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"ChicagoGuy4Hire" on AOL/aka Paul

Guest curious2000
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Hun, the question you posted just two days ago is still here and visible. No need to post again. It won't force an answer and only clogs the boards.


Perhaps if you post your guy's AOL profile it might jog someone's memory. (Some of us are not on AOL believe it or not.)


If, on the other hand, you're actually "Paul" and trying to generate some discussion about yourself beware that it can backfire on you. :-)

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Guest curious2000

Dear Deej, well excuse me "hun" for upsetting you for my double posting. You reacted like it was a disgusting splattered bug on your cyber windshield. sorry I smeared it up and you had to look at it twice. First of all, I am not Paul. I am a possible future client trying to find out if he is legitimate and not a scam artist. I attempted to attach a copy of the AOL profile he had up and when I did today, he has drastically changed it and it is now toned down and very non descript-no mention of escorting. I will take that as a red flag, unless any guys out there would like to inform me if they have been with him and would like to report how he was. Secondly,I thought the whole point of this messege board was a free discussion about escorts, I simply did not get any response in two days so I reposted it. There are no rules about reposting the same question twice. I don't think I "clogged" up anything but your mood. I din not think it was such a big deal that I deserved the light spanking you gave me ;-)

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-14-01 AT 09:45AM (EST)[p]Sorry, I can't help you with specifics about Paul, but don't take the toned down aol profile as a red flag. AOL is notorious about removing accounts of "escorts", particularly those whose profile is really explicit - Protecting "family values" don't you know. Read top of Danny's review today, for an idea of what goes on. So toning down one's profile is not necessarily a warning sign, only indicates he has some smarts. Not necessarily a negative. And if he was leaving escorting I don't think he'd keep that screen name.

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>Dear Deej, well excuse me "hun"

>for upsetting you for my

>double posting. You reacted like

>it was a disgusting splattered

>bug on your cyber windshield.

>sorry I smeared it up

>and you had to look

>at it twice.


Get the cyber broomstick out of your ass, dear. :-) Nobody was flaming you, simply pointing out a breach of good netiquette. You could have replied to your original post to bring it back to the top. And then we could get one more thread on this page without having to move to page 2.


>First of

>all, I am not Paul.


Well that's good to know. When double postings happen, one must wonder whether the escort is trying to generate message traffic. It has been known to happen.


>attempted to attach a copy

>of the AOL profile he

>had up and when I

>did today, he has drastically

>changed it and it is

>now toned down and very

>non descript-no mention of escorting.

>I will take that as

>a red flag


Not necessarily a red flag, as others have pointed out. He may just be trying to keep the AOL Nazis off his back. It's amazing what those people will do to "protect" us from "unsavory" characters like (gasp!) escorts.


As far as light spankings go, I can deliver much better if spanking was my intent. ;-) There was no intent to spank.

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Guest curious2000

Deej- ok the broomstick is now officially out of my ass...ouch! Your points are noted and I will never be a dirty little double poster again ;-) Still have not heard any feedback about this escort and I almost don't even care anymore. There are already so many hot reliable escorts out there that know how to deliver the goods! But if anyone wants to chime in about the above mentioned escort, please do! No, you did not spank me or even bitch slap me. Maybe just a little tongue lashing? But it is ok,I am not mad anymore ...do you forgive me? :*

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Guest curious2000

Still would like to here if anyone has hired this escort and if so please report back here or send in review! Here is his current profile from AOL:





Member Name: I travel ANYWHERE! talk to me... HIGHLY CREATIVE AND EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE HERE! Let yourself cum with me.

Location: I live in New York City NY Manhattan Brooklyn Parkslope Queens Long Island Staten Island

Sex: Male

Marital Status: single 27

Hobbies: 5'10 155 lbs green eyes short dark blond military hair 7.5c and shoots well masculine and bi gay straight what would you like me? I do all....

Computers: gay straight curious and bi & couples are welcome. IF I AM NOT ANSWERING YOU, I MIGHT HAVE STEPPED AWAY FROM COMPUTER, SO RELAX

Occupation: AIRLINE WINTER SALES are right now! :-) VERY INEXPENSIVE. LET US TALK! 200 in /250 out 350 for 2 hours 600 for overnight

Personal Quote: I AM FUN! Down to earth and all guy!!! ex - military guy next door neighbor college look

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I got a message that he is now in New York City. Here is the text of the rest of the email I got from him:


My chicagoguy4hire@aol.com screenname. Paul Lewis


However, with me moving from chicago and dallas to here.

