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Attn: Hooboy no longer anonymous

Guest KyleMathews
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Guest KyleMathews

In the best interest of all who have been slandered on this web site, I have taken measures to insure that the person who allowed this slander against us is no longer anonymous. I've obtained a photo of Hooboy and it is on the main page of my site at http://www.TopMaleEscort.com and will remain there until every piece of material with my name on it, on this site, is removed. I have written 2 letters to Hooboy, one of which was intended for his readers and is as follows:Subj: To the Hooboy readersDate: 3/13/2001 11:33:22 AM Central Standard Time

From: KyleMathews6969

To: hooboy@male4malescorts.com



This is Kyle Mathews, Chicago's Top Male Escort. In fact, for the last 2 weeks, I have remained in the top 10 of the Top 100 escorts of the world, estimated at 2000 escorts worldwide. The escort advertising site sponsoring the Top 100 list is very legitimate and has absolutely no bias or political interest in any of the escorts advertising there. Being on the top 10 on their list is an honor and a sure sign of my popularity in the escort realm.

Recently, and unfortunately, I questioned the professionalism of the Hooboy site you are currently on. I did so in a personal e mail to Hooboy himself. I did not intend to have my e mails to him made public, but I see that airing dirty laundry seems to be the norm here. So, assuming that, as with all e mails sent to this e mail address, you will have the opportunity to hear my side of this story and have a better understanding of why I felt compelled to write the kind of letters I have written to Hooboy personally, and why I responded the way I did.

My response to Hooboy was not professional. That much I can admit to. Rather, it was personal, and should have remained as such. It was not meant for the eyes of anybody but Hooboy. His publication of my letter, lack of personal response to it, and snide public remarks regarding the letter only served to fuel the flame of animosity between the two of us on a personal level, which he chose to take public on his site. This is one more demonstration of the kind of person he is, and supports my reasons for wanting to become detached from this site entirely.

In one of the responses to my letter, Hooboy states that "The valium must not have kicked in yet." Considering that I had spoken to him around the time of my younger brothers death (Porn Star Brad Chase) less than a year ago, I want you all to know what a low blow that comment was. Apparently, nothing said to Hooboy under any context is confidential. My medical history is not something that should be made available to the general public. So, why is it that Hooboy thinks he can take the liberty to share it with anyone, much less the readers of his site? So, now that the cat has been let out of the bag, I am not afraid to admit that I was prescribed valium in order to get to sleep after a horrible tragedy.

I started having trouble with this site operator as soon as my first negative review was published. I think that my response to the review is enough to combat the lies, deception and cover up of the fact that the client was clearly the aggressor in that matter and had every intention of ripping me off and defaming my character. As if that wasn't enough, Hooboy added salt to the wound by publishing my home phone number on his site, which I have since had to change. The negative review had little effect on my status as an active escort. In fact, it's my opinion that it demonstrated to all potential clients that I am a man of my word and that I will not be ripped off, which is a good thing. What bothered me the most was that I was not given the opportunity to dispute any of the content of the negative review by the client, including it's content of my home phone number.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that unless you personally escort Hooboy for his seal of approval and give Nordstrom like customer service, as he puts it in his FAQ, or sponsor his site financially, you have little right in what is said about you, and even less rights if you disagree with him on any level. The backlash I have received from people regarding the personal letter to Hooboy has all come from the fans of his site. I have received far more support in the form of personal e mails from former escorts and clients alike who understand my point, regardless of whether or not they agree with the manner in which I made that point.

I want everyone to know that my response to Hooboy is not a reflection of the kind of response that I would offer anyone with any amount of respect for me as a human being. It was a personal venting meant only for him. In an unprecedented act, Hooboy has chosen to post that letter as one of my reviews. If that's not a clear sign of someone trying to black ball me, I don't know what is. I have never heard of anyone having a personal letter to Hooboy posted as a review on them. Apparently, what Hooboy is counting on, is that his loyal followers will derive nothing but negativity from the letter. Apparently, it wasn't enough to simply publish the letter and keep it in his archive. What he may fail to realize is that my own loyal clients keep tabs on my reviews and find this type of behavior ludicrous and refuse to support him financially or otherwise, so he is burning a few of his own bridges there. He doesn't have the good business sense to understand that making our dispute a public matter has the potential to harm his business as much as mine. However, he does appear to understand that negative reviews or words of any kind are just the kind of juicy gossip that many of his readers seek. The truth is, Hooboy's site and the negative publicity he is sending my way have furthered my cause by sending more and more people to my site, which has a page designed to demonstrate the politics behind his site and the favoritism involved herein.

