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Happy Martin Luther King Day to everyone. What better way to honor Dr. King's memory then to spend time with good friends. I met up with the fabulous Mr. Cooper, our beloved hunk Mr. Lucky and his gorgeous boy friend. They're both flying down to Rio later this week for some fun in the sun (and at night too). How jealous am I???

Also got to spend some good chat time with the handsome and charming board member Londontopbear who has promised to post a little something when he returns home. We really need a London Bureau so I'm hoping he knows how to review a show. Something tells me he does. It was a lineup that edged into twinkyness. No really big muscle but lots of showmanship to make up for it.


The lineup is:


1. Michael. Looking in amazing shape, the Brooklyn beauty and most muscular of the show.


2. Kenneth: San Francisco treat with a lean yet very defined swimmer's build.


3. Felipe: Very cute, muscular medium built NY/Miami boy with a Latin flavor.


4. Ryan: Beautiful 6"4" Campus dancer with sparkling eyes and an amazing a pair of balls.


5. William: Nob Hill whirlwind and acrobat with a medium muscular build.


6. Henry: Brand new dancer from Miami. Pretty Hispanic boy with swimmer's build


7. Jazz: Brooklyn/Italian dancer with medium build who's show is both clean and dirty.


Some details will follow later from Mr. Cooper and myself. As always, all are welcome and encouraged to chime in. We're adding a new award this time. Longest held erection during the second number. This award may fluctuate during the week depending on stamina and viagra. We had two contenders for the title today. Stay tuned.

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If your taste in dancers is the twinkish-medium build, you'll like this lineup. If your looking for the bigger muscular type, not this week.


Who's Who in the lineup:


KENNETH: he's been a regular at the G for the past 2 years. He's blond with blue eyes and has that Dennis the Menace look. Sorry, Mr. Wilson!:) ... Kenneth enters stage wearing a red t-shirt and black slacks. He's a youthful and good looking dancer. He disrobes quickly and strips down to his red silk thong with a pouch filled with his endowment. Very sexy looking... Kenneth has a slender smooth body with some peach fuzz. He's in good shape, has washboard abs, and a tight build. He put on a good show... For his 2nd number he enters wearing those black socks that look as if he were doing an old French porn film. His rock hard fat cock was in the diving board position with good springing action, it also stayed hard the entire 2nd number. He's our 1st candidate for the "staying hard award". :+ He has a small butt, makes good eye contact, and gives close attention to the tipping patrons. Kenneth hails from SF and dances at Nob Hill.


RYAN: This past weekend was his 1st time at the G and also his 1st time in NYC. Welcome to the Big Apple. Ryan has been dancing at Campus in Montreal since the summer. He's 27yo. but looks much younger and is 6'4". When you fist see this very handsome guy you think he's just rolled out of bed. I think he forgot his comb... He enters stage wearing his "Quicksilver" t-shirt and jeans. He's a slow dancer and strips down to his white tight knit briefs. He has brown hair and sparkling deep blue eyes. He's tall and lean with broad shoulders and meaty nipples. Second number lets give Ryan the award for the lowest hanging balls. They almost touch the floor!:9 What a sack. Ryan said he'll be back in March.


HENRY: making his G debut, he's a friend of Felipe's. He's a slender youthful looking Latino, twink type, that hails from Miami. He has dark hair and eyes, pouty lips, and sexy dark eyebrows. He looked a bit uncomfortable on stage, but give him time and I'm certain he'll do fine. Perhaps his buddy Felipe can give him dance lessons... Second number he entered stage and, took his socks off? Ok, he was nervous. He has a "cute" body, a baby bubble butt, and an uncut dick which he worked on to get hard. It's just didn't happen at this show.


Foxy will be back with the other half of the lineup.

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MICHAEL: Since his last visit to the Gaiety stage Michael has packed on a good 10 pounds of muscle to his his perfect T- shaped frame. This 18 year old beauty has shoulders a yard wide, great chest and arms and skin like silk. Michael is a very good dancer and always a pleasure to watch. He has a nice size dick that didn't stay hard for very long during his second number, so no award in that department. He made up for it by bending over several times for a good look at that sweet butt and showing off his tunnel of of love. For such a smooth boy he has a pretty hairy crack and I'd like to volunteer to give him a trim. On the other hand that bit of fur would be a nice way to keep your nose warm on these cold winter nights.


