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We're back! Thanks to Daddy for his hard and dedicated work. We all own him a great deal of gratitude for his constant support in keeping this site going. We realize how lucky we are to have a man of his caliber around... Also, let's not forget the importance HooBoy plays in providing us with a place to chit-chat. Running a site is not an easy task, and asking for donations to keep these forums up and running is not his style. So, if you like what you see here and want it to continue, let him know by checking out the "donation page" located on the home page. Hopefully, the G-man will take the lead in supporting this wonderful forum.


So, let's talk about Who's Who in this week's lineup!


1. HUGO: just 18yo and doing a very professional job. He hails from Montreal, doesn't work at any club there, but does see clients privately. This is Hugo's 2nd time back to the G and he's making a name for himself not only among the twink lovers, but those who prefer the more muscular guys. He's 5'10", with brown hair and eyes, and has a tight slender build. Simply put, Hugo can't dance, but boy! does he look like he's having a fun time on stage. His body jerks, his arms flap, and his legs twist, but look at this guys youthful face, he's smiling all the time.


2. JASON ADONIS: this week's featured dancer. Jason has just signed a contract with Falcon Studios and completed his 1st video with them. I'll be looking forward to seeing that one, for Jason is really a hot looking hunk. This guy has the complete package, the handsome good looks, the seductive blue eyes, a body asking for action, and a muscular build. His stage show is a teaser as he likes showing off all those big parts. If you're a butt man, check his out. :9


3. SYLVIO: another of the many Canadians in this week's lineup. He's a familiar face at the G, that's if you can see it. His hair is long and he hides his good "Jesus" looks under it. He has a smooth slender shaven body with a tight build. Sylvio is a rather erotic dancer, he takes pleasure in stroking his hard body and moving it in a very revealing way. The more I see this guy the better he looks.


4. LOUIE: also from Montreal, he's making his 2nd appearance at the G. Louie has youthful good looks with brown hair and blue eyes. He received a lot of attention during his 1st time at the G and he won't disappoint twink lovers this time around. He has some light hair on his slender boyish body and puts on an average show with lots of arm movements, a few smiles, and good eye contact.


5. JESSE: "the sexy blond". Perhaps the most muscular in the lineup. Jesse works hard in keeping his body and looks in top shape. He's tall, with blond hair, and blue eyes. He's not noted for his stage show which basicaly is pacing with a skip, but when he rubs his hands over that hard smooth muscular body, you can feel every rip in his abs, every corner of his pumped up pecs, every inch of his broad solid shoulders, and every bulge of his muscular arms with veins popping. Jesse is not only a regular at the G, but a fan favorite.


6. LUC: a very popular dancer from Montreal. Luc has brown hair and these amazing blue eyes which are highlighted by those dark eyebrows. Luc has a muscular slender body, with light chest hair, and sports a good tan. He takes good care of his body and the results are for our enjoyment. Luc is a fine dancer who gets up close to the patrons for some good contact.


7. MATT: another dancer from Canada, he's danced at the Campus and hasn't been to the G in quite some time. His looks aren't the typical G type. He's average looking, with dark hair and eyes, he has a beefy build, not muscular, but it does look like he's been in better shape. His legs are solid and his butt is delicious looking. His stage show was slow and a few patrons left before his 2nd number.


It was good seeing the show with my G-partner Foxy. His dedicated work to this forum has benifited all of us. He's a great team player.


If you need more information about the show, or can share some, just reply... Jason Adonis told me his little brother Tristan (twink) should be dancing at the G in 2 weeks... Danny, another dancer popular with twink lovers, is scheduled for the weekend. He's part of that Hugo, Louie, and Danny team.


It's February, spring is just around the corner.

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"YEA!!!! Cooper and Foxy are back!! Glad to "see" you again!! Keep that chair behind you at the Gaiety warm for me in March."



CEO, Your "chair" awaits you. Looking forward to your return visit to the G-spot.


It seems that Chicago's Madrigals has been sending us some of their fine brotherly acts. Last week Javier and his baby brother Gino (Stefano) were in, this week Jason Adonis, and in 2 weeks his baby brother Tristan.


Contact and rate information on Jason Adonis can be found at:



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>We're back! Thanks to Daddy for his hard and dedicated work.

>We all own him a great deal of gratitude for his constant

>support in keeping this site going. We realize how lucky we

>are to have a man of his caliber around...


HERE HERE! Well said.


VERY NICE to see the Monday line up. This is way better than Janet Jackson's tit.


Thanks Coop. Thanks Foxy.



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Great to see the Strip Club Forum back up and also your great review of this week's show! Keep up the good work and know that many of us out here appreciate the time you, Foxy and other contributors put in every week.

