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  1. Great love to see Gio and Tommy
  2. I have had both of mine done key is ice and theraphy use both as much as you can
  3. Have I told you lately your my favorite poster look forward to all your pics
  4. Fellow Marylander I love your pics you always have such great ones
  5. I like mine only bought one seems like 49.95 although it wasn’t feather filled
  6. nothing like working up a sweat of these boys HUGS
  7. Spoken like a true salesman. I just finished my bottle of Eros. Guess we will have to get some more in SA. HUGS Chuck
  8. RE: Circle Jerk - I thought the pivot man had a hand on cocks on either side of him. Lucky Guy HUGS CHuck
  9. RE: New Gaiety & Strip Club Forum Moder... Hey Coop dont let the chickens ohickens out of the coop but have some fun with all this HUGS Chuck
  10. MMMM and I am a Cancer as well. HE is hot:*
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