He is grasping for straws as it becomes clearer to him that his site is going out of business due to the lack of hits from potential clients. He will not hold the status of cyberpimp for long. Yes, you read that correctly. Cyber pimp. When he gives an escort his seal of approval in exchange for sexual favors from specifically his type of escort, and in turn, the escorts receives more attention, it is nothing short of a referral. Oh, he doesn't take a cut from the escort, but rather he receives a profit from their image in the form of donations from those who have found escorts on his site. The fact that any escort into bondage is not ever going to receive the seal of approval, considering that Hooboy himself clearly states that they don't have a chance, is a clear indication of discrimination against the leather community.

As a former porn actor in the process of making a come back in the industry, I can tell you that I have not ever slept my way to the top of any business. Not to say that I am apposed to having sex with any person who is clearly capable of furthering my career. I just haven't ever had to do it. Nothing equals nothing, and I am not the type to put out for nothing. I put enough hard work into my marketing strategy and work outs without laying down on somebody's casting couch to gain political access to a good job at a fair rate. I will not compromise the commodity in order to exploit it. Therefore, I find the concept of having sex with any person in order to obtain a politically derived seal of approval a disgusting and unfair concept.

Furthermore, the client who wrote the negative review which did contain untrue statements that I can prove are false, is not the worst person in the world. In fact, before my letter to Hooboy, I took the initiative to personally apologize to him for any harm that my review of him may have caused. I did so sincerely, and it was part of the reason that I wanted all reviews removed from the site, the negative one and the 4 positive ones. After having settled the hard feelings between the client and myself, I felt that there was no need for either of our comments to be displayed any longer, and in all fairness was willing to have all reviews eliminated, considering the fact that those reviews associate me with such an unprofessional site which is clearly biased in reporting and unethical in the methods used to publicize those models who have escorted the site operator.

My professional image is important to me. I wouldn't be one of the top 10 escorts in the world without guarding that image and maintaining it with sincere content on my site and a clear display of the kind of person I am. Anyone can have a bad day. Anyone can write an aggressive letter to a person who has offended them by attempting to publicly tarnish his reputation. It doesn't reflect the whole person, as much as many would like to think it does. Anyone who knows me, or takes the time to get to know me will see that I am not the monster that I have been made out to be here. I have a personal life and experience crisis just like anyone else. I am not just a naked guy on the net. I am a human being with all of the emotions that come with it. Therefore, when I write a personal request to the webmaster of a site with a valid request citing valid reasons for doing so, and I am not given the fair treatment that I would offer anyone writing me with regard to the content of my own self published site, I get upset. I know for a fact that 3, unsolicited, positive reviews on me were submitted to Hooboy within as many months, yet not a single one was published. I had a reason to be upset, and I had the right to have my private correspondence with Hooboy kept private and personally addressed. Rather than handle my inquiry personally, he chose to make an example out of me on his site. So, I am getting e mails from other escorts congratulating me for having the balls to stand up to him. I am getting e mails from clients who have seen, first hand, the favoritism and exploitation on this site. I am getting bashed on the message boards here by those who are on his side. This is not about taking sides. It's not a personality contest, nor is it a matter concerning my attitude, as my attitude toward potential clients has not been demonstrated here. My attitude toward unfair treatment by an unfair man has been demonstrated when I clearly requested that my personal letter to him not be published. Furthermore, as the publisher of a 50 MB space on the web which I pay only $35 a month for and maintain myself. I fail to see how the Hooboy site can be as expensive to maintain as he claims. His site can't possibly cost more than $200 a month to maintain, and the ad space he sells to the escorts themselves should more than cover that. Your dollars would better serve the escorts themselves than contributing to a site with a history of black balling them.

