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Weirdest Strip Show- Riverside, CA

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Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of staying at the very wonderful Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. A beautiful landmark hotel with sexy Latin guys getting dressed in tuxes...for the wedding ceremony. The cutest one was the groom who kept crossing my path, even at checkout.


But I digress. The VIP Club there advertised Thursday night strippers, so I headed over there and found a full parking lot. There was a karaoke show going on in the back patio so not everybody was there to see strippers.


The crowd was the youngest I have ever seen in a bar. After me, I think the next oldest person was 25. The place was full of girls, many of whom were lesbians and others looking like young Rikki Lakes.There were numerous effeminate young guys as well, many in the company of the Rikkis.


The emcee had a certain Marky Mark charm, which I appreciated, since the show was 30 minutes getting started. (He did not strip, so I couldn't tell how else he resembled Marky.)


Finally dancer #1 emerged, a shaved-headed black guy with a stunning body. Tight, really tight abs. He quickly stripped and gyrated through the front of the club, shimmering his hot buns in the faces of...the girls! For five bucks a pop, one could go on stage and get an up-close shimmy, but surprisingly, no guy volunteered, only two of the Rikkis! While he was at it, another dancer came into the audience without fanfare. He was an athletic young black guy, more handsome but less built than #1. He also had a lot of enthusiasm, but only went up to girls, not a single guy. My two buck tip felt like a limp dick, but at least I got to keep it.


Dancer #3 was.. a woman! Yes, a hefty gal ready to shimmer for the girls. The lesbians crowded towards the front, and two people volunteered to go on stage for the up-close. Guess which 2? Yes, gay boys, not a single girl. Was something not working here?


Finally, dancer #4 entered, a punk white guy with tattoos and dressed in military fatigues. He was kinda sexy, stripping right away to a g-string. But he no sooner did so than he grabbed a girl from her chair and started to hump her.


That's when I left! Now I know why LA is more popular than Riverside!

Except for that nice hotel...

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I miss the G very much. Hearing about dancers like Eduardo and not being able to rush off to see his show..sigh.

I miss Foxy and Cooper too, but at least they show up on my computer screen with regularity! Now if I could get Eduardo to do that...:p

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Guest Tampa Yankee

To have or have not...


> My two buck tip felt like a limp dick, but at least I got to keep



You couldn't keep the limp dick? :p Sounds like you have been exiled to the left coast. Hitting on Denise one too many times. ? :+

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