FELIPE: This dark haired cutie has been spending some time at the gym also. Felipe came out wearing a sexy blue tank top and jeans and was looking his best today. He has nicely defined pecs with nipples that just begged to be licked. Licking the rest of him wouldn't be so bad either. Felipe is also a good dancer and puts on a nice show. When he comes out for his second number his uncut dick is so hard it shines. It stays hard the entire time so Felipe shares the award with Kenneth. Cooper and I don't have an actual award to present to these dick champs yet. I think something along the lines of those badges boy scouts win would be nice or maybe something made out of wood. Let us know if you have any ideas.


WILLIAM: I get dizzy just thinking of him. If you've never seen William perform make a point of getting your butt to the Gaiety this week. This Nob Hill dancer fills the stage with spins, flips, head stands and other acrobatic feats. He's a one man 3 ring circus. Part mime, he also lips synchs to the music which for some reason makes me uncomfortable. Still that personality of his just pours over the stage. I do wonder why he knocks himself out so? No doubt spinning on your head, hand and knee must feel good. If he was spinning on me I suppose I'd feel good too. William's feats of strength has given him a lean hard build. He has a nice dick that was the only part of his anatomy he didn't spin on. Maybe he'll try that next.


JAZZ: New to the Gaiety stage and also a very unique performer. This brooklyn dancer has shoulder length hair a mustache and little goatee that made me think of one of the 3 Musketeers. He came out wearing a black suit which he proceeded shed on various surprised members of the audience. Luckily for him they all returned his clothes at the end of the show. Jazz is a professional choreographer and dj so you might want to hire him for your next party. Lots of choreography during the first half of the show with more flips and spins. Between Jazz and William, if you get motion sickness this may not be your week.

Jazz has a medium, not very muscular build and a nice looking dick which he tapped on the head of one of the ring side patrons. Sitting close to the stage brings all sorts of surprises. The big finish to his act was when he came out with a towel, put it on the stage, knelt down and covered his hard dick with shaving cream. Laying on his back he spent some time with his legs spread, rubbing it around his ass. Then he washed this all off with a bottle of water. As Lucky said "At least you know he's clean". Personally I think a nice substitute for the shaving cream would be a can of Reddiwhip, some willing tongues in the audience and he could dispense with the water bottle.

I'm not sure how management is taking to all this soap and water on the woodwork. William was worried he'd go spinning off the stage during his next show. Be prepared to catch him.


Cooper will add his thoughts on the other dancers. Let us know what you think too.

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I am the London visitor Foxy referred to above, and having seen yesterday's lunchtime show, returned overnight and have just got home! It was certainly a great send-off to a fantastic weekend in New York, and even better for putting faces to the names of Cooper, Foxy and Lucky, who welcomed me to the front row!


As a regular visitor to New York, mainly for the theatre, I invariably puts the Gaiety high on the list of shows I have to see -- and often, the Gaiety outstrips (literally, of course, but figuratively, too) what I see on Broadway! Back home, I read this bulletin board every week to see what I'm missing, and to live vicariously through the invariably excellent contributions of Cooper, Foxy, Lucky, ValleyDwellerNorth and others (you see, I'm so addicted to this board I feel I know these people already).


But I've never contributed to any of these threads before, preferring merely to lurk on the fringes (a bit like those security guys at the G). As I'm a critic in real life (!), I prefer to leave the reviewing of this particular entertainment to others who are more expert in the week-to-week affairs (and more) of the G! (And my, do they do their research well -- not only do these guys spend a lot of time talking to the dancers in the lounge, but also write notes during the show, just like I do when I'm reviewing theatre -- except they have better light to do it by, but more distractions to prevent them from taking their eyes off the stage! We should pay them a huge tribute for managing to drag their eyes away so that they can report on the show so diligently for us!


