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Monday's 1:30 Show:


1) Mickey (medium build)

2) Tyler (tall, big, sexy!)

3) J.P. (aka Jean Philippe from Stock)

4) Daniel (long hair, muscular guy from south of the border)

5) Zack (from Stock, first time to the G, for those who haven't seen him in a while you'll be surprised by his new found muscles and change of hair color)

6) Henry (from Miami with a tight, lean body, very handsome)

7) Danny (muscular wrestler's build, not the Danny from Stock)

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This week's featured dancer is TYLER.


TYLER, a very handsome and popular dancer at the G who's been reviewed many times on this site. He sets the standard for what a G-dancer is all about. Everything is BIG and SEXY.


TYLER is tall with light brown hair and a defined muscular build. His stage show is basically showing off all his fine body parts and wanting you to stick around for his 2nd song... No disappointments here. He enters, as always, with his fat cock rock hard and poining straight out. He continuously strokes this monster and brings it up-close to all the stage side patrons to see. Then, he drops to the floor and crawls around the stage with his beefy butt in the sky. Finally, he pushes his cock-n-balls through the back of his legs and crawls from patron to patron picking up his tips. :9


In talking with TYLER, he mentioned that he'll soon be moving out West for a business venture. He might only be back to the G for one or two more engagements. If you've always been fantasizing about having a TYLER experience, I'd suggest you go for it. He's not very interactive, but just having those big succulent cock-n-balls in your mouth is a priceless memory.


Good show this week. Some new faces from the Stock have made it very enjoyable.


Regarding questions about ZACK's build, yes, he's much bigger than 4 months ago when he started to pump up. You'll have to stick around for the foxy report to get the details.

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FYI, the landmark Howard Johnson's restaurant located on the corner of 46th and Broadway (or just under the Gaiety) will be closing it's doors the end of this year. The location has been leased to a skate store. The building will remain standing.

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Random notes on 2 opposites, DANIEL and HENRY.


DANIEL: is usually in the lineup with his buddy SIMON, this time he came with DANNY... DANIEL is a bodybuilder type from S.A., who has an incredibly ripped and solid muscular build. He has masculine good looks (can pass for a Native American), dark complexion, very long dark hair that comes half way down his back, and could easily serve as a cover boy for any men's exercise magazine... His stage show demonstrates how muscular he is as he flexes his arms, legs, pecs, and abs. Second song he enters hard and springs his veiny cock up and down for a special effect. He then drops to the floor and begins fucking it with his firm butt pounding away.


HENRY: an innocent and youthful looking Latino with dark hair, eyes, and complexion. He has a lean/tight build and looks very comfortable on stage. He's an average dancer who's out there to have some fun. Nice smile and eye contact. HENRY has an amazing look. He has killer big brown eyes, silky smooth skin, and ripped abs. Second song he enters hard with an unusual looking fat cock that curves down, almost as if it's fishing. HENRY spends most of his 2nd song stroking/fondling it and showing of his smooth twinkish butt.


Good range of body types this week. If you should catch the show or have any comments/questions, just shoot.

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The other guys...


MICKEY: Comic book cute, he's a dark haired dancer with a nice medium muscular build. He has a very nice butt that all will enjoy. I don't know if there are pictures of him anywhere. The Mickey on the Stock Bar website is not him.


JP: Jean Philippe is Mr. Stock Bar. Pictures of him can be seen on the Stock Bar web site. He's a little on the short side with a tight lean build. He's movie star handsome with eyes that crinkle when he smiles, which is often. Very personable in the Lounge, I'm sure he'll be a fan favorite this week. He's very happy working in Montreal so I don't think we'll see him too often at the G, so grab him while you can.


ZACK: There are pictures of Zack on the Stock Bar website, although he looks quite a bit different from his photos. His hair is now dyed black (maybe not such a good choice) and his body is much more pumped up. Pumped is the right word since he has the appearance of an inflatable doll. That could be a fantasy for some of you. His pale blue eyes and face make him seem even more doll-like. He has a sweet personality and is very nice to talk to in the Lounge.


