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  1. If the breeders want "safe"they should move to Walnut Creek-or pony up for Pacific Heights or the Marina. San Francisco has lost all of its allure for me-and articles like this just enforce my decision that it is not worth visiting there anymore.Pity-it used to be a real city.
  2. Well Eric-please share?Are pits a turn-on for you? I do like a nice clean somewhat hairy armpit to nuzzle,but not any where close to my main fetishes.
  3. Better watch it Erik-or I'll have Vincent Micheal suck on your balls while Taylor looks on trying to figure it all out!
  4. I cannot see the photo very clearly-do you actually insert a device which injects air(inflate)your scrotum?This sound really dangerous as you could inject air into a vein(lots of them down there)and kill yourself. I am a big fan of guys who have stretched their nutsacs-but pumping has never been a turn-on for me,just looks too unreal. Never-mind-I clicked on the link-so does the saline solution work its way into your body or do you walk around with elephant nuts for the rest of your life-that has gotta be uncomfortable.
  5. I had an amazing session with Nathan Hamilton yesterday afternoon.A totally sweet guy with wonderful bodyworking skills. I do not usually bother with massuers-I would rather put the money toward a hot session with a boy(lately hiring in Montreal or out of Numbers)but I was a little depressed(the change of seasons always does this to me)and I really wanted more body contact than is involved in a sex scene for me. Nathan really lifted my spirits and made me melt on his table-Higly recomended. And yes-I did post a review.Hopfully Hoo's computer problems will be fixed soon and it will be on the site.
  6. The above tale sounds like an accounting of every single pickup I have made on the Las Vegas strip! I was a very very naughty boy when I lived in Vegas-used to "advertise"my talents on mens room's stalls(seedier casinos and local bars-oh and Ballys!That gave me the best talent) Had a good number of responses,some studs,some duds.When this proved too slow I would hit the streets in search of dick,and most of the time the results were excactly what you described.Except I was rarely the timid fella you saw yourself to be-I was a cock hungry BRAZEN HUSSEY! Las Vegas is so poor when it comes to street cruising these days that I just don't bother.I am more interested in playing the games in the casinos than in playing games on the streets! I will have "room service"sometimes if I have been lucky at the games-or have brought enough cash along.My next trip I plan on hiring Caleb if he is still available,he seems like a real winner! I will tell y'all about my casino cruising at anouther time!
  7. My conceptions regarding rough trade has nothing whatsoever to do with race or ethic backround. It is based on many years experience in many cities large and small. In West Hollywood we there are a large number of eastern european boys hanging around looking quite yummy.I however prefer not to pick them up for sex,something just feels not quite 100% about them. I rely heavily upon this well honed instinct for smelling trouble,and it has seldom failed me(has not failed me once when sober-LESSON) And yet I am notorious for scoring with cute young guys in the most odd situations-guys of many ethenticities. But someone coming on this board,dangling prospect of bliss with street trade,inticing my fellow cruisers with such speculation/titalation as Miss Trixie has must be brought into a different perspective.Yes cruising street trade can be hot,but putting yourself in harms way in just stupid IMO.
  8. Again we have Miss Trixie giving out her ideas on ways to become a statistic(murder/hate crime victim) Girl,what is your"t"are you so in love with the razors edge that you want to encourage others to play in your fucked up game. Cruising day laborers,or for that matter trade in general,is not what it used to be.I think it is a far more dangerous game nowadays and best left to those who really know what they are doing-or have a deathwish. We are not talking sailors in pershing square/dupont park here,these fellas are not out to hustle,they are out trying to make a days wage doing legit work. Now,were you not going to Russia?Best of luck in your travels
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