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Rainy days and Mondays...


Today's lineup included:


1. Hugo

2. Tyler

3. Sylvano

4. Donovan

5. Ray

6. Michael, made his debut this weekend

7. Spike: he was in the lounge, but didn't make an appearance at the 1:30 show. Stay tuned for the Foxy Report

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It was the perfect day to get in out of the rain and enjoy the sunshine radiating from the Gaiety stage.

Otis Too, the bar that took over the space that Stella's used to occupy has yet to open despite an early July opening date as posted in front. It's supposed to be a "bar/lounge/nightclub" according to the sign out front but didn't mention anything about "strippers/rent boys" so my hopes are not high for a fun new place but we'll keep you posted.

On to the show.


1. HUGO: Can you get any cuter than this guy? I think not. His head is shorn but his smile is bigger than ever as he energetically bounces around the stage. He's a twink plus some well defined muscle in the pecs/abs area. A party sized hardon points northward on the front and the sweetest little kissable butt on the other side makes for a delightful start to show.


2. TYLER: Big, blond, muscular hunk with this constantly petulant and disdainful look on his face. He just knows he's a god and you can be sure he gives his girlfriends a hard time. All is forgiven however as he bends over, pushes that big hard sausage between his legs and then spreads his butt. He knows what we want to see and doesn't disappoint us. No wonder he was the featured dancer today.


3. SYLVANO: Dark, handsome good looks and a nice T-shaped swimmers build on this guy who some may know from Madrigal's where he often appears. He's a friendly guy to talk to in the Lounge and a good dancer who is fun to watch on stage. I'm sure he can be very entertaining off stage as well.


4. RAY: This big Brazilian is sure to please those who like their men natural. No pubic shaving for this guy or deoderant to take away that musky scent. He's cute/handsome with a huge tattoo on his left arm and you'll enjoy seeing that big meaty dick he pushes through the leg of his black speedos during the first part of the show. A nice tan line accentuates that white butt that would be so fun to slap.


5. DONOVON: Another big muscular guy who has a Brazilian look about him. He's a handsome, macho looking guy who has a sort of sissy style of dancing but if you overlook that and like them beefy, he's your boy. Nothing stupendous in the dick department but he works hard to keep it hard in the second act.


6. MICHAEL: This guy is from the mid-west and also appears at Madrigal's. He's a somewhat twinkish looking guy and very sweet and friendly in the Lounge. He was a big hit onstage last weekend and seems to enjoy showing off his butt much to the delight of the audience. He has an innocent look but his show screams naughty. A great combination.


7. SPIKE: He didn't appear for the 1:30 show and this Falcon porn star's future at the G is a big "?" I got the impression he was going to be shipped back home. Somebody let us know.

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Looking ahead to the weekend lineup.


Erotic XXX porn star and excellent showman TONY MECELLI, aka VITO, is scheduled for this weekend.


Tony is vgl and always puts on a lively 1st number and a sensuous 2nd. He keeps his body in top shape, has these amazing chiseled abs, and a big-n-thick cock with pre-cum dripping. You'll find him to be a very friendly and playful guy.

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I agree with your descriptions, especially...


Hugo IS just so darn cute I could eat him up! Beautiful boyish face, thrilling smile, great body, energetic dancing. He's got the whole package.


I talked at length with Michael in the lounge on Friday night. He is refreshingly sweet and forthright and seems like a "real" person, for lack of a better word. He doesn't have an ounce of attitude. The kind of guy who'd probably make a great boyfriend. He is bisexual.

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Guest tetralingual

Donovan who is currently at the Gaiety, is he the same who used to dance at Remington's? The one who suddenly added a lot of muscles and had some pretty bad reviews here not so long ago ?

Does Hugo advertise anywhere ?

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There were a few changes in the lineup in today's 1:30 show.


Donovon has been sent home. When I spoke to NEO, today's dj, I got the distinct impression we've seen the last of this bad boy. Don't expect to see him this week or possibly ever again at the G. I think he's been banished. All very mysterious.


The new guys are:


GIANNI: This handsome devil has appeared before and I know he has his fans (me for one). The thing I like about Gianni is not only how good looking he is (and boy does he know it) but I like his cocky attitude. He's got plenty of personality! A nice athletic build and a wonderful smile showing off those gorgeous white teeth. He should do toothpaste commercials. He's famous for licking his finger and sticking it up his butt and then he licks his finger again. He likes the way he tastes cause he gives a big lascivious smile to the audience. He also likes to spit on his hard dick and use it for lube as he strokes himself. Ya gotta love the guy for his wanton attitude.

I bet he has a big, big mirror in his bedroom.


