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Those US gymnasts sure are cute!

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They're always cute!


I can remember years ago when the US took the gold or something and one one from my home town also won an indivudual medal. It was major news there which I mentioned to my dentist on my usual twice a year visit. He mentioned that the guy was one of his patients but didn't wonder why I thereafter made so many appointments to have so much elective procedures done. Alas we never met.

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From a long article on the subject at coachesinfoservice:




In summary, from these results, for optimal performance in gymnastics the following factors are important:


* a small body

* small steady increases in growth

* high strength : weight ratio

* training greater than 20 hours per week

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Yes, I agree. It's a great looking bunch of guys, and so ethnically diverse, proving once again the great "melting pot" that is the USA.

Considering the many obstacles they had to overcome in these games, I was very happy for them last night when they won the bronze medal. I hope they do well in the indvidual exercise competition.


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>From a long article on the subject at coachesinfoservice:




>In summary, from these results, for optimal performance in

>gymnastics the following factors are important:


> * a small body

> * small steady increases in growth

> * high strength : weight ratio

> * training greater than 20 hours per week



I see. I thought "small" referred to something else. Pardon my one-track mind.





"I'd say that's a bit of an extreme reaction, now wouldn't you?" -- N.F. Bates




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>It looks like the Olympics have been a success in Hooville!


I think quite the opposite. These athletes, who have trained their entire lives, are being reduced to sex objects with 4th grade level playground talk.


These perfect specimens of the male form are more than our play things. Their firm, structured legs that appear to have waves of muscle under toned, tight skin are pushing physical limits and breaking records daily.


We diminish their very accomplishments when we point out their incredibly chiseled torsos with Adonis lines that can be viewed from space.


Instead of making this sexual, we need to re-focus on true Olympic vision and get back to basics.


I offer the following article:


"Re-introduce the Nude Olympics"

Posted by spoonman Thursday 27 March, 2008 06:07 PM


New technologies are constantly making sports more about scientific edge than natural competition, so is it time to go back to the days of the nude Olympic Games?


How come the world can spend millions a year testing athletes for performance enhancing drugs, but whack on a new high-tech Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit and that's ok.


A heap of world records have been smashed by swimmers using the suits recently, but they are considered ok by FINA, the sport's governing body.


Bit hypocritical isn't it?


Boosting performance with drug technology is verboten, but use a special covering for skin that makes you faster is not - it's actually encouraged.


How can athletes who can't afford, or don't have access to, the $600 Speedo suits even hope to compete?


Simple answer is they can't.


So in the interests of purity, simplicity and tradition, I'm calling for the Olympic Games to be held in the nude - or very close to it - just like in ancient Greece.


No fancy swimsuits. No spiked running shoes or starting blocks. You get the idea.


Combined with a vigorous drug testing regime we might even see the best athletes winning, for a change.


Either that, or we go the whole hog and allow drugs, hormones, fancy suits and shoes - whatever it takes to win.


You might call them the Enhanced Games.


But the current situation is a joke on the athletes, who are breaking records they don't deserve to, the public and the Olympic Games themselves.

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I agree. I believe Jonathan Horton is 5 feet tall even according to the Olympic website.


Those Chinese dudes are pretty hot too. I liked the super slo-mo of their rings routines. Muscles rippling all over...


And the gay divers are also cute. That little Tom Finchum sounded very gay when he was interviewed during last night's synchro diving. And of course that Australian diver caused quite a stir when he came out earlier in the year.

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Cooper sure is good with those tools:



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I was wondering why Cooper went to Canada so much:



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RE: Pemission To Look


From Thursday's New York Times, Guy Trebay's report indicates that we in Hooville are not out of the ordinary in noticing the sexuality of the athletes:


"What the Games also frankly accommodate is a taste for the spectacle of straining young bodies, an appeal that was not lost on the ancients. The crowds at the early Games, according to the historian Nigel Spivey, were as excited by the “boys with slim waists, broad shoulders, neatly proud buttocks and springy thighs” as they were by the lofty ideal of the Games."



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Raj has been a favorite of mine since 2004. Although he was an alternate that year, he did perform at an exhibition with the men's and women's Olympic team in DC. He did his high bar routine without his shirt on and the way his jeans were slightly falling down below his waist was a sight to be seen!!


That being said, alternate David Durante was gracious during his interviews on television. It would have been interesting to see how he would have performed had he not been an alternate. I would have chosen him over Joey Haggerty.

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>As Always VDN does cum thru for the Masses!


My aim is to please. }(


>Hope your Summer has left nice Memories (No Stains) of your

>NYC Visits! LOL


SHOUT will get those out!


>This definitely looks like a Hunky Group to Party with, as I

>know ya Luv to Party Mr VDN! ;-)


They do not look shy at all. It seems many of them have experience posing like this (especially in that back row to the left!).

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