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Scotty has been beamed up


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"Beam me up Scotty" has become one of those phrases commonly used in conversation for those of us who ever watched the original Star Trek series. It's one of those sayings that will probably become timeless, never outdated. After all, it's been around since the late 60s.


Today, Scotty passed away, joining Dr. McCoy. I guess that leaves four of the original leading cast members. As an aside, Captain Kirk hasn't been looking that good lately. Perhaps, he should start exercising more.


I wonder if there should be a state funeral, with all the deceased cast members buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Anyway, goodbye Scotty. Guess you beamed up for the last time.

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- Geordi, I've spent my whole life tryin' to figure out crazy ways of doin' things. I'm tellin' ya - as one engineer to another - I can do this!




"Synthetic Scotch, synthetic Commanders..." -- Captain Scott, Scotty (Relics)




1. "It fits like a glove, Captain." -- Scotty, Where No Man Has Gone Before, stardate 1312.4, Episode 2

2. "Even if we were under full scale attack I couldn't move any faster, not and maintain a safety factor." -- Scotty, The Naked Time, stardate 1704.2, Episode 7

3. "A can't change the laws of physics. A've got to have thirty minutes." -- Scotty, The Naked Time, stardate 1704.3, Episode 7

4. "That was a pretty good gamble." -- Scotty, The Galileo Seven, stardate 2821.5, Episode 14

5. "I'd love to tear this baby apart." -- Scotty, Space Seed, stardate 3141.9, Episode 24

6. "The warp drive is a hopeless pile of junk." -- Scotty, The Doomsday Machine, stardate 4202.9, Episode 35

7. "The shape the thing's in it's hard to keep it from blowin'." -- Scotty, The Doomsday Machine, stardate 4202.9, Episode 35

8. "Laddie...don't you think you should...rephrase that?" -- Scotty, The Trouble With Tribbles, stardate 4523.3, Episode 42

9. "It's, uh, it's green!" -- Scotty, By Any Other Name, stardate 4657.5, Episode 50

10. "I've giv'n her all she's got captain, an' I canna give her no more." -- Scotty, (Several Times)

11. "She won't take much more of this." -- Scotty, (Several Times)

12. "This jurry-rigging won't last for long..." -- Scotty, (Several Times)

13. "Ma barins...ma poor barins." -- Scotty, (Several Times)

14. "Are ya daft lad!!!" -- Scotty to Geordi LaForge, Relics

15. "NCC 1701. No bloody A, B, C, or D." -- Scotty yelling at the Enterprise-D's holodeck computer, Relics

16. "It's...it's... ... ...um, it's green." -- Data to Scotty, refering to an unmarked bottle of alcoholic content while with him in Ten Forward, Relics


Warp 5, Mr. Scott. Second star to the right and straight on until morning.

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Guest ReturnOfS

Good tribute to Scotty, Tristan.


I know that his real name wasn't Scotty, but thats who he'll always be to me.


Isn't it funny? Scotty grew to be as big as a whale, yet he lived to be 85. I wonder what his secret was. Maybe I should stop going to the gym. lol


Good luck on your last voyage, Scotty.

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Higher life forms.


Hey Nick,

A very thoughtful tribute to one of my (if not ) favorite Trek characters. Jimmy Doohan's presence in the original and subsequent features was always true. His character never rang as artificial or hammy as some of the other actors.


"Cap'n, there be whales here" , indeed. A larger than life sci-fi character.

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BoN - Good selection of quotes. Brings back so many good memories. However, as a half-Scot, I think you'll find than the name for children, and the engines were as his children, is "bairns" not "barins". Though it might sound quite like "barin" when spoken as splendidly as he did.

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Scotty had made arrangements for his ashes to be sent into space. Gene Roddenberry's ashes were sent into space in 1997. So Scotty gets one more round of being "beamed up" in grand style.


Our thanks to Nick for providing all the great pics and quotes.

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