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It was a sparse crowd on a sultry summer day at the today's 1:30 Gaiety show. Reports from the dancers indicated that the entire weekend had been slow.


However, the show got off to a sizzling start:


1. ANONTIO- Can it be disputed that he has established himself as the premier performer on the Gaiety stage? He burns more calories in his first number than the rest of the dancers combined. And it is not just energy...he has a choreographed routine that would be popular anywhere. His second number was done to a new song which was slower and sexier, causing him to wiggle and grind naked in a more sensual fashion than ever. Antonio has a very muscular, smooth body, and silky brown skin.

(I am sorry that I can not figure out how to post the new picture of Antonio. When someone lets me know, I will! In the meantime, check the pic I posted under "Antonio.")


2. JASON ADONIS- The porn heartthrob had the unenviable task of following the King, and, at the risk of offending his fans, I will say that he simply isn't up to it. Of course, he has a beautiful body and super cute, almost feminine facial features. But a performance on the Gaiety stage should be seductive at the least, and Jason's low key wiggles don't do it for me. It would help if it appeared that his mind was on the job instead of far off in space.

Granted, for most people his looks alone would be satisfying enough. His thighs are huge, and I give him great credit for the best glutes I have ever seen.


3. Tristan- Looking more rested than he did Friday night, Tristan made a surprise re-appearance today. He has a tight swimmer's build, pouty sensual lips, and longer dark blonde hair. Tristan is just emerging from twinkhood and I could only wonder how cute he was a few years ago. His dance was pretty good, quite a step up from the previous performer's. I don't know if he was just here for the day, so check back if you are interested.


4. ROBERT- This smooth hunk was making a Gaiety return, and given the muscle that preceded him, he did his best. He has gorgeous pecs and shoulders, but not much in the biceps. His dancing was just okay. Robert's penis is not so big, but really got hard.


5. DANIK- A weekend holdover here for today only, Danik is simply gorgeous. His chiseled face should be on a monument somewhere. Of all the dancers today, Danik's eyes were the best. His dancing is sensual and he likes to give little smiles to people in the audience. I am sure I was not the only audience member smiling when he came out with a huge boner for his second number. Clearly the biggest dick of the day.


6. TINO LOPEZ- Smooth silky skin covers this Latin beauty who has the nicest butt in the lineup. (Granted that Jason's is more muscular and stunning.) Tino's butt just shouts for a chow down. He always has an amused smile on his face making one think that he has far dirtier thoughts in his mind. My wish for Tino is that he would learn some dance moves from his buddy Antonio, or at least take the cue to show more energy. He could really light up the stage if he wanted to.


7. KENNETH- I am happy to report that this young twink is looking good and has learned to relax his shoulders when dancing. He gives it his best effort, often closing his eyes to indulge his ecstasy in performing. I like Kenneth. He doesn't work out, and unlike the bodybuilders, he doesn't shave his legs.


Not many tattoos today. Everbody except Tino had a skyward boner.

I would like to add that today the disc jockey was far off his mark. At least three dancers were rushed off the stage, one just as he was kneeling naked to entertain me. The dancers were apparently told to close in the spotlight so the dj could fade them out, but he missed his mark three times. Poor Tino was left to bow in the dark. The Gaiety used to showcase newer music, but now it is the same old songs visit after visit.


Finally, Daniel and Simon were reportedly scheduled to appear, but did not. Brett Phillips was seen early, but did not perform. Clarabelle T. Clown wore the most smashing new frock but again refused autographs or photos. That Bozo was nowhere to be found!:)


Okay. There were other Gaiety regulars there who could easily have opinions on the show far different from mine, so have at it guys!

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Guest JohnPela

Thanks for the review Lucky. Very detailed and entertaining to read. I guess Cooper was getting off for an early afternoon start on another research project for extra credit? I hope we get a complete report on the research results.


Antonio sounds like my kind of Gaiety dancer - I like someone who puts on a good show as well as has the body and beauty to back it up.

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Lucky, Thanks for taking the out time to post this week's reviews. I enjoyed reading about the part of the show I missed... I understand that the talk in the lounge today was the cost of a private. One patron said "thanks, but no thanks" to first time dancer Tristan who said his time is worth $250... On the other hand, Jason Adonis is worth the investment. Hey, you only live once! :9

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Guest master12361

Hi i went to the gaiety and saw Robert he ok he didnt do much justwas only really into posing and not much more I rate him a 3 out of 10x( ;(

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Jason Adonis is a hot looking guy. My statement above that he "wasn't up to it" only referred to following Antonio as a performer, since JA does not do much in the way of dancing or seduction. BTW, how do you know he's "worth it?" !

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Although I haven't been in town to catch Antonio, Ben has got to be up there with him in any list of top performers. I also remember a guy whose name escapes me, who did a pretty athletic break dance/gymnastic routine.

