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Shop for freebies. 
That is, non-providing people, who are looking for a soulmate, like you. 

Put Richard Gere and Julia Roberts out of your head entirely. Professional companionship is not meant to be an alignment of souls.

Maybe it can happen, but not likely by any stretch. Set aside time to volunteer or take a class or attend a concert - anything that puts you in a space with people who enjoy something you do.


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Do you make time out of your non-working hours to see a provider? You schedule an appointment?

That time is “set aside” for your interaction, meaning that other activities won’t make you run late or make you have to leave early. You can set aside a block of time for anything. Doing good for others is worth setting aside time, right?



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4 hours ago, Mario_j said:

Actually I have been on a date with a lot of escort on here, haven’t really gotten a soulmate 

Although I won’t rule out that it’s not possible, I think looking for a soulmate in an escort is the wrong place to look.  If you’re looking for a soulmate, you are really looking for love too.  Many escorts are very good actors, and can mimic love, but they really don’t love you.  I fell hard for one years ago, as I really thought it was love.  It only hurt later on down the road when I realized what was going on.  You’re really better off looking on a dating site if you eventually want to find a soulmate.  Not RentMen.

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