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OneFinger's NYC Review *** Potential Spoilers ***

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Just returned from a quick weekend in NYC. I'm including info that I think might be interesting for guys on this site. But, be aware that my comments on Equus and Billy Elliot may "spoil" the event for you. So, read with caution.


Hotel Info


I'm not a rich person so I can't afford the higher-end rooms. In the past I've stayed at The New Yorker Hotel (a Ramada property). But this year I tried a new hotel (yes, brand new - just built) that I feel is a real bargain. In fact, the hotel is so new I was their 20th person to check-in. So, I had a virgin room which I deflowered.


Hampton Inn New York - 35th Street - Empire State Building is the lower-end of the Hilton family. But, as a new property it was great. I paid $311 / night + tax for a weekend stay. (I believe it is cheaper during the week.)




Very comfortable king-sized bed, large screen TV, free internet, and spacious bathroom. The closet was a little small but very adequate for my short stay. (Besides, I've been out-of-the-closet for sooo long I don't need something too large.)


The hotel is located half a block from the closest subway stop (which is just across the street from Macy's Dept Store). Penn Station is about 1-1/2 blocks away. The Empire State Building is just around the corner. Great central location with plenty of places to eat nearby.


The room included a hot breakfast which was rather tasty. The staff was very accommodating and they didn't blink an eye when my rent-a-guy showed up for my late night entertainment.


Escort Recommendation


On previous NYC trips I've contacted the escorts directly. But, after a couple of "no shows" in California, I decided to use an agency on this trip. I found Campus to be very responsive to my inquiries. No trouble at all setting up an appointment.


I highly recommend Jonathan. He's very cute, affectionate, and I really enjoyed my time with him. The pictures of him on the Campus site are very recent and accurate.




Equus *** Spoiler Alert ***


I read the play a couple months ago and found it very interesting. To say the least, I was anxious to see the play. The fact that Daniel Radcliffe has a nude scene had absolutely NO influence on my decision to see this play. ;-)


http://bp2.blogger.com/_2vdxKAuaelM/Rij-f1O5oUI/AAAAAAAAADY/PTlrIkUZ1Ow/s400/danielradcliffe+equus_.jpg http://images.nymag.com/guides/fallpreview/2008/theater/nakedpotter080901_250.jpg


The theater layout for this play is very unusual. They don't use a curtain for the stage and you walk in and see the set. The theater has "normal" seating (orchestra level, balcony, etc). But, there is also seating on the stage!! The back of the set contains horseshoe-shaped stalls for the horses. On top of these stalls are a couple of rows of seating for the stage audience!! Yes, you can actually purchase seats on the stage, looking down on the action.


Unfortunately, I bought my tickets on-line and there wasn't an option for stage seating. But, I know those seats are being sold and you may want to contact the theater directly.


Alan (Daniel's character) is a troubled teen with a dark side. I was very impressed with the way Daniel portrayed his character. From the moment Daniel came on stage he seemed to take control and command of the audience. There was a lot of non-verbal communication within this play. In a couple of scenes Daniel had the most piercing stare which was almost haunting.


The horses in the play are portrayed by a group of very hunky actors. They wear wire horse-heads, hoof stilts, and very tight brown tops.




The character of Alan is very emotionally attached to one of the horses (played by Lorenzo Pisoni).


http://images.broadwayworld.com//upload/33136/tn-500_pisoniwm982181192.jpg http://images.broadwayworld.com/upload/27079/tn-500_pisoni.jpg


In several scenes Daniel caresses the "horse" and the way Daniel touches the "horse" is electrifying. In one scene, Daniel actually mounts the "horse" for a ride. OMG!!




The nude scene was interesting but was actually a small part of a very gripping play. I will verify that the popular frontal nude pictures we've all seen of Daniel Radcliffe are definitely FAKE!!


As Daniel was disrobing it was obvious that his boxer shorts were "tenting". Lighting was dark, his pubic hair was dark and plentiful so it was difficult to get an unobstructed view. But, he was NOT dangling down during my performance and his penis was horizontal to the floor. There also no obvious foreskin and the head of his cock was clearly visible. If he's uncut, the foreskin appeared to be withdrawn.


Daniel seem very comfortable being nude on stage. His scene was done in a very professional manner and contributed to the overall affect of the play.


