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  1. RE: Mutation >Viruses mutate from species to species, and transfer from >species to species. None of them are good to get infected by, >since there is a time lag before effective vaccines and >medications are determined and manufactured. Resistence to >therapy is not uncommon. Actually, viruses cannot transfer that easily, from one animal species to another animal species, or from an animal species to a human one and, vice versa. Bird Flu has existed for centuries, perhaps since the dawn of time, and it is thought that viruses are becoming more prevelant and deadlier in the current times (and thus, the current panic and real concern) because of the practice in the last 50 to 75 years of placing birds (most commonly, although not always, chickens) in large, enclosed environments, where their food and the birds themselves can come in easy contact with their own refuse and feces and where close quarters also can create an easy environment for viral transfer. This close quarters and confinement of birds is also taking place in proximity to large urban areas of human, which are themselves in crowded and less than ideal settings as far as sanitation and health, which is creating an environment where a more pathogenic and virulent form of a bird flu virus can be transferred, in whole or in part, to humans. A cold is a virus, for example, and one that mutates easily, which is why taking antibiotics for colds is reckless and harmful, since there is no baterial agent to "kill." The fact that it mutates easily (as with flus) is why there is no "cure" and one can contract a viral cold or a viral flu year after year. However, as the newspapers always suggest, there are a number of easy steps which people can take during flu season and cold season, such as avoiding close proximity and washing ones hands, etc. For those who are interested, although I do not recommend the web site in whole, there is a good and thorough discussion of viruses, their history, etc., to be found here: http://library.thinkquest.org/23054/basics/index.html
  2. A Little Dab Will Do You >sounds like all the >lube I would need I like pesto, preferably freshly made, with extra pine nuts for added crunchiness.
  3. What Will He Do >>The complete collection of Brittney Spears action figures >for Rick. > >That is so sweet...but...what will I do with TWO complete >collections of Britney dolls? That's twice as many to have to >hide from Derek. EBAY.
  4. Santa's Little Helper I want good grades on their finals for Twink Hos #2 and #4. A unlimited supply of cell phones for Twink Ho #1. A new house, paid off, whereever he wants it, for Michael Johnson. Lifetime job security for Gabe. For Jeff, an unlimited supply of fat free pizza that tastes good and all the fresh baked, home made, perfect crust apple pie he can eat (with real vanilla ice cream on top, of course). Funding to produce and promote his new play for Matt Sizemore. A Zillion never to expire frequent flyer miles on each and every carrier for Talvin. The complete collection of Brittney Spears action figures for Rick. C.J.'s own personal lear jet (with choice of hunky crew and captain). The experience of a lifetime for Jon Dean. Rod Hagen gets three weeks with Adriano Marquez on a secluded island in the Netherland Antilles. Three weeks on a deserted island in the Maldives with Excellent Top, and four economy size bottles of Eros, for Mark Daulton. The crown prince of the land of my birth for You Know Who. Tit clamps and 9 rounds with Talvin for the diary writer. Qualtiy financial planning and a six week fully paid vacation for Michael Brandon. A cast of thousands for Tom Southern. A blackberry, palm pilot, and personal assistant for Dax Dakkar. A secluded (but well equipped, furnished and stocked) mountain cabin, on acres of private property, in the mountains of Vermont for Derek Ross. Ken Lay's old house and unfettered permitting (and funding) to convert it into Bilbo's House of Wonton Pleasure. O.J.'s dream team for Athan and Kristian. All the clients with DSL and cable modems his little heart desires for Adam. Investment properties in Miami, Montreal, Paris, London, Madrid, Key West, Provicetown, Manhattan, Dallas and, of course, Fire Island, for Ted Matthews. Peace of mind and the occassional laugh for Jacob. The place which is rightfully Joey Harts but is now being upsurped by Lance Bass. Whatever he wants for Steven. Whatever he needs for Matt. Happiness, health and multiple orgasms to all my clients. Winning Lotto tickets for my all regulars. http://www.gaydar.co.uk/francodisantis
  5. "I know Reece Rothmeier and Franco, you're no Reece Rothmeier" > . . . the dominant top issue: I discovered when I began exploring the leather >scene 10 years ago that being a top suited my character. I enjoy making a good connection >with guys I meet and getting inside their head to give them what they really need or >desired. Sometimes reading them better than they know themselves. >Stimulate the brain, and you’ve stimulated the largest organ in the body. So, discovering the intuitive, >dominant top persona came effortlessly. ... To be a good top, you first must master being a good bottom > … I’m not a leather man by choice; I’m made that way <eg>. And finally, to my tribute, my stern >German-American mother who always said, “There nothing a good spanking can not fix”; > Mom, those are words of advice to live by! I am adding my two-cents worth because this is one of the best explanations I have seen and Reece has probably done it in almost as verbose a fashion as I could possibly ever manage to. My sainted great grand aunt Angelina, in conversation with her parish priest in Palermo, used to put it this way: "Father, why are some men born tops and others simple aspire to be tops?" The priest, by way of response said, "My child, some have being a top thrust upon them, may the Good Lord have mercy on their souls."
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