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New Pics and a New Website

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I asked my web designer to post a slew of new pictures that have been taken of me over the last several months. He told me that the site software needed to be updated, and said he would get on it, but it would be more than a day's wait.


Three weeks later, he not only posted them, he decided to update the look of my website, tweak the mobile version, create an easier platform for leaving reviews, add "boxed" quotes from previous reviews, and plant key photos of me throughout. What a guy!


Check out his handiwork; links are below.


- Special thanks to my amazing photographers -


Nude Photos http://thelegendarydave.com/nude-photos

Hard Core Photos http://thelegendarydave.com/hard-core-photos


Main Site Entrance (to get in, push the "Enter" button as it goes over my ass...) http://thelegendarydave.com

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Other than having a better selection of pics, the site was always this awesome and had the same or similar content.


I actually liked the former layout and graphic design better, but that's because I'm an old curmudgeon who hates change and doesn't share web/graphic designers' current obsession with a lot of white open space. They seem to think it's clean and easy to read; I find it overly stark. Shh, don't tell Dave. :rolleyes:

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thank you, everyone who commented above. your kind sentiments are really appreciated.


...sorry I haven't written that sooner - I've been off the forum for quite a while. not kicked off, LOL - just not here that often.

(subtle message; if you wanna interact with me, set something up! I'm all about face to face. or face to back. or face to butt, for that matter.)


now about that bucket list, Derrick: I'd love to see, but as some guy once said, "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." it takes three of him to get me for 90 minutes...

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