For the record, I am not a low class hooker or hustler out to make a buck for nothing. I am an honest, hard working, sincere individual who just happens to live a very privileged life. I can see how the concept of an escort review site would appeal to those questioning the reputation of an escort. Any consumer would like to know what they are getting ahead of time. However, escort service is not controlled by the better business bureau, and in many cases, you really do get what you pay for. However, even the BBB takes the time to investigate every detail and hear both sides of any dispute before placing a red flag on any business. If an escort has stolen money from a client, it shoudl be documented. If an escort has refused to offer a service he clearly states that he offers in an advertisement, it should be published. If an escort shows up high or intoxicated, it should be published. However, if an escort is accused of having stained teeth, or a smaller cock size by a client who has clearly seen updated pics on the escorts site, then it becomes a gray area in which slanderous statements are permitted to be published. I have never stolen anything, showed up intoxicated nor refused anything that I have promised. I'm not the escort to look out for.

I have seen Hooboy refer to the reviews on his site as something similar to reviews by Roger Ebert. Well, Hooboy is not Roger Ebert. Nor is he the reviewer. However, he does edit the content of his site to suit his own taste. He refers to escorts as public figures, such as singers and actors, yet lays claim on the only source to review their performance, which is not publicly documented anywhere else in the world. So I submit to you that if escorts were such public performers, then why aren't we making the money that the main stream entertainers make, which enables them to combat precisely the types of negative and unfounded publicity that Hooboy is giving escorts on a regular basis? Many escorts don't make enough money to buy health insurance, much less hire an attorney to defend themselves against Hooboy when he clearly is attempting to take food off of their table out of spite. He is counting on the fact that no escort would publicly admit in court that he is in this business, which gives him all the leverage he needs to deliberately deter potential clients from them. He is preying on their need for discretion.

In closing, I would like to say to everyone, with the exception of Hooboy, that I sincerely apologize for any offense taken by the remarks I made that were not intended for your eyes, and I ask that you will consider the fact that my private debate with Hooboy is in no way a reflection of how I would treat any person with the same respect that I offer everyone I encounter.

Sincerely, Kyle Mathews

Clearly, Hooboy chose not to publish this particular letter on his site as it exposes the truth in his best interest to do so. However, he apparently did not have my best interest at heart during any of the conflicts we had between ourselves. I am working on my temper. I am also learning the politics behind certain aspects of the adult sex industry and those who believe they have the ultimate control over the reputation of those of us in the industry. Regardless of what you may think of me as an escort, I am a person and I have the right to defend my occupation and reputation against slander, if not in court, then on my own web domain. I'd like to thank the many people who have sent me messages, be they positive or negative regarding the conflict between myself and Hooboy, and let you all know that I am still in business, full force and remain unaffected by the negative publicity that Hooboy has caused. Kyle Mathews http://www.TopMaleEscort.com

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Guest KyleMathews

I can't wait to see how many more rude comments are made about me on this site. It just backs up everything I've said about the way it is run. New pics are on the way to my site, and as usual, "Don't be intimidated".

I never claimed to be a super model. However, I am doing everything I can do to improve the product. I didn't mention that I know where Hooboy works, lives and I have 2 of his phone numbers as well. You will not see them posted here, as I am not as malicious as he is. I anticipated backlash from his loyal followers, including, but not limited to criticism of my physique, typos, or grammatic errors. I've made my statement and that's all I intended to do. Hooboy wouldn't publish the letter I wrote to him that WAS intended for his readers, but he had no problem with publishing the ones that were intended solely for him. I can't imagine there is anything further I could say to expose the politics behind his site. So, here I am. Have at it. Attack my physique, attack my quotes, post my pics and say what you will. I will not respond with the aggression that you are hoping for. I have learned a lot about the double standards that many have when it comes to escorts, including the fact that many people are jealous, cruel, hateful and downright ignorant about the facts surrounding us and view us as nothing more than naked men on the net with no feeling or emotion. I will not let anyone get my goat anymore. I've spent enough time focussing on what others think of me, and from now on it's what I think of myself that matters the most. I'm just a guy in the world living my life as I see fit. Anyone who has a problem with that, has a problem of their own. I have nothing but the best interest of my kind and caring clients in mind when it comes to the career I've chosen. My suggestion to anyone with any reasonable question for me is to e mail me. I will respond with the same respect given me, possibly more. As an escort,I have received e mails from people who have taken time out of their busy day to call me a whore, tell me I have no chest, and tell me how ugly I am. Well, if I took every one of those insults to heart, I would have left this world already. It takes a very bitter and insecure person to be so heartless and cruel when clearly unprovoked. Nothing anybody can say on here has not been said before. I know who I am, and regardless of what others may think of me, I do love myself, and I know I'm worth loving. Sincerely, Kyle

