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An Expensive Morning!


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Two emails this morning could have really cost me. One was from my anti-virus company, renewing me for 4 years at some $400.

The next was from the Geek Squad, renewing me for 5 years at some $700.

Fortunately I recognized both emails as phony. They are betting that you will call to protest and then they can get more info from you.

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21 hours ago, Charlie said:

I get those calls regularly, informing me that X amount has been charged to my Amazon account, and to press 1 if it is correct or 2 if it is not. I just hang up. I am probably the only person with a telephone who doesn't have an Amazon account.

Oh, no! I just got two texts telling me my Amazon account has been locked, because of suspicious activity on it! What shall I do? Should I clink on the link that will take me to a helpful customer service rep?

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