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Montreal Hotels--Springhill Suites vs. Gouveneur

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I am planning my first visit to Montreal in August and it appears that most if not all posters on here stay at the Gouveneur and others prefer Springhill Suites. Please post your pros and cons of both places. I am interested in the following


1. Safety both in hotel and surrounding area

2. Cleanliness of rooms/overall appearance of hotel

3. Proximity to clubs and other restaurants/shopping

4. Service of hotel staff

5. Hassles about bringing dancers and/or others back to your room

6. soundproof rooms :) --read on trip advisor some complaints regarding the thin walls of Gouveneur


or should i just priceline it and forget it?


thanks in advance. }(

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Let me preface by saying I have not stayed in either place, but having recently returned from Montreal I can say that safety is not likely to be a concern with either hotel. I felt completely safe at all times. You need to exercise the same amount of awareness you would anywhere else, but you won't have any problems.


From what I remember the Springhill is in a nicer part of town. There's a big park full of homeless folks across the street from the Gouverneur. One plus for the Gouv is that it's right on top of the metro which is very convenient. Restaurants and shops are plentiful all over the city. I think the Springhill is in Old Montreal which is filled with very nice restaurants and lots of sites.


I think staying anywhere in the downtown area is really fine. You can easily metro to the Village and all of the strip clubs and other gay businesses and if you are out past metro closing you can always cab it back to your hotel or walk if it's nice weather and you don't mind a bit of a walk.


Montreal is very easy to navigate around. I stayed at a very nice apartment in the Village, but it's pretty pricey. Next time I am in Montreal I will probably stay downtown. I liked Le Square Phillips very much. I walked in there off the street and asked to see a room and they showed me one of each type. The front desk staff was extremely nice.

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>I am planning my first visit to Montreal in August and it

>appears that most if not all posters on here stay at the

>Gouveneur and others prefer Springhill Suites. Please post

>your pros and cons of both places. I am interested in the



I have never stayed at the Gouveneur Hotel but have been staying at the Springhill Suites since it first opened a few years ago.


>1. Safety both in hotel and surrounding area


Springhill Suites is located in Old Montreal and I have felt very safe there. In good weather I have walked from the Village back to my Hotel at 3am with no problems.


>2. Cleanliness of rooms/overall appearance of hotel


Very clean, excellent appearance and all rooms are Suites.


>3. Proximity to clubs and other restaurants/shopping


It is about a $6.00 cab ride to the village or a 15-20 minute walk. Being in Old Montreal there are many excellent Restaurants within 1-2 blocks of the Hotel and about a 6-8 block walk to the shopping area on St Catherine street. Obviously with the Gouveneur being at the edge of the village it is much closer to the Clubs and other Gay Village activities.


>4. Service of hotel staff


Excellent service with free in room internet access and free breakfast buffet (if you are up before 10am).


>5. Hassles about bringing dancers and/or others back to your



Never a problem on my trips and I have had multiple visitors within a few hours time plus overnight and unexpected guest.


>6. soundproof rooms :) --read on trip advisor some

>complaints regarding the thin walls of Gouveneur


Also never been a problem with the rooms being Suites.


>or should i just priceline it and forget it?


Unfortunately the Springhill Suites has gradually raised their rates to the point it is easy to now find cheaper options so priceline may be your cheaper option.



>thanks in advance. }(


Enjoy your trip wherever you end up staying.

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I agree with everything posted above.

I have stayed at both properties.

With the exception of proximety to the village the springhill wins on all counts IMO.

You must decide what is more important to you,I am not impartial-I detest the Gouverneur and will never stay there again.But other posters on this board enjoy staying there(of course two of the biggest fans always book suites-but I have stayed in a suite and the service was still lousy)\

Rates at the springhill have really gone up-even in a month!My next stay will be at the Residence Inn on Peel(using some Marriott Bonus bucks-so that helps with the rate)I like staying at a "suite"type property so the RI sounds pretty good.