In short, I'd love to see this play again. I found it very emotional and draining. But it was excellent! You don't want to miss it.


Billy Elliot *** Spoiler Alert ***


I purchased tickets to this play after reading a post from Lucky. I knew nothing about the story line but trusted his recommendation. It was a great choice!!


The story centers around a family in England during the coal miner's strike in the mid-1990's. Billy is the 12-year old son that wants to take ballet lessons. The play centers around how the family handles this situation.


There are actually 3 kids that play the part of Billy Elliot. (They alternate nights.)


http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2008/04/22/theater/ElliotTrio.jpg http://www.broadway.com/site_images/564191.jpg


The kid that played the role when I was there was David Alvarez (the kid in the center with a Cuban heritage). He blew me away with his talent! His acting, singing, and dancing were flawless.


The other actors are also very strong and did their parts well. I particularly enjoyed the character of Michael (Billy Elliot's best friend that likes to cross dress.) The interaction between these two friends is touching.


This play has now become one of my favorites.




In short, I had a wonderful time in NYC. It was a expensive weekend get-away but I don't regret it.

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Guest zipperzone

You mention that his boxers were tenting and that his cock was horizontal to the floor.


I take this to mean he had an erection - right? If so, I wonder how he manages to do this every night - or were you just lucky :-)

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i was in new york last week and must have seen the same two performances!

saturday afternoon i was at equus and was in the third row and the "tenting" was very clear. nice equipment but nothing special; i was a size queen at one time before i learned that some of the more modest men were the best a giving sexual pleasure. i did wonder if it happened at every performance.


saturday night i was at "billy elliot" and very impressed by david alverez; at lot of talent in that young kid. i was impressed by him in the drean sequence where he danced with a grown male dancer to swan lake and he took flight. the whole show was a delight and has "tony" written all over it. i would like to go back and see how the others do in the role.


while there, i took time to hire brandon at maximum and he was great, too. highly recommended. movie star handsome and likes sex.


saw "tale of two cities" and it was pleasant and not terrible, just average; when compared to other shows, i would say to "pass".


at the japan society, they have a great show on bamboo sculpture ("baskets") that is amazing; highly recommended; it is on east 44th street by the UN.

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>You mention that his boxers were tenting and that his cock was horizontal to the floor. I take this to mean he had an erection - right?


I don't know a delicate way to describe what I saw but I'll try. I'm sure we've all been with guys that don't have a lot of length (even when soft). Their cocks seem to point straight out from their pubic hair instead of "dangling" down (resting on their balls).


Like I said, the lighting was dim and his pubic hair was ample, long, and dark. It provided a good "shield" for his shaft. So, all I was able to see (even with binoculars - no comments please) was the head of his cock pointing straight out from his pubic hair.


The "tenting" made me feel that he was at least semi-hard. But, he doesn't seem to be as well-endowed as the fake pictures and I can't really say if he was hard or just had a short, stubby cock that doesn't dangle.


But, I definitely was NOT disappointed. BTW, the picture of his "backup" was very cute so I doubt anyone would be disappointed if Daniel missed a performance or two.

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So ya wanna meet bigjoey, but not me, huh? Even after I recommended this show you liked so much. Well, that's okay. I'm glad that you liked the show.


In London I saw the Asian Billy Elliott and was just as amazed as you were. A 12 year old, singing, dancing, memorizing all of those lines, but even more, commanding a stage in front of a live audience. Miraculous, and they have several that can do it. I never could have.


P.S. I couldn't even afford the hotel that you got. When I go next week, I am renting a 1 bedroom apartment on the 37th floor of a new building off of Times Square for $235 a night, tax included.

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>So ya wanna meet bigjoey, but not me, huh? Even after I recommended this show you liked so much. Well, that's okay. I'm glad that you liked the show.


Well, if we were in town at the same time...


>P.S. I couldn't even afford the hotel that you got. When I go next week, I am renting a 1 bedroom apartment on the 37th floor of a new building off of Times Square for $235 a night, tax included.


Gosh, I must have missed your post with the link. Please feel free to share it again. I'd sure like to find a deal like that.

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Re: "Billy Elliot"


On a par with "West Side Story" for its brilliant blend of drama and choreography. Joyous, heartbreaking, unforgettable. Without doubt, one of the great musicals.




"I'd say that's a bit of an extreme reaction, now wouldn't you?" -- N.F. Bates




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