Can you just put that I was formerly of Chicago and Dallas.

and combine my old reviews and pics under a new name for NYC. This way my clients will not lose me?




Thanks so much for your time and energy in this!

Paul Lewis



Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com

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Guest chicagoguy4hire

Hi! This is Paul Lewis, aka as Chicagoguy4hire@aol.com and now under new screenname too. Xmilsouthernguy@aol.com too. I never have enough time to sit here and learn the aspects on this web page. I don't read things about escorts, clients, reviews, or pictures. I have so many things in my life everyday, such as finding the right place to live, the right goal in life to follow and after having many friends and lovers. I find this was the best way for me to achieve sex in some way and keep my heart at the biggest distance and not be hurt. I have always been told that I have this HUGE ENERGY, HUGE HEART, and when I dance or fuck...THAT I AM THE BEST! or in other people's words...AT THE TOP! I Strive to make everything enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable for a person I choose to love or have passionate sex with. I am an achiever. I have done military service, finished college, and worked in many areas of my degree. However, I had to quit my job due to an awful experience with a boss who had a thing for me. I was living in a very expensive place and no family or friends in Chicago. I, then had a friend in Dallas, who used to escort in Chicago; tell me about moving back to the south and live with him. He became someone I trusted and started to love. He pushed me away and became very hostile in the matter of 3 months. I had the option of moving to NYC with a REAL friend and get my feet back on the ground and find happiness here. I chose it!


I heard so many people talking to me thru emails about the message board and I finally took the time to write something after checking it out! I honestly have to say, that in my life, I have learned to beware of many people (even those who hold prestige, wealth, and claim to be friends and family.) I also learned not to listen to everyone else and be your OWN and find things out by talking to a source and so on.


So as to the person who believes am I a fake? or not? :-)

I laugh so hard. I am sorry. I do! For it is true, you don't know me, but hell, you have not even attempted to ask ME! You ask strangers and listen to their response? :-)

FOr the person who wrote that aol makes you have tame profiles! RIGHT ON THE DOT! AOL SUCKS! They let people say they are racist, or want sex, and yadi-ya. But anything about dick size or escort or anything else makes them THREATEN YOUR RIGHTS to say whatever you want(and what is this saying? What our whole right of AMERICA ON LINE??? YEAH BS!!! America, the place to be who you want and do what you want as long as you do not hurt someone else... They hurt my right to sell my companionship, my sex, my "REALNESS"... Yet, I could be on here as an everyday aol whore, like 95%of the chat rooms are (ex- M4M, M4Mnow, F4F, M4F, Str8guyswant, and so many more!!!) do you see what I mean?


Some supposed client harassed me and turned my profile in and made them cancel my account. Then I called to complain and they said they wanted me to tame it. I did. Then after a few days, I changed it again to read similar to what it had. I have had several problems still with them asking me to change it, yet again. I have now created another screenname, in hopes to not lose interested clients who knew me as CHICAGOGUY4HIRE@AOL.COM and to hopefully escape the asshole who turned my profile in. :-)

Some people have nothing better to do, than to cause problems and be jealous and say things to cause problems in other people's lives.


I even wondered if I should reply to this. The reason, is nothing I can say will improve anything someone says. You can not change what someone wants to think or say. You have to decide what is best for you, as a person. I have decided that if a stranger, a client, a friend, or family member says something that offends me or questions me... They have a right to ask and I look at how important they are to me in my life and how much energy I should spend on BS. I KNOW WHO I AM. MY FAMILY KNOWS. STRANGE, HUH? BUT honest! I always respect those who respect me. I needed to know who stuck by me in every decision. It hurt them, but they love me. This is all I ever wanted in my life. My real family to love me. :-) I am happy.


Thanks for all business and real people, who are interested in me. Emails of mine: Chicagoguy4Hire@aol.com (only a few more weeks---maybe?), Chicagoguy4hire@yahoo.com, and Xmilsouthernguy@aol.com...


For my background in this escort thing, in the four months I have escorted, I have only had only 17 clients (which is small), and it shows that I am very picky when I sleep with someone...I have to be turned on too and I don't just sleep for money, but to share intimate passion and soul. I have become almost-like "friend" material with 4 of my clients. They instant message or email me several times a week to say hi and have been very supportive. I say thank you to them again in a very public way! :-)

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