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I just returned from a week in Montreal. Got a room at the Hyatt Regency for US $75/night on Priceline. Someone recently on a thread here said he got the same hotel for $45 on priceline, which is amazing. As to price, my impression after doing a lot of internet research is that the posted prices on the hotel websites are a lot higher than what you can do on Priceline and perhaps other similar sites.


I did find that I would rather have been closer to the Village than I was, even though the Hyatt is only three stops away from Beaudry on the Metro, al Place des Arts. But being closer would have facilitated my social life, as it were.

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I'm with the bigguy on this one - I just can't stand the Gouverneur anymore for reasons that have been discussed here before...


I've used priceline in Montreal many times with mixed results.

I have gotten the Loews and Omni several times, both GREAT properties!

I just put in a bid for Labor Day weekend and got the Hilton Bonaventure for $91. While this is probably the worst of the priceline 4 star hotels in town it beats the Gouverneur any day of the week (and saved me about US$30 per night). And its a very easy subway ride to the Village or a cheap taxi ride.


The Hyatt is currently undergoing renovations and is rated 3 stars on priceline - but there are many reposts of successful bids around $45.

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Thanks for all responses. It seems as if the Springhill might be better for me; at least for my first trip. I was somewhat concerned that if I found Mr. Right Now that I might be better off being closer at the Gouveneur. However the Springhill sounds close enough to walk or take a short cab.


thanks and I hope to see some of you in Montreal!



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Stripfan: I will take the opposite view from everyone else, for what it's worth.


I agree that the Gouv is far more expensive and much less a bargain than any hotel that you will get on Priceline... or even Summerhill Suites, for that matter.


On the other hand, this is your first trip to Montreal. The last thing you want to do, is spend time being lost, being far away from your hotel room, or being far away from the clubs.


It is no secret that I like the Gouv. I like it because 1) it is the only decent hotel actually in the village, 2) the beds are fantastic, and 3) they are quite used to visitors at all times of the day or night.


It is a 3 minute walk from Campus, a 4 minute walk from Stock, at 10 minute walk from L'Adonis, and a 12 minute walk from Taboo. That means it is also that far to walk back, when you have a cute dancer with you. And then to walk back, when it is time to go to the next club.


I guess it is a matter of your priorities... but if your main goal on this FIRST trip is to thoroughly explore the village, hard to argue that you would be better off staying somewhere outside the village.

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I agree with Mark; the convenience of the Gouverneur cannot be beat and is invaluable. I do not go to the village once per day and stay there until early morning, but I go walking, perhaps have lunch, go to Campus, etc. With the Gouverneur, you can easily walk back and forth, have afternoon boys in your room, go to dinner, come back and shower, etc. Taking four taxis or metros per day to and from the village does not appeal to me. I have never heard a sound from the next room at the Gouverneur; the staff have always been friendly, attentive and quick to respond - my room is cleaned and made up while I am at breakfast; it is quite safe; it is amidst all sorts of interesting stores, bars, and restaurants within a short walk; many, many interesting restaurants are on nearby St. Denis as well as Ste. Catherine; there is never a difficulty with visiting boys at any time.

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I was a HUGE fan of Priceline.However,the Hyatt,which is undergoing renovations(which may or may not be a pain in the ass),has dumped a ton of rooms so it seems that the only three star I see winning now is the Hyatt.

I stayed at this property when it was the Wyndham(using a special 50% sale)and I really enjoyed it for the most part.

I am seeing very few winning 4 star bids for montreal on Biddingfortravel.com,to me that means that the deals just are not there-people will normally have a set dollar amount to bid,and if they cannot get a 4 star on Pl for that price they will book a room(even a slightly lesser room)through hotel websites so they can get status points and privledges.

IMO pricelines product has lessned in value over the last few months.This might be because of the hotel chains not giving goodies to their PL guests,the hotels not offering good rates to PL,or Pl's deteriotion of product and customer service.

