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Phoebe Snow Society

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After having some chats on the MC I decided to do some checking around on the net, and came across the Phoebe Snow Society.

This is a group of gays who like trains. I joined their Yahoo group today. Its got nothing to do with dating or meeting up for sexual encounters, but is a group of between two and three hundred gays who are interested in trains.

While I may still be in the closet, I have made an effort because of various people's advice to try to find gay rail buffs. Thanks.

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>While I may still be in the closet, I have made an effort

>because of various people's advice to try to find gay rail

>buffs. Thanks.


Good for you, Louis (sorry if that sounded patronizing; it wasn't meant to). Maybe making gay internet friends will eventually lead to face-to-face meetings and a whole new world for you. Or, maybe not. But it's so cool that you're making the effort.


Btw, I had never heard of that Phoebe Snow before: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoebe_Snow

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This is the link to their web page.


There appear to be two people who run the Yahoo group. One is from Poland, and the other is from the US. John is in the US and he contacts people by phone before they can join the group, because he wants to make sure that people understand its a group that is interested primarily in railraods and not dating.

Just chatting with him on the phone I was able to tell him about something he never heard about before. Teachers used go to small remote communities by rail in this area, and and used a railway car for their classroom and library.

There were or are a lot of remote communities up this way, and at one time the only way to get to these places were by train, canoe, or plane.

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The Phoebe Snow was the name of a crack passenger train operated by the Lackawanna and later Erie Lackawanna railroad. It ran from New York to Chicago. Phoebe Snow was a fictional character created by the railroad to promote the fact that the train ran on Anthracite coal which they claimed burned cleaner. The character was a young girl dressed in a white dress, which of course remained clean because they burned anthracite. Another bit of useless information .

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