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Should Escorts Disclose HIV Status In Ads On This Site !!!!

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I do not know if this topic has been covered here before..

After reading an escorts description it got me wondering...Should escorts be required to state their HIV status???..Submit proof to Hooboy .... So we as consumers can be more discriminating in our choices...What do Ya Think. It would make me think twice..

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Before I respond, I have to say: Good questions! Excellent post.


>Should escorts be

>required to state their HIV



Rule number one: ALWAYS assume that every potential sexual partner is positive.


Rule number two: When in doubt, refer to rule number one.


The same rules apply to both escorts and clients. In other words. Use a condom and practice other forms of "safer" sex.


Should an escort be required to submit proof to Hooboy?


No. No. A thousand times no. Escorts are entitled to their privacy.


(This is actually another very strong argument in favor of making it legal. I understand that the the women who work at the legal straight brothels in Nevada have to get tested periodically and their results have to be provided to agency that licenses them).

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

And one more thing..............you can't get these guys to be honest about their age or cock size and now you want them to be honest about their HIV STATUS!?!?


Like I said: "dream on".

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Escorts don't have ads on this site. An ad is where you pay someone to say the exact words you have OKed about you. A review is not controllable advertising for an escort. And fake reviews, try as hard as Hoo does, is a very difficult thing for the site to control. For both sides to be in control, advertising. But we don't have it.

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Guest MrMan

Yes, I believe an escort should disclose their HIV status. There

is an escort here in my city who is HIVpos and has been known to

have unsafe sex with clients. He had told me he was POS the day he found out nearly 3yrs. ago and I told him at the time I thought he shouldn't work as an escort any longer. Well, he

continued working, I was hoping he was at least being safe. I

found out about a year later that he wasn't being safe. A mutual

client of ours verified they had had unsafe sex without him

disclosing his status. Another escort who had worked with him

confirmed his unsafe practices. He had told me himself that he'd

started to fuck a client without a condom and had supposedly

pulled out after a few mins. and put on a condom.


While I believe it's best to assume everyone you have sex with

may be positive and you should insist on protection, I also

believe the person who is positive has more of a responsibility to disclose their status...a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to do so. There are some people who don't agree with this. What it comes

down to is they don't want to ruin their fun or lose any business. This is exactly the sort of attitude that has helped

the spread of this disease and it disgusts me.


I told this escort (with whom I hadn't worked since he disclosed

his status) that I could no longer be friends with someone

who could have so little regard for a client's health. We had

some mutual clients all of whom I informed of this escort's HIV

status. I also got him to stop running ads in the local papers

(although I did have to make some threats to get him to stop)but

I've been unsuccessful in gettting him to remove himself from

ESCORTS4YOU and from this site where he is reviewed.


I've worked as an escort for 10yrs. and I take my health and that

of my clients' quite seriously. I get tested for everything at

least twice a year. I won't work if I have so much as a cold,

let alone any STD. It's a safe bet to assume that there are

quite a few escorts who are HIVpos and most of them aren't

disclosing their status. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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Guest Merlin

Escorts and others do have a moral duty to disclose their HIV+ status. But obviously you cannot rely upon them to do so and must assume that each is positive. It may be worthwile to remind escorts on this forum of their moral duty to disclose, but any rule requiring it would be unenforceable.

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Guest scrtlovr

When we hire escorts we must take full responsibility of our actions. That means accepting the risk that the escort may be HIV + There are no guarantees that he isn't. Also, this is a fun, adult, site, not some board of health - how the hell do you expect anyone to "prove" their HIV status? A blood test result only proves they were healthy at the time they took the test. But that status can change a day later! And if the escorts need to show proof, then so should we, the "customers"! After all, we put them at risk as much as they do...

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>how the

>hell do you expect anyone

>to "prove" their HIV status?

>A blood test result only

>proves they were healthy at

>the time they took the

>test. But that status can

>change a day later!


Good point!



>if the escorts need to

>show proof, then so should

>we, the "customers"! After all,

> we put them at

>risk as much as they



Another good point! (Although escorts have more partners than us clients and therefore expose themselves more than we do. The bottom line is assume that everyone is positive and play safe!)

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Escorts should always disclose their health problems, whether it is HIV, Hepatitis A, B, or C, herpes, malaria, influenza, depression, rashes, or even cancer. I would personally give them a physical, and then certify what I found to Hooboy.

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>Escorts should always disclose their health

>problems, whether it is HIV,

>Hepatitis A, B, or C,

>herpes, malaria, influenza, depression, rashes,

>or even cancer. I would

>personally give them a physical,

>and then certify what I

>found to Hooboy.



