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March ends on a high note with a group of good looking dancers sure to bring a smile to your face.


1. Matteo: Medium muscular blond who enjoys showing off his uncut tool.


2. Sebastian: Handsome and chiseled muscular dancer with dark spiky hair who puts on a very energetic show.


3. Jarred: Tall and very muscular dancer who struts and poses his perfectly proportioned body.


4. Eric: This guy has a lean and tight build and enjoys crawling about the stage.


5. Jay: Hot dancer with a beefy build and gorgeous bubble butt.


6. Renee: Blond beauty with a medium build and astounding erection.


7. Paolo: Steamy and exotic with intense dark eyes and medium muscular build.


Spotted on 8th Avenue was the amazing looking Zeb Atlas. All jaws were dropping as we passed by him.

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For those of you who saw the weekend show, you've seen most of this week's lineup. Matteo, Sebastian, Jared, Eric, and Jay are all carry overs from the weekend... "Well endowed" Rene, and seductive looking Paolo, two regulars at the G, are the new additions.


As for the question regarding Danny, he's scheduled for the week of *April 19th.


*Update on Danny. He has cancelled his Gaiety visit.

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Although this week's lineup doesn't have any "featured" dancers it was a solid show with a little something for everyone. A particular standout was Jay who was a new face to a lot of people but said he danced at the Gaiety about 3 years ago. He has a beefy muscular build with dark blond hair and very seductive eyes. Very nice addition to the lineup!

But the highlight of the day was not on the Gaiety stage at all, instead it was found walking down 8th Ave - Zeb Atlas! Even in baggy sweats and a jacket he was turning heads. If management at the Gaiety could get him to dance they would have a packed house the entire week!

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"For those of you who saw the weekend show, you've seen most

of this week's lineup. Matteo, Sebastian, Jared, Eric, and Jay..."




New dancer ERIC, the one with the dark hair/seductive eyes who entered stage for his 2nd number wearing his jeans, did change his look/act. He shaved off his facial hair, (looks different), and left his jeans back stage for his 2nd number. His dancing has improved... I enjoyed his crawling routine. He got down on all fours and moved like a tiger from patron to patron picking up his tips. Hey ERIC, thanks for the view! :9


Spotted at the G were board members "London Top Bear" and "Sparky". It was good sitting with you and hearing your comments regarding the show. As for Zeb Atlas walking down 8th, what can I say, the guy "looks marvelous". I agree, he would make an excellent addition to the G lineup. Go get him Sparky! :-)


From my random survey, Jay and Rene were the early show's favorites. Matteo looks great, (how does he get his hair so stiff?) and received the most tips. Sebastian is at his best when it come to body shape and Jared displayed the most muscles.

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As a visitor from London, I now try to make it to the 1.30pm Monday show whenever I'm in town so I can join the 'front row critics' of Cooper and Foxy, joined this week by Sparky -- it's much more fun in a group, especially one of afficionados like you guys are!


I have loved the Gaiety ever since first going there over twenty years ago on my first-ever trip to New York as a student in 1983 -- and have kept going there ever since! Of course, there have been lots of changes over the years -- not least the fact that the show no longer continues *behind* the curtains! -- or in the auditorium itself, as it once did, but the show is pleasure enough!


Where do they find these boys? I'm always amazed at the consistently high standards of the show! As a fan of big (preferably cut) dicks, muscle boys and fur, I usually get at least two out of those three requirements met at the Gaiety -- if only more of the boys would go 'au naturale' and give us their bodies unshaven, I'd be completely satisfied, but as it is, I am left to imagine where the fur might have been, if they're not naturally smooth, that is!


On the first boy up yesterday, MATTEO, had lovely furry arms and some downy silk on his abs that made me stand to attention in more ways than one! And though I prefer my boys cut, he also had some playful fun with his foreskin that showed he was enjoying it and as a result so did we...


Another uncut boy followed, SEBASTIAN, with the most upright dick of the afternoon when he entered for his second number -- it was at 90% to his body, very impressive!


