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  1. I just love dicks -- I don't care if they're soft or hard, big or small, cut or uncut. Only if they're clean, though. (Actually, the very huge ones, I am not really into except to look at and go, "what the hell can you do with that thing?" Probably why I don't mind being in Asia so much. It's the greatest gift to humankind. Of all the ones I've had, I think my favorite is, well he knows who -- and mine. lol -- The above written as a regular guy, not the owner of a website and has no official meaning, just unofficial BS.) __ --garbo the hoo
  2. New York is rich with individuals, less one. A classy obit from The Paper. RIP Pepper. Thanks BG
  3. The Forum Name This forum should have just been named "Male Strip Clubs" in the first place.
  4. I am pleased to tell you that Cooper has accepted our invitation to be the new main moderator of this forum. He is a regular at the Gaiety, understands the sensitivities of that sort of environment as well as New York politics and will be perfect in quietly making sure this forum works. I want to emphasize he is not acting as a policeman or, as someone put it, a "hall monitor" and most likely will just be behind the scenes like all of the moderators here to advice us if thing get off kilter. Every particpant here is a guardian of this site! If you see something you think is wrong, please hit the ALERT button, explain why you think someone is out of line. Cooper and the moderators will instantly receive a flagged email message and will respond in a manner he thinks is appropriate. Cooper is free to express his own opinions. Please understand his opinions are his own and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of me or anyone associated with the site. If he has to reiterate a policy of the board, that of course is just that. By the way, I told Cooper that, unlike the security guy at the Gaiety, he should allow you all to jerk off here if you feel like it. Again, my thanks to all the moderators and a big welcome to Cooper. --HooBoy Damn, I edited for HORRIBLE spelling and grammar errors. Sometimes I jes fel so dum.
  5. I'm in Hawaii - it's around $2.00 a gallon for premium.
  6. HooBoy

    Face or body

    Face for me. However, personality & smarts can over-ride everything. Body is in last place but it can be a plus if carried well. A big negative if I feel intimidated by it. Dick size is a crap shoot. Fun when it's 7 on the Cum out. Not so fun if it's seven when you're shooting for a 10. :-) HooBoy Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com
  7. Myth. And if anyone posts anything otherwise, I'll delete it. For that kind of stuff, try http://www.filth.com Great fun site and it has other links to unfounded gossip. HooBoy Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com
  8. HooBoy


    RE: TLA Rod, Here is the link: http://www.tlavideo.com/video/main/main.cfm?store_name=m4m&view=gay_adult&category=gay_adult Yes, I get a commission. HooBoy Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com
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