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Very cute man promotes Cambodia

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certainly no expert, but, for those planning a trip, I can offer a few hints......yes, the country is very inexpensive........a travel partner and I stayed in Phnom Penh at a small average decent place (we do not need to stay at the best place in town) in a great location for about $40/night including breakfast......saw the popular Khmer Rouge torture chamber and walked the riverside (didn't have time for the "killing fields").....using Google Flights, I'd found a remarkably cheap morning flight (prop!) from PP to Siem Reap.......using suggested intel from guide books, we just walked out of the SR airport and asked a group of cabbies if one was available to be a driver and guide for Angkor Wat for the remainder of the day.....within five minutes, all was arranged for an embarrassingly low charge.....the driver/guide helped us with the admission process, had another guy he knew walk us around at one point, had us walk through one area and met us at the other end, etc.....then drove us to our hotel, also very good and inexpensive......later that evening, travel partner and I went to the party area of town (yes, a reverent place like Angkor Wat/Siem Reap has a party district) and chatted up a couple other Americans at a bar who offered us hardcore drugs.....and a young local woman with a baby in tow also chatted us up there and we quickly realized she wanted to do some business........


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