DANNY: He's a friend of Daniel, the other body builder on the menu. I think he could have used a different stage name to avoid confusion. He has the muscular build that reminded me of those classical Greek staues of wrestlers. Very square and solid. He has a very thick dick which is much darker in skin tone than the rest of his body. It looked very sexy to me. I was surprised by his weak hand shake. Maybe he didn't want to hurt me. He has a somewhat high pitched soft voice. He might sound different in Spanish. Danny said he lives in San Francisco which is another reason to head west.

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>>Jean Phillipe should makeitbig, really big, in New York!



>He will definitely be on my privates review list this week

>along with another dancer or two.


>Be patient. I can't do the review immediately following the

>private since I am incognito! :+ :7



I did it! Had the private with JP. I give him a **** + 3/4 :9


Movie Star looks without a doubt. Abercrombie looks and a small portion (short) of Brad Pitt on the side. Sorry, but I had to mention Brad Pitt since I heard this from the patrons about 6 times during his performance.

I don't know where he got the name of "Mr. Stockbar" but he will be classified as "Mr. Gaiety" if he hangs around NYC long enough. Where have you been JP? Hope he returns more often. He is a little more expensive than the average 200 but worth the extra.


This guy is full of fun and extremely pleasant, considerate and earnest. (Sounds like the Boy Scout motto) He has a great sense of humor.


His eyes will melt you. His ass will tempt you! And that cock!! That cock! That damed cock just would not go down no matter what I did to it! You just want to hug the crap out of him. (maybe due to his height) Interaction a plus!


He will make sure you are pleased with a cherry on top. I do not know what the cherry is on top of, but I'll eat it anyway.


Not a clock watcher and a definite call back :p




Next private review is Henry......I give Henry a *** + 3/4 !


Wonderful, smooth, clean and fresh. I sound like a toilet paper commercial!


Hot & cute Latino. Interaction was good but could have been more. Convienent cock slant for sucking and more than a mouth full.


Friendly and comfortable to talk with.


Not a clock watcher and good callback! ;)

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>When I first saw JP at Stock, I thought he looked like Billy



Yeah. I agree there is a resemblance to Billy.


I do not have the stature of TT and his private reviews but I like to add someone to the list.


I just had a most enjoyable time with Mickey. I read earlier that he had an identity mixed up with Nick the Dick as far as size goes. Mickey is big enough for me. I had a great time with his uncut tool.


Mickey is so sensual with his touch-ey feel-ey thing he does when our bodies were together. I am into a dancer that sucks and plays with my sensitive nipples. He has that special touch for those who like their nipples fondled. He takes his time and makes it last.


I did find out he is a very good friend to JP. They came to NY together. I was thinking about both of them cumin' on me but it didn't work out that way. I think they would be fun together in a three way :9 I must set this up for a future event.


Mickey is very friendly and personable.


I think whoever has the opportunity to do a private with Mickey, they will certainly enjoy themselves.


I give a rating of **** in Tony Tender terms!



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>3) J.P. (aka Jean Philippe from Stock)


>5) Zack (from Stock, first time to the G, for those who

>haven't seen him in a while you'll be surprised by his new

>found muscles and change of hair color)


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Just had a private with Daniel. On 10/28/04 Danny was not there, nor was Henry. Daniel however is a natural competitive bodybuilder from Argentina and had an incredible body. Everything you would expect from a natural competitor including abs, ripped chest, rock hard and cut biceps, etc.


The best thing about this guy was that he could have got me off in the first 15 minutes, but he didnt. He was all about what I wanted and gave me the full time and full attention. He doesnt speak a lot of English, so we spoke Spanish, but I dont think you will have any trouble with communicating.


This guy's body and work ethic are spectacular. I also should state that I might have gone with Zach, but right after his last set, he ran for the door. Might have had another appointment, but I stayed at the Gaiety from 8pm thru 12am, and never saw him talk to anyone. Tyler left after his last set also.


Daniel will be here for another 5 days, so if you like natural competitive bodybuilder style you really should go for it !!!!

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