice Tyler's arm? It looks like he was bitten by a shark.

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RE: Lucas


>No one reviewed Lucas, the audition at the end of the 6:30 pm



He did better than most of the other auditions I've seen there. He was a bit more comfortable than usual making eye contact while on stage.

Bodywise, he was kind of soft by Gaiety standard. That thick treasure trail on his belly can't be natural can it?

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Tuesday Lineup


Lineup Tuesday was the same, with Ray and Cameron flipping spots.


A couple of random notes/thoughts.


Ray did wear underwear and a sexy black pair at that. I think he wears underwear on stage more often than not.


Devon Barry has let his chest hair grow out a lot more than I've seen it and his hair is very closely cropped. A different look for a Gaiety dancer.


Felipe wore a sexy pair of underwear with hand prints on his his ass. I wonder which of the members here put those there? :)


My favorite was Tom, very sexy boy.


JJ has appeared many times, more than just once or twice before. He's a long-time vet of The G.


Thoughts on the weekend:


Joey Jordan

Jordan (possibly?)...saw him outside after the show; he thought he'd be back in the lineup starting Wednesday, wonder if we'll be graced with 8 dancers.


Enjoy the show!

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">Thanks Cooper and Foxy for an appetizing review...well done.


Brett, Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to hear from members who recognize and appreciate the hard work that Foxy and I put in each week. "


It is hard to consider the reviews "appetizing" while contemplating Ray's foul odor, but my member does appreciate the hard work of foxy and Cooper. Maybe someday I too will get lucky at the Gaiety.

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"Thanks Cooper and Foxy for an appetizing review...well



"It is hard to consider the reviews 'appetizing' while

contemplating Ray's foul odor."


Lucky, Imagine, a "member" posting all the way from London, now that's dedication... btw, hijinx mentioned that Ray's smell was like "fried chicken", now that's "appetizing". For me, it's the odor of sour grapes that I find foul! :9

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It is so funny you guys are bringing this up now. About a year ago I wanted to find a tall, lean, Brazilian guy (that is what I'm attracted to) for an evening. Well, I had noticed Ray's picture on Rentboy for some time now and decided to give him a call. Well, I should have known when he didn't return my first call to give up but I called one more time and reached him. When he undressed in my hotel room and laid on the bed I thought I was going to throw up. I'm very sensitive to body odors anyway but I couldn't even give him a massage but the odor was so bad. My eyes were watery and my gag reflex was out of control. I kept thinking I don't want to offend this guy (my southern personality to say the least) but I just wish I had asked him to leave and saved my money. How do you guys handle a situation such as this without offending the guy but not wanting to waste your money on him?

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I think rotten eggs are far worse than sour grapes. At least that smell goes away.


As for what to do, I would suggest that you offer your "date" a shower, either with or without you. I don't think it's insulting. I love it when the boys are just out of the shower, nice and squeaky clean.

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