Marc Anthonys point is valid,since it is your first visit then the gouv. is convenient.However,I am guessing you are not a child or an imbecile and could learn how to use the subway,bus system(both are excelent in Montreal)very quickly.I find staying in the village boring(but I find most gay ghettos boring)And by staying in an area outside the village your experience will be much more fullfiling

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RE: Montreal Hotels--Springhill Suites vs. Gouveneur vs. Priceline


My take on this is to use Priceline, get a great rate at a good hotel, and use the (substantial amount of) money saved for other activities. Anything you get in the downtown area will be at worst a short metro ride to the Village (and most anywhere else you want to visit), and a short cab ride back if you’re out very late. I *do* go back and forth, not just camp out in the Village, and the short rides are fine – actually a good way to decompress.


I have stayed twice at the 4* Hilton Bonaventure for about $80/night. For my recent trip, I had no luck getting a 4* in that price range, so switched to 3*’s and got the Delta Montreal for $55; it was for all intents and purposes as nice as the Hilton; the staff were wonderfully helpful and friendly, the room large, comfortable, nicely furnished, and with a great view.


Having visitors in my room was no problem at either hotel. On my last visit, an escort I had arrangements with came straight to my room – when I asked if that was ever a problem, he said (approximately) “the hotels know us and never hassle us”.


For my next visit at the end of August, I got a room at the 3* Hyatt Regency for $42/night – that must be close to $100/night less than the Gouverneur or Springhill Suites. These kind of rates at the Hyatt have been coming up regularly for several weeks now. If you go the Priceline route, you should use [http://biddingfortravel.com] to guide your bidding.


Wherever you stay, you’re going to love it!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Based on your six parameters, this being your first trip, and presumably the strip clubs being your primary objective on this trip, you would be best served to stay at the Gouverneur IMO. The clubs and the Village and immediate surrounding area with maybe a taxi visit to Old Montreal is enough to confront on your first trip. If your stay is longer it will be an adeqate base of operations for discovering more of the city.


My only significant issue with the Gouv is price but it is CONVENIENT to the Village and recommended for first timers for that reason. The unrenovated rooms are a bit dated but adequate -- much superior to the Crowne Royal a couple of blocks away. Never any probelms with staff or 'visitors'. After my first few trips to Montreal I opted for the Priceline route which offers much better value in $s and quality for $s. However, my knowledge of the village made it really easy to use the Metro and cabs for access.

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Has anyone tried the Lord Berri (I think that's it). It's on Berri between Ste. Catherine and Rene Levesque. Someone mentioned it to me as being equal in quality to the Gouverneur, just as close, and less expensive.

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thought I would throw in my two cents worth here. I recently made my first visit to montreal as well. Unbeknowst to me, the weekend I chose was some Candian holiday. I checked the Guv, there rate was $150 per nite. I ended up going Priceline and got the Delta Montreal for $70. It is a nice hotel, a short 1 block walk to the Metro (subway station) then a quick 5 minute subway ride to the village. The time it would take you to walk from the Guv at one end of the strip to taboo at the other end, you could make the metro ride from Delta to taboo. And as far as gay-friendlyness, the Delta Montreal has a rainbow flag flying right next to the red and white maple leaf. I thought it was a great home base and would happily stay there again, if the price is comparable to other options.

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I surprised more people don't recommend the St. Andre or the Bourbon. The locations can't be beat, especially for the Bourbon you're right in the middle of all the action. And the prices can't be beat.


The older rooms at the Bourbon are problem because of noise from the disco but I find the newer ones and the new wing are perfect for one person. Quiet, perfectly clean, and being gay hotel, never a problem with bringing someone back, and also much safer.

