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How do you get hard...


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So the answer is to be born with a heightened libido. The moral is...choose your parents well. I guess money isn't the ultimate aphrodisiac after all, you're just in it for the fun. And the name of your gym is...?

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and stay that way? I realize this is what separates the pros from the amateurs, but I've always wondered, and am a little in awe of, escorts who can get turned on with clients they are not sexually attracted to. I would think that makes up a large percentage of the clientele. I realize youth must play a part. I can't imagine escorts popping viaga all the time, if at all. I've been with guys I've really liked as people but sex seems but of the question since there isn't a physical attraction. Fantasies help but seem hard (no pun intended) to maintain. Any tips or suggestions?

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Guest sdmuscl4hire

I came to the realization after putting on panty hose for a guy 6 years ago and fucked the shit out of him that my dick is a twisted mother you know whater. It has a mind of its own and I have no idea sometimes hot it gets hard

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>I can't imagine escorts popping viaga all the time,

>if at all.


You're right...it's pointless because it only works if you're turned on anyway. And fantasies get used up quickly. I've found that most people (with some exceptions...Dubya and Kathie Lee Gifford come to mind) can be sexualized in some way, whether in part(s) or taken as a whole. If that doesn't work, or in addition, there are certain activities that will work even if you can't find something within that person that gets you off (how convoluted was that grammar? don't tell me). For example, the guy might be a really good kisser, or kissing the nape of his neck or some other area might do it for you. Maybe he's a great cocksucker or has just the right technique for your sensitive nipples or ass...you get the idea. Have the attitude that you want to be turned on but don't put stress on yourself...the ability to get rock hard for anyone is definitely a combination of skill, technique, talent, libido & experience.


Of course, being horny 24/7 <insert raised hand here> doesn't hurt. :p

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Some guys are blessed (?) with a very high sex drive and can get hard at the drop of a hat in any circumstances whatsoever. Other guys are not so blessed.


There's a reason most porn "auditions" include taking off your pants and getting hard. I recently watched a public porn star audition run by Chi Chi LaRue in a strip club. Since frontal nudity is illegal here, Chi Chi held a t-shirt in front of each guy's crotch and felt them up. If you can get hard in front of a live crowd with a fat drag queen feeling you up, your chances of being a successful porn star or escort are much better than the shy guys that just can't do it.


Some guys are (pardon the pun) up for it, others aren't.


Rather than wonder why, just say THANK GOD!

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Guest Hung Muscle

I don't think there are any secret tips to get hard or stay hard -- every person is just different. I'm usually rock hard before I even meet with a client - hell I get rock hard anytime I think about sex which is pretty much all day. I actually got hard just typing this.

It's also kind of fun to control the extent of your hardon. I love to walk around the gym locker room with just the start of a hardon. Makes my cock nice and full without being hard. Makes everyone wonder how big it gets - even the straight guys. Its also fun to let it get all the way hard in the showers when you have an auidence and then turn it back down.

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>I love to walk around the gym locker room with just the

>start of a hardon. Makes my cock nice and full without being

>hard. Makes everyone wonder how big it gets - even the

>straight guys.


<LOL> Straight guys ask you, in a locker room, how big your cock gets? What porn film are you living in? :*

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Crunch Gym


We do things differently in California, though I do believe Hung Muscle is in Chicago. You New York City boys are just way too jaded. If you can not find a straight men to ask you how hard it gets at any of the West Hollywood gyms, you are doing something wrong, my friend. And I find the idea of Rick Munroe doing something wrong hard to imagine.....

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It isn't age.


The original poster said in passing that it must be something about age. But that isn't true. And I'm a bit surprised DiSantis didn't catch him on it. If you keep your dork in working condition, it keeps working. I just saw an advertisment for a 57 year old escort on a site in the UK that there was a link to on another thread.


Make sure that you keep cuming twice a week at the barest minimum, whether alone or not.


Make sure that you have enough sleep. The amount we each need is different and changes during our lives, but I would suggest that you start out aiming for an average of 7.5 hours a night. Keep a diary and/or chart to keep track of how far behind/ahead of that number you are and then realize how you feel at each of those numbers. Sleep deprivation is chronic in the USA, at least.