ANDRE: This guy looks like he just stepped out of an Amazon jungle and should be carrying a blowgun. Maybe it was just the big spider tattooed on his side or the way he seems to dance as if there are tom toms playing. Exotic looks and a nice medium muscular build, he is already hard for his first number which shows clearly through his sheer black shorts. When he comes out naked for his second number his hardon is about the size of a beer can. This boy is VERY THICK and it never went down the whole time. Quite a sight!


Enjoy the show folks and let us know if there are any more changes.

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It's always a challenge trying to understand dj Neo with that thick Hungarian accent and today was no exception. Even the dancers have trouble. When he announced "next on stage Andre", out walks Michael.


Strange things have been happening at the G this week. Spike got the ax and never hit the stage, and now Donovan is out of a job heading North on 95.


Fortunately, Gianni is an excellent replacement. He has a stunning face with a muscular athletic build and puts on a fun show.


For those of you who enjoy watching the younger boys, you'll enjoy Hugo, the new Michael, Sylvano, and Andre.


As for the bigger guys, Tyler and Ray, they won't disappoint you. They are such pros and know what we're looking for.

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Foxy, I have to agree with you 100% on Gianni. He is absolutely beautiful to look at and in his case the attitude works for him as well. :9 :9 Just wish I could be back in New York this week to see him again.



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Guest njhung

Hey..visited Gaiety for only the second time last Saturday..I also had a private with Hugo..He was smiling and hard the entire time (and of course, so was I). He has a great personality, is very interested in finding out what you like and then goes out of his way to please you. I was also extremely pleased with my time with him. He is a great guy and well worth the time. :-)

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For you Marlone fans out there here is a new website featuring African-American men that he is a part of.





Marlone was a Friday night edition and it was interesting to see the reactions of obvious first timers when he goes down on himself on stage (at the 9PM show). I am not sure if Marlone performed Saturday night as he was last on Friday and I left after Michael's performance on Saturday (he was #7).


Michael: 5 gold stars and multiple thumbs up!


His body is perfectly proportioned. Though he is not a slave to the gym he is well sculpted while maintaining a perfectly round bubble butt. I know his dancing style isn't for everyone (Brittany Spears back up dancer meets jazz hands) but it was new, fun and interesting to watch. For those of you who have his cell number remember to leave your number in your voice message if you want him to call you back because his caller ID isn't functioning properly. I believe he is continuing next week?


Mr. Gianni was also a busy boy this weekend making frequent visits to the Marriott Marquis.


All in all a good show and a great weekend in NYC. It is also a double treat when you discover that 2 G dancers are staying in your hotel ... and one is on your same floor. However, winning lotto would still be better.


Happy mid-July to all.


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Rumors for next week:


The two Argentines from the weekend, Duncan and John, are expected to continue.





Todd (from Toronto)..back after maybe 2 years



Nikolai was scheduled for this past weekend for 10 days but didn't show up. Not sure if he'll be in the lineup or not.


Nicholas expected 23rd for 10 days.

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Guest gaietyplayer

>Rumors for next week:



>Nicholas expected 23rd for 10 days.



I hope it's the spiky blond haired Nicholas.

He's nice and sexy. He's known for the clunky construction boots. I hope he wears them to the Gaiety stage.


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Guest gaietyplayer

What Happened to Donovan?


>5. DONOVON: Another big muscular guy who has a Brazilian look

>about him. He's a handsome, macho looking guy who has a sort

>of sissy style of dancing but if you overlook that and like

>them beefy, he's your boy. Nothing stupendous in the dick

>department but he works hard to keep it hard in the second



I know he left, but does anyone have any contact info on him or at least tell him about LaFluer's. And has anyone ever had a private with him?

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Did anybody else smell Sylvano this past week? I was lucky enough to be sitting near the stage, and every time he came near me I got a scintillating whiff of him (and of course, an even more scintillating VIEW). I MUST know what this luscious scent was -- it seemed more like a body rub or lotion than a cologne. Can anybody tell me what it was?

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I was there Saturday night. I enjoyed the show and I agree Marlone was a big hit. Having never seen him before his, uh, self gratification was something to see. When he did it at the 12:15 am finale, even some of the other dancers seemed quite impressed.


"Erotic film stars" (as I think they were introduced) Tony Mecelli and Carlos Morales both performed. I had never seen either one "live", so seeing both in person was pretty cool. I don't think anyone seemed to enjoy himself more than Tony Mecelli. He was my favorite of the night.


Although Carlos Morales did not seem to be enjoying himself quite as much as Tony, in his own way he was quite good. I thought he gave a slower more seductive performance.


So overall it was a really good night.

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