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Muscular Jock looking for Modeling Opportunities... in RentMen.com?

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Muscular Jock looking for Modeling Opportunities



Hi, I am a young, white jock.

My name is Liam.

I enjoy exercising, exploring the world, new experiences, meeting people, and much more.


I am currently working on my body to obtain a better physique, but for right now I am looking for physique and fitness MODELING gigs. Not looking for sex. Please message me if this interests you. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck....it usually is a duck! My point after viewing your RM ad is that you come across as an escort in the ad. Maybe you don't have a choice when placing the ad but where it says Safe/bb you say "ask me". That to me smacks of a sexual encounter. If you're expecting for someone to pay you $200 just so you can model or strip down I think you're going to disappointed.


If you are truly looking for modeling gigs I would make a couple of suggestions. First, try a different venue than RM or change up your ad. Secondly, if you're looking to be a physique model you have a ways to go yet. This is not meant to be hurtful or shaming but there are literally thousands of guys out there that you're competing with and most of them have fantastic bodies.

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I have to give him credit. He was featured as Rentman of the Day. Is that something an escort pays extra for?


Additionally, he sent me an email on RM. I guess because I viewed his ad. Good luck on us meeting. He's in Seattle and I'm in Texas.


RM of the day is something one pays extra for.




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Ugh! Liam Morgan has changed his RentMen name to Brandon Miller. How in the hell do escorts expect us to keep up with them when they change names every week? LOL.....btw, I'm not trying to keep up with this one, though.


"I do not do scat or fisting"


Brandon Miller



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