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(having trouble posting..this is the 3rd attempt)

As far as stage performance goes, those that dispute Antonio as the "premier performer on the Gaiety stage"


Ben Versace

William (the breakdancer)


With regards to drawing in an audience, names the come to mind:

Mark Dalton

Sebastian from Florida (now inactive)

-When these guys were there, their admirers were out in droves and you could scarcely get near them in the Lounge on a weekday much less a weekend!


Sheer spectacle for visitors:

Rocha the illustrated man

Victor the enormously endowed

Enzo and his demontail

Marlone the selfsucker

The late Andre, famous for his "They didnt bring me here to dance" mantra.

Trevor with his peachfuzz


Everyone is someones favorite (people even like Neo!).

Your soft..er hard (?) spot for Antonio clouds your mind in this matter. He's easily disputable.

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Lineup for Tuesday 6:15 show


1. Kenneth

2. Jason Adonis

3. Antonio

4. Simon

5. Robert

6. Tino Lopez

7. Daniel


Favorites: Jason Adonis, Antonio, Robert


Weekend Rumors: Mark, Nicholas


As far as best performers, I think Antonio is among the best dancers/performers on the stage. He's extremely expressive on the stage, I love watching him in action. It's hard to say he's "the best" as it's very subjective. Don't leave out Giovanni when talking about good stage performers. We all have our favorites and perceptions, that's what makes it so much fun to comment.


I find Jason Adonis to be very sexy. True, he's not as exciting a show as Antonio, but there are other aspects of him that are completely alluring.


I've always found Robert to be very attractive and personable. Some are intimidated by his height, but I think he's a very gentle and friendly guy.


I was sad to have missed Tristan, hope he will be coming back sometime soon.

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Guest JohnPela

I have to second hiJINX on this. The most creative, entertaining and senual performer I have seen at the Gaiety since December 1997 is Ben Versace. Marlone's performances are excellent. Antonio is very good but Ben's performances have been worth the price of admission by themselves. I'm talking performances that are also sexy.

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RE: Premier Performer...


Lucky, I'd be interested in knowing what your criteria is for a premier Gaiety performer. I don't think you can base it solely on dancing, for if you do, I've only seen Antonio dance to the song "the Mexican". As for Ben Versace, he has performed successfully to numerous songs and has used several different dance/show styles... IMO, I think a "premier Gaiety performer" earns that title when he successfully captivates his audience by perfecting more than just one style, however, a bodybuilder type, who's not there to dance can also be a premier performer. He does it through the way he poses, flexes, and holds himself on stage (similar to bodybuilding competition). Trevor would be an excellent example... As for my choice of premier performer, it would have to be Dominic. He has his entire performance (both 1st and 2nd numbers) down to perfection.

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I agree with JohnPela that Ben Versace is the BEST performer. I am

BIG on "Showmanship" and these are my favs:


1) Ben Versace- Ben puts ALOT of thought into each of his routines

and it shows...everything from costume to choreography.


2) Anakin ( From L'Adonis)- Anakin retired, but he and Sean ( also from L'Adonis) are the BEST dancers I've ever seen. Both with great eye contact. Anakin can get piggish when the audience gets him going!

Alot of fun to watch.


3) Sean-( From L'Adonis)- The cutest! What a fantastic dancer!


4) Nick- ( From The Stock)- He does upsidedown spins on the poles and

acrobatic and strength moves. He has the BIGGEST dick there and

he's damn proud of it, too.I like a dancer with attitude. You guys

MUST check him out!


5) Kirk- ( From The Stock) spits fire. Another one that isn't that

sexy, but really enjoys entertaining.


6) Willie ( with the helmet that spins on his head)- TRUE about Willie NOT being the best looking or the sexiest. But, a fantastic

performer and fun to watch.


7) Marlone- Also puts alot of effort into his stage shows with costumes and wigs. That self sucking thing is cool.

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hehehe all I really wanted to do was start the discussion and get hiJinx to agree with me!!!


(Just like the showdown between Seabiscuit and War Admiral, we could have Antonio and Ben face off....then we could all jack off!)

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Guest Bitchboy

Two of my favorite Gaiety performers are the gorgeous and sexy Giovanni and the very athletic Angel. Slurp.

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>(Just like the showdown between Seabiscuit and War Admiral, we

>could have Antonio and Ben face off....then we could all jack




Pass. Ben requires too much interaction for my tastes and Antonio has never made a blip on my radar somehow.

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Guest master12361

Hi well As I said Robert is big and he is ok as far as looks, He is ok if you like to watch him. But like i said he dosent do much as most there but he is a friendly guy. He could try being more open. Robert does what he likes and that is a;;. So ask him donet think he will do much.

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Guest master12361


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