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The Hottest Ass in Tennis?

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I know many like Rafael Nadal but, to me, his ass looks like two overripe canteloupes fighting to get out of a shopping bag. Does nothing for me.


But watching the Wimbledon Quarterfinals yesterday I have to say that Feliciano Lopez has the hottest ass in tennis. What a beauty. And the rest of him ain't bad either. In all white with his sweaty and tight shorts clinging to that perfect round and trim behind you could see his skin tight perfect white undies underneath ... hot, hot, hot ...


Talk about breakfast at Wimbledon!

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I absolutely LOVE Nadal for exactly the reasons (melons) that you mentioned. Let me in that shopping bag anytime... BUT you are SO right about Lopez... He used to play doubles with Nadal and I had this fantasy about them in the locker room... He also wore white mid calf shorts like Nadal...that when he got good and sweaty were almost see thru... and last year at the US OPEN, he was only wearing a jock underneath. Spectacular!


From what I have read, he plays a lot harder off the court than on. Quite the ladies man.


Truly gorgeous. But you know, so is Safin. His shorts are just too baggy to reveal his real asset.



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I just don't like a thing about Nadal ... the t-shirt, those goofy looking shorts. He looks like a thug to me.


Feliciano Lopez is the total package. And he looks more like a classic tennis player to me.


When Safin first burst on the scene I thought he was really hot but for 28 years old he looks so worn out to me now. And his attitude doesn't help.


Roddick is hot in a quirky sort of way but always looks to me like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley.


There are so many hot players today ... they are in so much better shape than they used to be when I was growing up.


And the gorgeous Gambill is rumored to play for our side!

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>Agassi is another one who does nothing for me ... and his

>anti-gay remarks don't help.


>Give me Stefan Edberg ... the perfect 6'2" Swede with

>legs of iron and a face of pure classic handsomeness!


AGASSI...took back and apologized for those comments from his YOUTH..(brought on from a bouquet sent from ELTON JOHN..and overheard in a PRIVATE conversation)...admitted they were STUPID and HAS been VERY INVOLVED in AIDS FUNDRAISING. PEOPLE can GROW UP!

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Surprise no one has mentioned my all time favourite...Patrick Rafter...such grace when he slides down the court, and off the court too apparently with his donations...Yummy!!









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The comments I heard reported were not said at any private conversation or anywhere else but after he won a major tournament. And he said the words in public at a press conference and it wasn't all that long ago -- not his "youth."


People can "grow up" but I also take him at his word that he felt that way.


But it really doesn't matter ... I don't find him remotely "hot" or "interesting" anti-gay or not.


"Tenn-ass" -- that was a good one ... sorry I didn't think of it!

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Courier's comments are funny considering that everyone knew that Gambill played for "our team."


I saw Sue Mott on ESPN this morning saying that the 4th biggest story of this Wimbledon was "Feliciano Lopez's body especially his back side." She continued "he's a Greek god and it looks like he was sculpted by Michaelangelo."


Thank you Sue!

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The third pic above (in Dick Ho's post) is Tommy Robredo, not Lopez. Robredo, another top Spanish player, posed nude for a European version of Cosmopolitan magazine last year, and this pic is from that work.


Looking closely at the second pic, I believe it is Nadal, not Lopez.

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