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Richard Avedon MURALS at the Met


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I saw these over the weekend. 

They are impressive. If you've ever done large format print photography, you understand how technically difficult these were to make. If fact when they were first shown in the early 1970's people accused Avedon of "showing off". They only have 3 of 4 in the set. The Met doesn't own the 4th one (a portrait of Allen Ginsberg's family). I really hated the "bowling alley" gallery they chose to display them. Yes, they are trying to capitalize on the "Warhol Factory" against the "Architects of the Vietnam War" dichotomy, but it's a little heavy handed. Also, you can't really get any perspective on the Murals, which I think is crucial to really appreciating them. Still, I'm glad they're on display. The outtakes are also fun. They help you understand just how hard it was to get the "perfect" pictures.

And yes, over 50 years later...I'm still in love with "Little Joe".

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