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Tom in NYC


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4 minutes ago, pubic_assistance said:

In other words....well aware of what he's got and what he's worth.

Correct. I am loathe to pay for taxi when most guys would just hop on the blue line for a few stops to chelsea. Just a principle. If it were late at night, i'd totally understand and would pay for it. 

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the various texts of his all-positive RM reviews are below....in addition, rarely seen in RM reviews, Tom replied to the reviewers with "thank you"s.....several of the reviewers are longtime members......

Absolutely gorgeous. even better than his pics. beautiful feet.

Meeting Tom was a really great experience. I love his smile and sweetness and the way he was engaged in our conversations. He also kissed really nice and I loved our time together. My only wish was that we had more time. Nice to meet you mate and hope to see you soon!

Tom is way more attractive than his pictures show - he has an awesome body and an amazing cock. He is also a real gentleman and very pleasant to be around. I would definitely like to see him again!

Tom is very attractive and looks way hotter than his pictures in person. He was very friendly and did not rush out session. If you are looking for a tall lean handsome man he would deinfitely be your type. We spent some time chatting after our session and clearly he is a man capable of holding a conversation of real substance even at his age. Till next time Tom, I can't wait to see you again.

Tom is a genuinely nice guy, very accommodating, and great to hang out with. Not to mention sexy! I met him on my last night in town, and would have loved to get together with him again if I had the time.

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