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Mike Wallace is here.

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Those 4 words have terrified the famous and the infamous. After a 65 year career in broadcasting and a post retirement period of illness, Mike Wallace died yesterday. I can recall watching 60 minutes as a very young man and being intrigued by the style and the substance of that show. The reporters on that show seem to know just the right unexpected question to ask to trigger an unguarded response that would be more revealing of the truth than hours of planned discourse. Mike Wallace seemed the one who who would proceed most fearlessly in asking these questions. Ask these tough, unexpected and probing questions he did, to everyone from Khomeini to Roger Clemens, from Putin to Reagan.

If you had something to hide, Mike Wallace was going to pry it out into the sunlight.

So, yesterday, when Saint Peter announced, "Mike Wallace is here" everyone in heaven, even God himself, probably said to himself, I hope he is not here to interview me. Heaven after all, is where Mike Wallace would go, he had already interviewed everyone in hell.

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For a time, the only thing a corporate CEO feared more than the IRS coming through the door, was Mike Wallace with a camera crew.


RIP Mike...


Or any celebrity or crooked union official (sorry for that redundancy) or politician or ... he was simply the best. RIP, Mike. A great life, wonderfully lived.

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I once met Mike Wallace when I was in college. He was giving a speech and

I was assigned to go backstage and take his photo for the school paper. He

was sitting alone quietly reading a New York Times. I was terrified to interrupt

him. When I finally got up the courage ask to take his photo, he said (in that VERY

distinctive voice) "Why young man I'd be delighted".


An amazing man, a true professional, and a nice guy.


RIP Mr. Wallace

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