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  1. SilverDollar, I appreciate the heads up on Zack. I have hired many escorts based upon your reviews and also skipped a few. BTW, Tristian in SF was an absolute blast.
  2. KY_TOP

    Pete Kuzak

    Those cut Abs and those nipples that even stick out in the Fur got my ATTENTION. A lot of big guys don't have cut abs...BUTT he sure does.
  3. KY_TOP

    Pete Kuzak

    Cool pics, but too much bulk for my taste. Isn't it wild how a little Fur (OK a lot of fur on this guy) makes a man look so different. If I had to choose one, I'd go with the fur.
  4. WOW and oh my God! What a hottie, You have excellent taste in gifts! Thanks for the gift er...pics. KY
  5. OK let's get in the spirit...My response in an earlier post got me started. So, What do you really want for Christmas? I know some will say Peace on Earth (don't we all), A Liberal Democrat (there is a difference you know) for President, or something more serious. But in keeping with the Spirit of this site, and my previously response in another thread, I want... Santa, I want a trip to New York and Rick Munroe's Ass on my face. And Santa,since I've been such a good boy this year(yea right) throw in Derek's cum on the side. And if it's not asking too much a weekend with Tony Cummings would be good. Rick, since after watching Miracle on 34th Street a dozen times already this year, I know the real Santa is at Macy's there in NYC. Could you go and sit on this lap and ask him real nice for me? And Rick if Santa gives me my present, I really like to lick Candy Canes! KY For those that don't celebrate Christmas, play along just for the fun of it.
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