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proud to say....

Brian Kevin
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I'm all healed up. Two small scabs left smaller then a penny. Full range of motion, some throbbing, discoloration isn't horrible, touch is smooth. .. I just can't feel any part that was burnt. I'm completely satisfied with my bodies healing capabilities.


Now-- all of you wonder men, and women (tyro), thank you for ALL of your help, insight and care packages. I have allot of paying it forward to do. I just know it won't end with me! I'm excited too embark on my next tour, I'll be releasing dates this evening as I finally finished my schudel.


Whose ready for palm springs?! I know I am, immediately after palm springs I'll be off to Vegas to party like a savage animal again, feed a couple homless people and take plenty of selfies.


If it was not for this forum, I'd be struggling and in bad shape. Anyone whom has ever said anything negative about this forum-- you are very blind! It's truly a Gods gift to us professions to have such wonderful men like you. Even guys I've never met were egar to help.


From the bottom of my heart, thank all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm still beautiful, even with a couple dozen scars.


Now-- *rips off shirt and drops swear pants* whose ready for their massage ? ;)

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I saw a bonfire yesterday, it made me start sweating


I totally empathize with having certain associations triggering bad memories, heart racing, being on high alert . . .


For me to merely like Brian's post above would seem for me to trivialize it.


My heart still goes out to you, and I'm really glad to hear of the mostly complete recovery.

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