It sounds like a terrific week at the Gaiety, something for everyone. This weekend the price of admission will be worth it just to see Trevor and Jason Adonis on stage together during the finale :9


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Guest JohnPela


>Great to see the Strip Club Forum back up and also your great

>review of this week's show! Keep up the good work and know

>that many of us out here appreciate the time you, Foxy and

>other contributors put in every week.


I definitely second the above sentiments from Sparky. I was glad to last night see that the Message Center was back up. And now even better to see that Cooper and Foxy reviewers are continuing their fine Gaiety reviews. It didn't seem right last night to not read your review before going to bed.


This sounds like a good weekend to go to the Gaiety. I hope that next weekend will be a good show. It still looks like I'll be coming to NYC for Valentine Day's weekend. VDN said he would make it into the city that weekend.

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Thanks to HooBoy and Daddy for getting the Male Strip Club forum back up and running. I think we all learned some valuable information during this "down" period. Mostly how much this site means to all of us. Like having good health we don't always fully appreciate it it till we don't have it. Also, as with any family, and I do think we are a family, we tend to act with our hearts and our brains kick in later. Of the two roads, I thinking acting with our hearts is the wiser. No one ever said love was going to be easy.

Thanks to Cooper for his post on the Gaiety. I just sat back and enjoyed the show without my notebook. I can't think of anything to add except the twinks are starting to look more interesting to me. Of course I sure wouldn't kick Jason Adonis out of bed. Listening to his conversation made me realize what a truly nice guy he is. He's not just pretty.

I'm off to a tropical island paradise for a week and will check in Feb. 16th and try to help out with the reviews. In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the show and I hope to read some interesting posts when I get back.

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WOW!!! you have totally Montreal week in there!!! i think all the guys decided to skip this terrible cold days and "warm themselves" in NYC.

Was little disappointed that I will not see Luc this weekend in Stock. He is a newcomer, and since the first time I saw his performance he entered ( better to say RUSHED INTO) my personal top 4 Stock dancers rating. He was like a draught of fresh water in this atmosphere of shaved rubber-dolls-looking guys in Stock. While his body is rather far from being perfect, he is extremely sexy - the way he moves, looks ( you know, this half closed eyes), his performance is very emotional. His shower routine in Stock ( at least at the beginning) was full of "sexual" energy. i remember - once he entered the stage for the second dance with a burning match in his pee-hole :) So, guys in NYC, enjoy Luc!!!

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It is well known that my favorite G dancer during my trip last February was Luc. I had to fight off advances from other G patrons (sorry dicknyc). I was entranced by his smile and eyes (and of course his body caused wood as well). I am in pain knowing he is dancing his February slot at the G and I can't get there. I can't imagine how I would react if I saw him perform a shower strip. Geesh!

Today United offered me round trip to NYC for under $200. but of course it's not just the airfare, but the hotels that kill you, and I had so much fun in my 1 1/2 hours with Luc at my hotel.. Maybe I'll hit the lotto tonight.

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well... i've read Luc's decription and i'm afraid it's a different Luc. Unfortunately, he has no pic in Stock site. Hope i'll be able to check it on Saturday - if he will not perform in Stock, means he is in Gaiety :)

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Guest JohnPela

Confirmed that Ben Versace will be appearing all next week at the Gaiety through Sunday, Feb 15th. Marlone will be appearing Friday and Saturday nights for Valentines Weekend.

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Good lineup tonight (Friday 2/6)

1. Hugo

2. Jason Adonis

3. Sylvio

4. Louie

5. Jesse

6. Luc

7. Trevor

8. Danny

9. Matt

10. Giovanni

11. Jared

12. Andre


Random comments:

NYO favorites: Jason Adonis, Danny

Sylvio's show continues to improve.

Jesse is looking very good, best I've seen him in a while.

Giovanni's show, always entertaining, as he climbs into the third row to involve the audience.

Andre is new, debuted last Saturday. Looks Latino.

Jared is not Jarad from last week, but is Trevor's training partner (from what I've heard).


Other RUMORS for next week (other than that reported above):

Danny continues






Weekend: Shane Rollins


Week of 2/16: TJ, Shane, Tristan Adonis, Tod Parker


These are all rumors, there are no guarantees.

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Guest JohnPela


Thanks for the update on who performed last night as well as rumored dancers for next week and weekend. I'm always more interested in the rumored dancers for the next week when I'm planning on coming back to NYC.


I sure wish Louie was still going to be there. It didn't work out for me to get together with him my last night in NYC during Thanksgiving weekend when he last performed there. He sure is attractive, seductive and easy to talk to in the lounge for those of us that like his type.

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RE: Trevor this weekend only


Good show Friday night, something for everyone's tastes I thought...