So, what distracted my eyes this week? As Foxy has already reported, it wasn't a week for fans of the bigger guy -- and I'm a fan of the bigger guy! (I'm also a fan of fur, but I know that's as hard to come by here as a cab in Manhattan at 5pm in the rain!) But sometimes a twink can get to me, too, especially if he's cheeky and mischievous looking -- for which Kenneth wins the award hands-down (or maybe that should be hard-on, but then that's another award he's just won, too, see above in Foxy's posting). Kenneth is a lean, boyish boy -- but with a man-size dick! And I liked the soft pelt of fur that was just bursting to grow on his body -- you only catch it in certain light, but there's more hair on this twink than most of the shaved muscle boys, because what's there isn't shaved!!


I was intrigued, too, by Ryan -- both for the just-got-out-of-bed tussled look of him (you want to groom him as well as do more intimate things to him), but also for those STAGGERING balls! I've not seen any this big since the guy on the left in TAKE ME OUT on Broadway! But they do have the unfortunate effect of making his chunky dick seem smaller than it really is! These hang lower, if it's possible, than my mouth did watching him!


My heart, but not my hard-on, went out to newbie Henry, who was visibly nervous; and my heart stopped for the unbelievable acrobats of William.... it's quite a show! There's hardly anything more amazing anywhere on Broadway right now: PHANTOM has the falling chandelier, LITTLE SHOP has the plant rushing into the audience, but the Gaiety has William! Wow!


I was also in town last Friday for the late marathon show, so caught Victor -- that dick is a force of nature! -- and also the adorable Renee, another boy with some nice blond fuzz on his body, a cute boyish face, and a big dick! Perhaps I can get into these twinks after all....


Thanks again to Foxy, Cooper and Lucky for making me so welcome! See you again, guys, soon I hope!

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You're welcome! It is always nice to meet an agreeable fellow-Hoovillean. Foxy and Cooper also deserve thanks for their in depth reporting.


If I could have had one job yesterday, it would be training Michael. As he develops his beautiful new muscles, he is apparently not focusing well on proportion. I fear that his lats may become too wide to enter most standard doorways! But he was my favorite. Henry could have been, but, either nervous or lazy, he didn't try too hard to present a good show. Loved the eyebrows though. His buddy Felipe seems to be in another world when performing and does not acknowledge the audience. It's hard to be seduced if the seducer doesn't see you!


William and Jazz provided real entertainment and Ryan gave us the low down. For myself, low-hangers are not attractive, but he did do a good job on the stage.


I am sure all of my favorite dancers will be there next week!

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Thanks londontopbear for your fun post and glad you made it home safe and sound. It's always great meeting fellow Hooville fans of the Gaiety.


To marc anthony, Cooper and I always try to be at the 1:30pm show on Mondays. We like to give our readers an early look at the show's lineup so they can plan their week accordingly. Actually an early look at the the show allows us to plan our week also (for those return visits when we just go for the fun of it all).


Readers of this site should come by and say hello. We try to get to the theater when it opens at 1:00pm so we can do some interviws with the dancers in the lounge. We aren't too hard to spot. Sadly, no one has ever mistaken me for a dancer.


Lucky, I think you'll find plenty of beauties in Rio to keep you happy and we want a full report when you get back.

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With all the youthful looking slender dancers in this week's lineup, I'm rather reluctant to mention that another is scheduled for this weekend.


RAPHAEL, the 19yo very handsome Stock dancer with a swimmers build is scheduled for Fri. Jan 23rd to Feb. 1st. Pictures of him can be seen on the gallery at http://www.stockbar.ca


Out to Mr. London H. Bear: it was nice meeting you and thanks for the wonderful job in reporting your G-experiences. We look forward to your next visit and reading more posts from you. Foxy and I will continue to keep you updated on the lineups. Btw, you missed the end of Jazz's show. He did a special tribute just for you. He used shaving cream! Bet you haven't seen that in awhile :+


M.A., Just drop a line to any of us and we'll set something up. Monday's are always a blast, now if we could only get VDN, Shy, and Luso back in town! I hear that JP should be around this weekend. It's always fun hanging with him and ... If anyone else would like to join us, just shoot us a private message.