I think this is an attempt at humor! An escort should tell a client if they know and vise versa if the client is positive. This only needs to be between the client and escort since there should remain privacy about any illness.


Again like the previous posters had mentioned it should alwasy be assumed that everyone is positive and follow safe sex practices. While the escort may be with more guys than the client that is not always the case sometimes the client will see more men than the escort through chat rooms, bars, and the gym.


Fing Fang Foom was right a lot of the escorts don't even tell the truth about their size let alone their health status. Be for real people when a client is positive he is not about to tell his cute boi and crush the mood however he should but probably won't. Please practice safe sex and help to at least try to control HIV.


Both client and escorts have a responsibility to make sure their play is safe and inform the other of potential risk.


Happy Hiring!

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Guest MrMan

Justice, this right to privacy thing is a load of bullshit. Their

privacy ends when they know they're positive, don't disclose

their status and have unsafe sex with their clients or recreational partners anyway. In some states this is a felony!!

I always appreciate it when a client tells me he's positive. I

have a lot more respect for someone who does this. How many of you would Knowingly have sex (safe or otherwise)with some who is

positive?? Granted there are some men who will, but it's an

Informed decision they're making. Someone who withholds their

status is denying their client/partner the opportunity to make

their own choice in the matter.


Vers7, thank you for the compliment. This particular escort had

his attorney contact me threatening legal action. I told his

attorney that I've only used his escort name when informing

clients of his status and if they want to go to court and prove

that he is indeed the prostitute using this fake name whose

privacy I've violated..go for it. What judge or court would

have any sympathy for someone like this??


Fin Fang Foom, someone lying about their age or cock size doesn't

have the potential to kill you!


Yes, decriminalization of prostitution and regulation of the sex

industry would be a big step as far as weeding out the scam

artists, liars and HIVpos escorts who prey upon unsuspecting,

trusting clients out there. I hope I'll see this happen in my


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Guest bottomboykk

If an escort is knowingly positive and continues to have unsafe sex with his clients, I have no problem with someone telling on him. This person is disgusting, and should be prosecuted for attempted murder.

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I'm not contradicting your point of view here, but would like to make the following point:


When an escort and client have unprotected sex (assuming that neither was raped), then TWO people made that decision.

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Excellent post. I can't disagree with any of the points that you raised!


>Yes, decriminalization of prostitution and

>regulation of the sex industry would be a

>big step as far as weeding out the scam

>artists, liars and HIVpos escorts who

>prey upon unsuspecting, trusting clients

>out there. I hope I'll see this happen in

>my lifetime.


You and me both!

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I'm sorry, but I think that in the Year 2001 this whole issue of disclosing one's HIV status is ridiculous. Should an escort or client discose their HIV status if they're positive? Yes, but only because I think that it is the right and moral thing to do.


BUT, should anyone do anything differently based on a revealed HIV status? Hell Fucking NO!! If an escort (or client) reveals that he is HIV positive, well that's nice. HE was honest. If the next escort (or client) tells you that he is HIV-, does that mean that you are then willing to have less safe sex!? If so, then you're a fool.


A lot of guys are HIV+ and lie. Others are HIV+, but don't know it. Others are convinced that they are negative because the test they took last year came back negative.


Guys, HIV has now been around a long time and surely we in the gay community know enough about it to know that it is ultimately OUR responsibility to protect OURSELVES when having sex. For the zillionth time, you must assume that every partner is HIV+. A "revealed HIV status" means nothing!!


Since I don't hire escorts, can some of those who do answer this question for me? If you are with an escort, and he proceeds to want to have unprotected sex (anal for example), wouldn't you not only assume that he is HIV+, but actually be convinced that he is? I mean, doesn't logic dictate that an escort who is in the business of providing sexual encounters to strangers on a daily basis and does so without protection, IS MOST LIKELY HIV+? And if so, why would a client (like the one MrMan referred to) allow that to happen if he himself was negative and wanted to stay that way? Is what the escort is doing wrong? Of course!! But doesn't the client share some of the responsibility as well?


Back in 1981, I can see this. But in 2001, come on!

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Guest MrMan

>Well, MrMan, or should I call

>you pope? When a client

>tells you he has HIV,

>what do you do? Why

>do you take it upon

>yourself to spread someone's HIV



Lucky, I'm not the "pope" nor am I saying I've been an angel

all my life. Several years ago when I first started escorting

there were a few clients with whom I had unsafe sex. They were

older gentlemen(50's and 60's)whose sexual activities were limited to me. I felt fairly comfortable at the time not using

a condom when fucking them(their idea not mine). I decided a

few years ago it wasn't worth the worry. I informed these clients

of my change in policy and they were all very understanding.