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Guest alanm

Free speech is still allowed in this country, so Kyle is entitled

to his opinions. Hooboy is human and probably does have favorites. One or two negatives reviews on this site can be very damaging to an escort. However, it says a lot about Hooboy that he's allowed this post to continue. But, the discussion on this topic should continue.

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

>Free speech is still allowed in

>this country, so Kyle is


>to his opinions.


But he has soooooooooooooo many.


Memo to Kyle: No one cares.

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oh my........


such a sense of entitlement on a website for which no one has to pay.


get a grip, kyle. suck it in. life's a bitch, no? you went public with a website and all your comments here. whenever you write anything, there's no guarantee it won't go public, unless the recipient makes a legally binding promise. don't complain, then, when it doesn't go the way you'd like.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

OK Kyle, no insults. I promise.


I am not going to take your side or Hooboy's. I am not even really interested in the particulars of this dispute.


I just want to make a few comments about communication. First off, you are NOT communicating. What I mean by this is that you are not achieving your apparent ends because the average reader cannot follow you. What you are doing is called "venting". It may make you feel better, but it is largely incoherent and unpleasant to anyone new to the argument. Here is why:


You repeatedly make vague references to some events that seem to have occured in the past. These are obviously fresh and apparently still hurtful to you. But we (or at least some of us) have no idea of what you are talking about.


Try to remain restrained and gentlemanly. The less I know about an argument, the more likely I am to side against the party flinging insults. Insults are painful to the reader, not just the intended target. They may make you feel better, but they do not make your point.


The same is true for the implied threats of exposure you seem to be aiming at HooBoy. None of us would like to be exposed or harassed at our place of work, even the few escorts among us. So even if you have been wronged, this kind of threat will immediately make us identify with your oppressor instead of you.


I won't criticize your grammar, but most people have difficulty reading a paragraph more than four sentences long from a screen. Try one paragraph for each idea you want to get accross.


Finally, you may or you may not have a legitimate grievance. What I don't see you suggesting is a proposed remedy. Assuming you have been wronged, what is it exactly that you would want to make it right? If what you want is to close down this site, then you obviously are fishing for support in the wrong place. Unlike you, we are here because we LIKE this site or at least find it useful.


Feel free to respond again if you wish. Just keep in mind that if you want us to at least understand your complaint (let alone read it) it would be useful for you to sound more businesslike and less angry and vindictive. Hide your anger if you have to. Let US feel angry for you by giving us the straight unembellished facts without insults, threats or imputed motives. Write something that is carefully reasoned and presented so that HooBoy HAS to respond to it. Don't do his work for him by discrediting yourself.


Hoping for a higher level of future discourse.



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Since I have never read anything about this subject, I have no idea what is going on. However, what I find more puzzling is why you think the readers here care what Hooboy looks like or even who he is, or how it can be a punishment to him to have his picture posted on your website. You're obviously terribly frustrated and maybe you have good reason, but this thread doesn't seem to accomplish anything except, as one poster said, venting your emotion. And it sounds like that hasn't been successful, either. By the way, publishing your picture with the insinuation that you are physically inadequate didn't accomplish its purpose either, and I hope you just ignore that as you should.

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A. You do seem a bit vague at times, which you probably don't mean to do. But, right at the top of your letter, you say that you are on someone's list of the top escorts of the world, but you don't say whose. While you do give me the chance to go to your site to check out what you are saying, you use this unnamed site for collaboration. I, for one, would be very interested in seeing it.


B. I met HooBoy myself at one point, and it was corraborated by Aaron Lawrence that it was HooBoy, and this picture looks only vaguely like the man I met. He had a mustache he seemed very proud of and I would be surprised to find out that he had actually shaved it off. And his face was a lot more angular. If this picture was taken early in the morning, when his face was a little bloated and bleary, that might be explained. I am trying very hard to not say that this is not HooBoy, but I would like to find out why you are so sure that it is.