Mr. Lucky, good seeing you and "the bf" at the G, enjoy your Rio trip. Hope you can keep us as well informed as "Jackhammer" did. Btw, the pictures of you and Lukas Ridgeston came out grrrrrrreat. I'll hold out for more money from HooBoy, just as you told me to do!... Foxy, as always, it was a pleasure reading your enticing reviews. I like your special use of comparisions. See you next week.

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Now Cooper don't be showing those pics of me and Lukas around while I am gone! I want to be first in the gayborhood to show them off!


I will send you and foxy and jackhammer special bulletins on the happenings in Rio. Meanwhile, make sure Raphael has a good time in New York...

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Guest JohnPela

>I hear that JP should be around this weekend. It's always fun >hanging with him and ... If anyone else would like to join us, just >shoot us a private message.


Cooper and Foxy, Excellent reviews and info- Thanks as always for my mandatory Monday night before bed-time reading. Looks like a good lineup this week for for my tastes- medium swimmer's muscle type dancers.


Cooper, I had a good time last time in NYC in mid December seeing the tail end of Friday night Gaiety show and having some drinks at Stellas with you, J and a dancer friend of mine. Yes, I will be in NYC this weekend and look forward to seeing you and other M4M posters at Gaiety and Stellas.


I can't believe that I'll miss Lucky. Have fun in Rio! As if you wouldn't!

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>but figuratively, too) what I see on Broadway! Back home, I

>read this bulletin board every week to see what I'm missing,

>and to live vicariously through the invariably excellent

>contributions of Cooper, Foxy, Lucky, ValleyDwellerNorth and

>others (you see, I'm so addicted to this board I feel I know

>these people already).


I am TRULY sorry I missed your visit and I do hope to meet you in the very near future with your next visit! Thank you for the great compliment and I hope your voyage back over the pond is a peaceful one.




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It's funny how we all see things differently, and refreshing too, I guess. Felipe for me is the hottest dancer to hit the boards on Broadway in years! He seems, rather than bored, totally entranced by the music, almost ecstatic. His moves remind me of Samba and bellydancing at the same time. I've always felt that a good dancer would probably be a good lay. To add credence to my theory, witness his cock on the second number; bound or not, it stays hard the entire second song. Say nothing of his Elvis lip and James Dean eyes. I'm not at the Gaiety for acrobatics or antics. William and John Pela's friend bore me to tears; I usually get up and go to the lounge when they come on. They are both totally my type physically, but leave me cold. I'm there to be aroused, not amused. The same thing with the behemoths, not my thing at all. I love the hot Puertorican or Latino boy-next-door type that used to be ubiquitous (I hope that's spelled right, not my strongest talent) in Times Square. That was back when one could take the boys backstage for a quickie (and only be out $30-50).


All the same, I love reading your takes on the show every week. The Monday 1:30 show has been one of the highlights of my week for years and I love running back to read what you all thought. I find the majority of the posters here seem to know each other and have the same tastes - I thought it was time to chime in and give a second opinion.


By the way, has anyone had a private with Felipe? I'm very interested and would like to know how cooperative he is.

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Mike, thanks for chiming in, we always enjoy hearing second opinions... Felipe has become quite the regular at the G and this week he's brought along a Latino friend from Miami, Henry. He might be your type, check him out... Henry told me he's sharing a room with Felipe, now, that's a hot bed of activity... As for the tastes of others who regularly post on the G-thread, we all have different likings. We range from twink lovers to muscle worshipers and every type in between. It's a good balance and we hope it stays that way... Foxy and I follow closely each dancer's stage performance and the patrons' reaction. Ben Versace, Mr. Gaiety 2003, is one of the best performers at the G. He usually clears out the lounge as patrons stand by the walls to watch his excellent, arousing, and erotic performance. As for William, you'll find his show quite entertaining, but not sensual... Mike, hope to hear more from you.

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now if we could only get VDN,

>Shy, and Luso back in town!



speaking for myself, i'm in hibernation (hoarding my money for a spring assault on montreal). but if you hear nicholas from montreal is scheduled back at the G before i do, let me know. that's a surefire way to get me out of hibernation (as long as there's no snow).