But then followed the type I go for: JARED -- tall, dimple-chinned, rugged looking, muscled, with a seriously thick, cut dick.


ERIC, making his G-debut, wasn't my type, but he might be yours... It was probably just a though act to follow Jared in my mind.... But the seriously meaty JAY brought the show back on track, and this guy's got it (almost) all: only the fur is missing! I was seriously struck by him!


But if he was terrific, I was absolutely smitten by RENEE, who's very similar to Jay (they could be twins -- they even have a similar trademark mole on the left of their noses!), but has an absolutely amazing, drop-to-your-knees-and-worship dick, with a cute face and body above it, that nearly had me reaching for my wallet!


Finally, PAOLO offered the best eye contact of the afternoon -- he really held each patron he looked at in his captivating gaze! His dick also stood out, literally, but also for the fact that it's far darker than the rest of his chocolate-coloured body!


A really terrific afternoon! Pity I have to go home soon.... But I'll be back!

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Guest msclonly

Cut is not 'au naturale'!


I don't know what I would do, if I weren't naturale

and my Mother didn't teach me to be clean as a 'whistle'!

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If anyone is looking for Zeb on the street just look for someone who is twice the size of everyone around him. You might notice his gorgeous face too. I just wish I could afford his services. I'm sure he's worth every penny (I hope).


Thanks to all those who've contributed to the Gaiety thread so far. It's so much more fun to read!

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French Lesson (if anyone cares):

Rene is a man's name, Renee is a woman's name (both have accents on the "e" just after the "n"). So I presume the dancer is Rene, unless he's had an operation.


"au naturel" is the correct spelling of this borrowed phrase (not naturale)


Now, can anyone tell me how to look at the photos with the little red "x"? I right click and go to "Show Picture", but nothing happens.

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>But if he was terrific, I was absolutely smitten by RENEE,

>who's very similar to Jay (they could be twins -- they even

>have a similar trademark mole on the left of their noses!),

>but has an absolutely amazing, drop-to-your-knees-and-worship

>dick, with a cute face and body above it, that nearly had me

>reaching for my wallet!


Imagine my sadness when I went to the 1030 show on Tuesday and did not get to see this purported wonder of the world. Rene was there but apparently he wasnt at full mast for the show. I can see that it was still plenty fleshy with room to grow so perhaps I will check back later.




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>Sadly, this is not unusual. The dancers often do not get hard

>for every show, especially the last show of the night.


I understand that but I expect my presence in the audience to be boner inspiring...raging boner inspiring.. :p

After this guy and Nick, I'm going to have to make a trip up to Montreal and pack some lube and magnums...and perhaps handcuffs.


Extra points to Jay for not only being built like my current naked and sweaty partner but for also reinforcing a personal delusion of mine when he said to "You should get up here and dance".


And finally, Jarred has near perfect anatomy...proportions and nipples that must make a lovely meal for one.}(

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Sometimes you can't but if the right click and show picture don't work about the only other thing you can try is after the right click go to "Properties" instead of "Show Picture" About halfway down the list of properties is the url for the picture. copy the url and paste it in the address window and go to it. Sometimes if its a site that discourages hot linking you can look at them this way. Sometimes though its completely gone-or sometimes there is a bandwidth limitation. If its the latter you can go back later and it will work

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Guest JohnPela

Ben Versace April 2/3 at Gaiety


Ben Versace will be appearing at the Gaiety Friday and Saturday nights (April 2nd/3rd). He is one of the most talented male strippers in the country who puts on a very creative, sexy show. For more info check out Devon's Diary post for the week of Feb 13th, 2004. As check out the Fab Cooper's review of Ben's last appearance at the Gaiety during Valentine's week.

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Hi Coop,

Thanks for the weekend update. Any descriptions of the new guys??

I read on the MSS site that Danik was scheduled to appear this weekend, perhaps he showed up after the 6:15 show. Anyone have info on his whereabouts ?

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