C. Actually, until you said that it was an actual prescription, I had assumed that the valium Hoo referred to didn't exist. I had thought it to be Hoo being campy with you. If he actually did make use of such prior knowledge, then, yes, that was a bit cruel of him.

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Guest blankman

I completely agree: we have no idea it's HooBoy. Who is hooboy? Hoo is whoboy?


Kyle, I don't know you from Adam, but you seem so rageful in your messages, I can assure you that I will not want to be a client of yours, and I'm sure many others like me who have no idea what your beef is with Hooboy will feel the same after reading this. Bad, bad publicity move, much worse than any bad review! You are rubbing salt in your own wound!


The client makes himself vulnerable when he hires an escort and the last thing the client wants to feel is that the escort may freak out on him.


As for Hooboy, after all this I'm not sure he is a person. He might be a committee. Could there be several hooboys?

He might be a "consortium" or a "hegemony." Maybe all of us who read this are all together one big WHO-BOY. That's why this site is interesting: it's not about one/the hooboy, it's about all the hooboys, everyone who writes a review and everyone who posts a message, a community, like it or not.

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Wasn't April Fools Day last week?


This guy has done himself more of a disservice, no matter how valid his complaint might have been with Lord HOO. Who are we to know? But we do know how to write on the net; he thought he was writting for McGraw Hill. It is not that I am unsympathic, it is just that I do not give a shit. I will tolerate criticism, but not long diatribes like we have been subjected to.

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Guest WorldEscrt  Sean

LAST EDITED ON Apr-17-01 AT 00:06AM (EST)[p]I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist this thread. I've stayed away from these boards for some time now and for good reason. I find most of you to be pathetic individuals who have nothing better to do with your time than sit behind a computer screen and gossip and start bullshit about individuals you've never met, and some of you wonder why you have pay for sex? LOL! As someone who's been crucified on these types of boards, I have to agree with Kyle. Hooboy is nothing more than an opportunist and a low life piece of shit. He publishes private e-mails meant for his eyes only, only to gain hits and publicity to this site. He whines about how much this site cost, begging for donations. This site is total bullshit. I'm accused of posting his drug addiction and alcoholism on other sites. Nothing could be further from the truth. I find this hilariously funny. The picture of Hooboy that Kyle published is Hooboy. I've met the man, Its him! He even looks drugged out in that pic LOL! If I were to charge Hooboy it would be quadruple my normal rate :) Hey HOO, how does it feel to be the center of this type of bullshit? This will be my one and only post on this thread. I'm just going to sit back and watch you idiots make fools of yourselves. TA TA!

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Guest blankman

Sean "World Escort", why don't you tell us who you are? At least Kyle has the guts to identify himself. That way, all readers who are potential clients of yours can make sure to avoid an escort who has so little respect for them. I hope some other escorts will agree that your hostile remarks are an embarrassment to the profession. It's those guys who "have to" (read: choose to) pay for sex who are your customers (helloooo!) Unless of course you are so fabulous that all your clients are themselves in constant demand and none would ever dream of reading a review of anyone they might consider hiring.

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This is just so sad....


Kyle, when are you just going to let this go?


You've done more damage to your reputation by the way you are acting and with these childish posts than any negative review ever done on you.


It's fairly obvious to the average consumer which reviews are phony and which are real. Heck, even some of Hooboy's "favorites" (Sean and Casey come to mind) have received bad reviews, and guess what? It's their mature response to them that makes it unimportant. These guys are younger than you but far more mature.


Obviously, Hooboy was right. The valium STILL hasn't kicked in!


(No one would have ever known you were taking valium until you decided to share it with the world. We all just assumed it was a figure of speech)

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Guys, Sean used to be a very frequent poster here. I assume that, like myself, he had to recreate his ID after a period of non-use, which is why it shows only 1 post.


After the storm that centered around him here not so very long ago, it seems almost incredible that people would not recognize him. But I guess Internet time passes quickly.


I'm sure all of the sordid details are in the archives somewhere. But the most important accessories were a foot and a pair of speakers, at least for Part 1.


Worldesct IS his escort name, at least on AOL, at least some of the time.

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