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America's Most Humiliating Escort Moments

Rick Munroe

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That's the show I want to do. Let Devon do his documentary road trip; I want to host a show where we reenact degrading yet heartwarming scenes of escort life.


Episode One:

This happened early in my escorting career (late '99). I was hired by the head of a foreign bank and told to come to his upper east side penthouse. As I got out of the elevator into his complex apartment (I almost got lost; there were so many rooms & corridors & passageways), I was greeted by 2 nude latin twink escorts. "Come with us." I was really unsure of what was happening, as I hadn't been told it was an orgy (I wouldn't have gone) and these two weren't giving me any info. It seemed like we were walking around & around forever...past room after room...and no sight of the man who had hired me. I was finally brought to a room and told I had to get ready for "inspection." I started to laugh & thought, "what the hell." They got me naked & started making out with me (they were hot little boys) and one sucked me almost to the point of cumming. Then they stopped & said, "OK, you're ready" and one of them led me to a room at the end of the long corridor. I walked into a room where two turbaned men were smoking cigarettes and playing cards. They both looked at me standing there naked with a hard-on, looked back at each other, and then one of them waved me away with a "get lost" gesture. I then found out that these were his (straight) security guards, stationed outside his bedroom to decide which whores were allowed in. I apparently hadn't passed the test.


By the way, during the inspection/rejection, I never lost my erection. Obviously, humiliation is a huge turn-on for me. }> And I got paid well anyway so that was cool.


Episode Two...?

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Guest jwraustin

Well...this did not happen to me but to an escort friend of mine...its worth re-telling.


Seems my friend was hired by a client for the night for partying and ...well, whatever. The evening wore on, with some drinking and some drug use. My friend got so messed up that he let the client tie him to the bed, and then got into some very heavy sex. At some point, my friend passed out from the booze and drugs. There he was, tied face up on the bed, passed out.


A few hours he woke up to the screams of a Mexican house keeper. She was on a cell phone to the hotel security and yelling something at him in Spanish. My friend could not loose, and had to lie there and wait for someone to untie him.


The hotel security arrived, and untied him, and sternly warned him not to show his face in the hotel again. My (by then totally humiliated) friend got dressed and started to make his exit. When he got to the door of the room to leave, he remembered that he put the money from the trick in the drawer beside the bed. He turned around, and walked back to the bed, opened the drawer, and took the money out. He turned to everyone, and said "I believe this belongs to me." He then left.


To this day, he has not been back to that hotel. He also doesnt get fucked up with clients anymore, either.

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Guest Thunderbuns

>The hotel security arrived, and untied him, and sternly

>warned him not to show his face in the hotel again.


It would be interesting to know if the hotel also banned the client who was shelling out the bucks for the room rental? My guess would be, probably not!



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RE: Back to the line


>>>>Just about as long as it takes to get your butt licked. :9


>>>Hmmm...if it's gonna be done right, that takes all

>>>night. }>


>>I'm game! }>


>It forms in the rear, well behind me.


I've been in that line a LOT longer than you have Franco. Of course I could use you as a warmup while I'm waiting. :+

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The story I remember at the moment you might not call embarassing because nobody but me saw it happening, but out here in the "secondary cities" where we occaisionally accept late night calls, sometimes from guys who have obviously just closed the bars, I remember once where an client fell asleep on me and I couldn't wake him up, and didn't want to riffle through his wallet, so I went unpaid. Same guy wanted to make it up to me, so he told me that he would leave the money on the nightstand and his hotel room door would be locked open. Sure enough, all was as planned, except for the client passed out on the bed, unwakeable, when I arrived. I took the money and split. But this story, oh best beloved, the one I meant to tell happened another late night with another man. He assured and assured me that he was OK and would be wide awake, even though he knew he did sound a bit groggy. Well, when I arrived at the outer gate of his condo complex, he was awake enough to let me in. I got a little disoriented and by the time I had found his condo, and found out that it had another fence with a buzzer system before you could get to the door, he had passed out, leaving me and my car stranded between the two fences. I had to wait and exit with the truck that delivered the papers. Wah!

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