Don't let things like money depend on every time that you cum. Feed your own libidinic dreams and fantasies with doing things for funsies that you might not do otherwise and watching movies, reading books, etc. Don't be too surprised if this means having sex with a woman every few years. There is a wonderful book that started out as a means for breaking writer's block which refers to this kind of thing as an "Artist's Date." Anyone remember the title/author? I'll try to remember to post it in a few days if noone else has first.


Look inside your partners. There sexiest qualities might not be physical. But then again maintain your fixations with certain parts of the body. For me, it is difficult for me not to be turned on when anyone wants to share their tush with me. (Looks don't matter, too much. Hygiene does.) OK, someone else already mentioned this angle.


Happy Hunting!

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Guest Julian Kaye

Sildenafil Ceitrate tablets


>Of course, being horny 24/7 <insert raised hand

>here> doesn't hurt. :p


From the Viagra web site:


1. Cozy up to Rick for a romantic movie, watching straight women get dick slapped on TV

2. Tuck in early under a fluffy down chest of hair in the winter (tit clamps and arm bands optional)

3. Take a romantic stroll together through Tompkins Square Park at night during the summertime

4. Plan a weekly “date night” with Rick where he squats on you and you guess his weight

5. Serve Rick breakfast in bed, smoke, then snore while you “sleep in” on a rainy weekend morning

6. Write a love note to Rick and leave it duct taped to his economy size bottle of Frixion

7. Tell Rick something nice that someone else said about him and add five million compliments of your own

8. Do something together that’s out of character, bottom for Rick

9. Turn the sound down on the "romantic movies" and tell Rick “I love you” while the women are getting dick slapped.

It’s a sweet reminder

10. Turn off the TV early, before they show the pussy close-ups

11. Surprise Rick with a dildo and enema hose

12. Plan a date—think about some of the things you both did together when you first started to whore

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Guest RushNY

RE: Sildenafil Ceitrate tablets


Actually i'm sure the patented Rick Munroe method for being hard and horny is the following 3-step.


1.Breathe In

2.Breathe Out



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I'm asked this question a lot, and sometimes I'm asked if I take Viagra. I'm usually hard before my pants come down. I really can't answer why, I don't even know myself.

There have been a couple of occasions where, lil matt wouldn't cooperate, but I can only think of two times in my life.(hey I'm getting older, things gotta slow down sometime: )

I think it's not about the person I'm with, it's the situation I'm in. I get turned on by someone being turned on by me. If my partner isn't into it, I'm pretty much guaranteed not to be able to maintain my wood. Even if he's the hottest guy in the world, if it's not there for him, it's not there for me.

matt(aka dickzilla)

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Guest Ant415

I think the money would motivate me. It would stroke my ego, and then if the client/partner strokes my cock, I am ready. I would be hard enough to fuck Janet Reno.


Well..... maybe not Janet Reno.

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Guest dstud4hire

The money part certainly is part of the fantasy....I've always wanted to try porn or something similar.....


I love this aspect of it all, because I love being a regular ho! Fucking turns on to me....


Now of course, there are some of my clients who do not see me in that light, and of course, I can tell right away that they may not want to enagage in verbal that gets me going...


that is fine...other things that get me hard....the fact that he is totally into me..that is a huge turn on...


ok, hell, who am i kidding? I'm turned on most of the time...I j/o every day anyway before I go to bed, whether I've had a full day of clients or not.....


The one thing I try to be careful about though is booking too many clients in one day.....i don't like doing that since it's not fair to the clients....


all that said and done, there are many occassions where I might not stay hard...


for one...I love orally servicing so much, that I sometimes get so focused on ensuring I'm sending my client to heaven and back, that I forget about me, and might grow soft. With VERY rare exception, I've yet to find a client who minds this, since I've just given him the BJ of his life...


there are other times...I do hv one client who controls cumming until the 59th minute of the hour, which is fine, but I'm usually pretty tired because it's generally 59 minutes of constant rough, wild sucking, (which I seem to have the endurance to do, fortuately) it's great because he treats me like a total servicing whore, which I love! BUt for him, he doesn't mind at all that I don't cum and get hard throughout!


FUCK..now I'm hard again....just the thought of it..ok, no one booked as of yet today.....gotta take care of business! ;)

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