1. Hugo - He's got an infectious smile and the energy of a bunny, plus the looks of one too...very cute! Classic moment at the 9:15 show during the finale, when his named was announced Hugo ran out with only a t-shirt on which he pulled off in time to strut down the runway nude...obviously he'd been busy moments earlier.


2. Jason Adonis - Jason is a very sexy, beautifully built guy. His show was good, though he seemed to be having more fun on stage with the other dancers during the finale, than with the audience during his own act. Can't say I blame him, the company on stage was probably more appealing.


3. Sylvio - His act is a bit too melodramatic for my tastes, but his long-haired cowboy get-up can get your blood flowing. He's got amazing eyes and eyebrows. Very nice physique on the slender side.


4. Louie - I wasn't too impressed with him, twinks with facial hair are a no-no in my book.


5. Jesse - Butch and blond is the best way to describe Jesse. He's all testosterone...and then some. I'm not sure what is going through his head up there, but running his hands over his blond buff bod is a fine sight, not too mention his meaty blond butt.


6. Luc - Luc puts on a good show, very nice dancer and sexy to boot. He projects a warm demeanor and seems to enjoy himself while entertaining his audience. I think his hair cut was a bit too short, but really dig his thick thighs covered with blondish brown hair and his handsome face with that Jason Priestley look.


7. Trevor - Wow, does Trevor have muscle to spare or what?...he's one big guy; broad chest, wide back, beefy ass. Great huge pecs, nothing that isn't big about him, including his thick, long cock. He flashes a mischevious grin at the front row patrons, knowingly hinting, "I've got something you want...don't I?" Actually, he looked bigger if that's possible than the last time I saw him at the Gaiety, and whatever his workout routine is, it's working in spades. Would love to have him as my trainer. Just wondering if he was a little miffed at his reception during the finale, as he left the stage before doing the final walk with the other guys, or perhaps, he had some prior committment...


8. Danny - Tall, young Abercrombie boy. He's quite tan, lean and lithe.


9. Matt - Beefy, smooth - less than buff, but still attractive. He seems very masculine and more like your Average Joe than a slick performer, which is part of his appeal...imagine your hot college football player roommate on the runway! That's Matt.


10. Jarrod - Tall, muscular hunk with the kind of thick, wavy hair you want to run your hands through as you do all kinds of other things...He's very sexy, masculine, more into his dance moves than the first time I saw him perform. He won't win any awards yet for his performance, but he's just plain hot enough that it doesn't matter. Nice lips and pecs and great legs only add to his charm. Said to be Trevor's workout partner; I sure wouldn't mind having his job...


11. Giovanni - He wriggles and writhes his way across the stage, across the aisles, across your lap...no way anyway can come close to him for an interactive dance performance. If he's your type, go for it...personally, I'm not that turned on by his overproduced drama, but I appreciate the effort immensely. Nothing subtle about him.


12. Andre - Seems he got shortchanged with little time left to the show. He is young, smooth, toned and has nice pecs and a tight little butt...His redeeming moment came at the finale when he somersaulted across the stage and did back flips...seems he's got a lot more spring to him than his act would indicate.

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Guest Bluedawg

Hey, gents...


I hear sexy Sylvio was dancing at the GAIETY this week...I saw him dance in Montreal and found him hot, hot, hot...Anyone have any privates with this stud? Anyone willing to share the delicious, sordid details?


Thanks, guys!

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Guest TwinkLoverr



Hey guys, it sounds like you are all lucky enough to be experiencing some hot Montreal boys down in NYC. I can't wait to return to Montreal, and also to make my first trip to the Gaiety. You guys speak so highly of it, I have to give it a try!


Anyway, to get to the point of my post..... Can you guys give any more info about this Danny that is there this weekend? I guess he is a Montreal boy. He sounds absolutely gorgeous, and a true twink. A friend of mine was at Gaiety last night and excitedly called me today to say how hot Danny was. My friend said that he also danced at Stock in Montreal, but I can't seem to place him - though I know they sometimes dance under different names in Montreal versus Gaiety. So details on Danny gentlemen!! Is he really such a hot twink? Any idea if he does actually dance at Stock, and if so... what is his stage name there?

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Guest JohnPela



>Can you guys give any more info about this Danny that is there this >weekend? He sounds absolutely gorgeous, and a true twink. A friend >of mine was at Gaiety last night and excitedly called me today to >say how hot Danny was. So details on Danny gentlemen!! Is he >really such a hot twink?


I saw Danny dance I believe Thanksgiving weekend when I was in NYC. He is very hot on stage!!!!! I like twinks that are muscular but lean. I didn't do a private with him (Louie was my first choice that last night there but the timing of his dance order was a problem- no time before next dance).

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