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HI Guys,

Friday's 9:15 show included all the same dancers in slightly different order with the surprise addition of Ben Versace, introduced as just "Ben", and I thought we were getting Ben Affleck post break-up. Maybe that Ben wil be stripping soon to pay for all that gambling, or not...Meanwhile, our own Ben gave a good show, though his casual attire didn't suit his normally polished numbers in my opinion. Still gets extra points for the most enthusiastic dancer of the night.


Among the standouts for me was undoubtedly Ryan, the 6'3" or is it 6'4", tossled hair, sexy young hunk from Montreal. His eyes alone could melt you...Does anyone have contact info for him or know when he's heading back to Montreal? Would really appreciate any info !


Also on in a league of his own was the muscular Jarad from NJ. He's very ripped, big thick thighs, great dishplate pecs and a cock to go with the rest. He's not the flashiest on stage, which is just fine by me. Like having him strut slowly in his unassuming way.

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BrettNYC, thanks for the great 9:15 report. WONDERFUL description of Jarad! He does strut with a great deal of aloofness.


NYO, as always, thanks for the line-up report ... any favs?


I don't think we will hear anything from Cooper as he is on an all weekend retreat in the Big, juicy, succulent, meaty Apple. I have a feeling there will be a boost in the enconmy this weekend, especially for young, eager males! ;)


It is just too damn cold to traverse down to the city this weekend so I hope the reports keep coming for us weather wussies! ;)


HEY LUSO - any more porn updates? }(





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Guest JohnPela

>HI Guys,

>Friday's 9:15 show included all the same dancers in slightly

>different order with the surprise addition of Ben Versace,

>introduced as just "Ben", Ben

>gave a good show, though his casual attire didn't suit his

>normally polished numbers in my opinion. Still gets extra

>points for the most enthusiastic dancer of the night.


Ben definitely gave the best performance of the night. He was literally a last minute addition to the lineup by Denise (with only a few minutes notice). Ben was wearing his street clothes and had not planned to dance at the Gaiety so he had to Strip without a routine or pre-arranged costume.


Ben will also be performing this Saturday night, Jan 24th for the 6:15, 9:15 and 12:15 performances as dancer #8. Guys this is a chance to see Ben perform if you missed him in early December or during the recent holiday weekends/week. Tonight Ben will be performing using some creative attire and performance. He is one sexy guy on stage. BTW, Ben has noticeably put on some more muscles since the holidays via power weight lifting.


I will be there for the 6:15 show tonight to see my favorite Gaiety dancer perform :9 . I hope to see other M4M posters there. I believe the fab Mr. Cooper will be there for the 6:15 show, too.

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Glad you enjoyed my report from the trenches...Always a pleasure.

And equally a pleasure to read your skillfully crafted reviews.

Hope you do get down to the Gaiety more frequently.


Know it's a bit late to snag the contact info for Ryan on a Sunday afternoon, but if anyone does have his number, please email me.

I believe he's headed back to Montreal after today...



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HX magazine has Xavier, Fabio, and Lou as this week's featured dancers. Raphael will be around for next week. I was told Jarrod will be in for the week but can't confirm it.


VDN, you were definitely missed this weekend. Your big heart could have warmed up the entire City.


JP, good seeing you at Stella's. I await your indepth review of Ben's performance. "RUMOR" has it that you'll be at the G this Monday as our featured guest vistor:+


Brettnyc, check your inbox for the information you were looking for. Ryan is a terrific guy and carries those balls very well... I've received the most inbox messages this week requesting info on his private show.


Lucky, hope your vacation is going well, btw, a Rio report is now due.


Foxy, our work awaits us!


To all those who post here regularly, thanks for your contributions and updates. They're most appreciated.

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Other rumors for next week: Nicholas


Raphael told me he was only working the weekend, but maybe he'll be convinced to work longer. I hope so, he's a hottie.


I heard Fabio might not be able to make it to NYC. He's new, Israeli, but dances in Florida. One of the others must be one of his pals from down there, as I knew two of them were coming.


Xavier could be the muscular Latin guy who works in Montreal, but that's just a guess.


As for my favorites this past week: Raphael, Ryan, Michael

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