When a client informs me that they're positive, I thank them for

their honesty. I don't do anything differently because I practice

"safer sex" all the time now. I have very little recreational

sex, I don't patronize bathhouses or clubs/bars where you're

much more likely to contract an STD of some sort. Half my clients

are married men who have little or no sexual contact with any

other men. Unlike many escorts, I discuss these issues with my

clients because I care about them.


I took it upon myself to tell my clients, our mutual clients and

other escorts who have worked with this HIVpos escort-- because

of the possibility of him infecting someone who I've been with

or any of the other escorts here in town. I don't want a client

to be wondering who did this? They may think it was me. The main

reason is because I genuinely care about other human beings in

this world and also I've been in this business for 10yrs. and

I'm not going to let some deceitful piece of crap ruin what I've

worked hard at for so long.


Lucky, what would you do if you knew your HIVneg best friend

had sex with someone who's POS with a reputation for not disclosing their status? Would you tell your friend? If your answer is anything other than an adamant YES, I certainly

wouldn't want you as my friend. It's because of attitudes like

yours that have contributed to numbers of friends we've lost or

who are living with HIV.

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>Guys, HIV has now been around

>a long time and surely

>we in the gay community

>know enough about it to

>know that it is ultimately

>OUR responsibility to protect OURSELVES

>when having sex. For

>the zillionth time, you must

>assume that every partner is

>HIV+. A "revealed HIV

>status" means nothing!!


So true.


My favorite statistic is that the number of HIV cases cured to date is EXACTLY ZERO.


It alarms me when I hear about the recent upswing in unprotected sex, but it's all over the place. Not just with escorts. Go into any bathhouse and you'll see it. I see beautiful young men having unprotected anal sex in those places all the time.


It boils down to a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults, but it's not a choice I condone.


I once met and picked up an absolutely gorgeous young latino boy in a club in DC. He BEGGED me to top him without a condom becase he wanted to "feel the real thing". Honey, with my size no condom is gonna make it feel any less real! I actually think he might've left if I hadn't had 3 fingers in his ass at the time.


I just don't get it. (I got *him*, and with a condom. I don't get the whole idea of unprotected sex.)

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I am curious

....Why is it okay with some of you (in another post) to allow an escort to be discriminating about whom he chooses to be with ie: Blacks, Jews, Asians, Fats, Femme etc? Some of you on this post thought it was okay..Well why is it not okay for us to know the truth. Yes.. Yes.. I will assume that all are HIV+.. Yes We know not all will tell you the truth about their status but there are some who will. I will tell you that if an escort told me on the phone that he was HIV+ I would be very politey discriminating and say no thank you. I am pretty sure most of you honest posters would too.


I have another Question?? How many of you Top Escorts (once finding out you've become HIV+) would add it to your attributes on HooBoys site or tell your clients?

How bout it Rick Monroe, Derrick, Mattop, Matt VanCouver, Justin

Scott Matthews, Riccardo, Chris.. I would like to know what you think???




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Well, I liked the first part of your response. You did not say what you do, though, if a person is honest with you about his HIV status. Does his honesty mean that he cannot hire you? Or are you, like most of us, adept at safe sex and able to perform in a way that protects you?

I don't know what you mean about attitudes like mine causing death. I am very much against unsafe sex. I just think you may have had another agenda when you took it upon yourself to make the clarion call about this other escort. Certainly, if you are negative, nobody who got infected would have thought it came from you.

And if you are positive, you certainly sound like someone educated on how to avoid transmitting the disease.

It seems to be that each partner has a responsibility to protect himself. You are not responsible for the behavior of this other escort nor his customers.

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Guest ChicagoCorey

Well (and I'm certainly not claiming to be a "top escort" or a "top" escort -- depending on which you meant), but I'd certainly not disclose my status on the site -- because I'd quit working. I like what I do, but a large part of why I do it is for the fun, and I wouldn't want to deal with all the new problems that would come with being an HIV+ escort.


But to go back to the original question at hand -- should there be a HIV status field on the site? Hell no. Here's why -- because, though most of us know that you should always go forward as if a partner is positive, many out there aren't educated in that way. So escorts (or whomever would answer this question) would nearly always say they were negative. And those out there who would naively believe this (whether or not it was true) may act as if it were. If the question isn't asked, hopefully, the aforementioned naive people will still act with their guard up whereas if the question is answered (correctly or incorrectly), they may act differently (read: stupidly). It seems like putting answers up there would be more dangerous than leaving it alone.


Hope that makes any sense -- I've had a long weekend.



new site and pictures


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