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The hotels on St. Andre (between Reve Levesque & St. Catherine) are strictly for the non-discriminating lodger. We once checked into Hotel St. Andre (lobby looked okay) and then retreated after seeing the room (stained carpeting and TV set with dials.) Walked (with heavy luggage) down the street to Manoir Des Alpes and fortunately, they had one room left (if was Just For Laughs opening weekend so it was busy.) The guy at the front desk was very cute and it was practically across from the old Stock bar-so we stayed. The rooms are laughably decorated with every odd piece of decor thrown in (I was embarrassed to even ask a dancer back to the room) but we didn't spend all that much time in there so we endured. It was especially wonderful for the quick stagger home each night (morning) after the last dollar was drained from my wallet Never stayed at the Bourbon, but I'd heard a similar complaint about the noise around that area. Doing the Priceline thing these days and enjoying it a bit more.

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Guest Fisher

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza - Montreal Centre

which is located at Rue Shebrooke & Berri.


$70 through priceline for 5 nights.

(including St Jean Baptiste holiday)


Nice clean rooms (although the bathrooms are a bit small)indoor pool, I was on the 15th floor - beautiful view.


A few short blocks from Parc LaFontaine - nice to walk through after breakfast. I had no problems with "Agence Hot Boys" coming to see me, or with bringing someoneback with me from the clubs.


Maybe 10 minute walk to the village (2 blocks down Sherbrooke to Amherst, 4 blocks down to St Catherines, 12 steps to Campus).


Felt safe walking back at 2-3am.

Only took cabs when it rained one evening ... and of course to get a dancer back to my room - fast }(

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Man I am getting excited. It seems that no matter where I stay I will have a great time. Thanks for all the suggestions and insight. I use priceline quite a bit on my other travels but I think I will wait and do so in my subsequent visits to montreal. Just when I thought I had it settled, Marc goes and teases me about the location of the gov and then the crown plaza makes an appearance!


Being a virgin to Montreal and since I mainly want to experience the village, I think I am gonna go with the Gov.


thanks again for all the replies. I hope to be able to add my two cents after I return!



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Stripfan, I've stayed at the Gouveneur at least a dozen times and have not had a bad experience there in years, but maybe that's because I always get a business class room on an upper floor. Rooms are nice, clean and quiet. Ask for a room facing the downtown skyline (on the St Hubert side of the hotel). I've never had a problem bringing guests to the room and proximity to the village and the clubs is a definite plus. It's great to be able to take a quick 5 minute walk back to your hotel room from Campus or Stock to freshen up a bit and then head back out again.

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I've stayed at the Gouverneur 3 or 4 times and the location cannot be beat. I've only stayed on the top 2 floors. I'll never stay there again. While the rooms are decent (maybe equivalent to a Ramada Inn or Holiday Inn) the service is horrible, the staff is completely inconsiderate. The noise level on the floors where I stayed was unacceptable. And all requests for help, service or resolution of problems were met with a total lack of any sense of customer service. I got one very clear message for the staff and manageemnt -->

"this is the way it is; if you don't like it, stay somewhere else."

So I do and enjoy it tremendously. One of the best things about Montreal is that you can often get a room at the Loews or the Ritz (the best in town) for just a little more than the Gouverneur.

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The noise

>level on the floors where I stayed was unacceptable. And all

>requests for help, service or resolution of problems were met

>with a total lack of any sense of customer service. I got one

>very clear message for the staff and manageemnt -->

>"this is the way it is; if you don't like it, stay somewhere




Hope that wasn't me and some boys making all the noise... hehe.


Actually, one of the reasons that I DO like the Gouv... laissez faire attitude (sometimes it's good).



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Aux Berges is basicly a nice bath house with rooms.Not a bad way to go if that is your cup of tea.The rooms,while clean,are simple and basic-not every room has its own bath.

The Sauna de Plateau has also opened some guest rooms(and I have seen some lovely guys there)same thing,simple accomodations-but you are staying in a bath house.

Now some guys will just love this idea-I would(and did)go this route when I was younger.For me comfort,security,and service(things I find lacking at the Gouverneur by the way)are more important than staying in an all male,sex charged envirioment.

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