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TOP TEN in 2000

Guest Tampa Yankee
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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-00 AT 07:07AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-00 AT 06:47 AM (EST)


HooBoy is not conducting a poll for the year 2000 Top Ten Escorts so I thought it would be beneficial for us consumers to conduct an informal year end review of the talent we have had the pleasure to encounter. I have some definite top ten candidates that have received more than a few sterling reviews -- a consideration I think appropriate because it indicates a broader appeal beyond one or two opinions. Therefore I propose that candidates for Top Ten 2000 status should have five or more reviews. For that ONE special escort with less than five reviews that really deserves mention, how about a BEST EMERGING TALENT/BEST KEPT SECRET category.


Although I met several wonderful guys this year, I don’t presume to have met all top ten myself. And several others come to mind that I suspect would be on my list but, alas, so many guys and so little time... That leaves some great opportunities for 2001... that is if they don’t get away. (Sorry I missed Shamus!)


To keep this polling simple (and to keep me out of trouble :-) ) I don’t order my top ten selections -- which would, I think, reflect more on my personal quirks than on them. And it would really be difficult for me to distinguish at that level. My considerations, in no particular order, include: personality, conversational skills, email/phone communication follow-up, attitude, appearance, responsiveness and perceived satisfaction on their end, value, and of course kissing -- I do like that last one... Others might have a different list. There might be one or two other physical skills that come to mind, but I suspect we all have those on our list too...



My candidates for TOP TEN in 2000, in alphabetical order are:



Alec Martinez/Orlando



Jasen Rhodes/NYC






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Since I have only been with nine escorts this year, I can't offer a Top Ten. However, number one on my list (for this year) would be Scott Morris in San Francisco, even though he doesn't have five reviews (maybe four?). He is a specialized taste, but lots of us have that particular interest (big, mature leather daddy open to all sorts of kinks), and he is extremely professional in all the ways listed by Tampa Yankee.

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I have to say most of the guys I met last year were great people, with interesting personalities and true caring natures. Beautiful people inside and out. However, here is my list of best of the best:


Best Top: Zach in Washington DC (he really knows how to take control and is great fun)


Most Kinky: Baron in Atlanta (really adventurous)


Most Hairy (I LOVE hairy guys): Luke Sterling


Most All Around Fun: Eric Magyar


Most Impressive Body/Smile: Michael Vincenzo (Woof)



All 5 of these guys belong in the top 10 list. They are the guys that I want to go back to again and again.

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I'll second Michael Vincenzo in any category. Woof indeed! He rocked my world just by being a tremendously sweet guy who seemed genuinely into the activities. Yummy.


Also, Max Grand. Our encounter was less than successful (my fault), but the man drips sex and was really into the action even under adverse conditions. Woof!


(can you tell I get into latin guys?)


And don't forget sweet Stephan Lacoste. Truly a class act.

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My nomination for top 10 escort is BRYAN YOUNG. Excellent companion, great in bed, friendly via email/phone before and after the date itself! Truly a wonderful boy, although it is well known that I am very partial to cute, smooth twinky boys. My nomination for the hottest rising star is JUSTIN #2 from NYC who is associated with Campus Escorts. He is just absolutely beautiful and wins this award in my book just for his sex appeal. He is a little shy, and being a full time student, not the easiest to book or communicate with when not personally with him. But his disarming personality and performance in bed really does more than make up for that. He's only 19 and I am sure will only get better with more experience!

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Thanx for starting this thread. I too am sorry I missed the opportunity to spend some time with Shamus before he retired.


Also in alphabetical order.






Mike Conway/Toronto

Stephan LaCoste/Vegas-LA


All great kissers among other things. But most important, wonderful guys on a very personal level. Time with them is time well spent.


I wish them all the best in the new Millenium.


And the best to all of you on the board as well.

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-00 AT 07:32PM (EST)[p]Thanks for a wonderful idea, TY.


I can't remember how many guys I've hired, but the one that stands out as my absolute no. 1 would be Andres in Berlin, Germany. Like spending time with a friend, only the sex is too good for him to be anything but a pro :-) http://www.eurostud.de

A truly exxxxxceptional exxxxxperience



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Guest Smoothie

I agree. Rick Munroe is tops as far as being sexy, funny, handsome, tasty, and possessing a contagious joyfulness of spirit and love of life, sex, and men. He made my year!

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Guest crazytaxi

My favorite escort this year and any other year is Billyboy. He makes me feel real special. There isn't any better escort in Chicago.

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Won't list ten because I have been with 10 this year and not all of those I did see would make my top 10. However, I do want to acknowledge 3 guys who made my time with them a really wonderful experience. That would be:


Aaron Lawrence in New Jersey

Chris Wild in Florida

LeeB in London

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OK, I couldn't resist responding to this top 10:


1. Derek Colton - San Francisco

2. Derek Colton - San Francisco

3. Brett Silvers - Los Angeles

4. Brett Silvers - Los Angeles

5. Matt in Vancouver

6. Jake in San Francisco

7. Derek Colton

8. Derek Colton

9. Derek Colton

10. Derek Colton (only since I have seen him 30 times)

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Guest patrick

I am risking sounding like a broken record, but I have to add to this forum (and really these are ALL-TIME bests of recent vintage, in no particular order, of course):

1. Alec Martinez (a sex bomb)

2. Tony Cummings (four years' worth of memories)

3. Sean Storm (not an escort per se, just a new porn star who is available at the right price; a swell kid)

4. Michael Vincenzo (only once but it was terrific)

5. Kevin Kramer (one of the great escort bottoms of all time)

6. Adam Hart (for body worship, none better)

7. Rod Barry (one of the nicest guys I have entertained in my home)

8. Dennis Lincoln (a great topman, and a fun dinner date besides)

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Guest ryan0889

Here is my top 10 list for who I think is the best of them all:


1. Stephan Lacoste-CA

2. BillyBoy-IL

3. Emmett Andrews-OH

4. Logan - GA

5. Dirk - FL

6. Mark - NJ

7. JR - Atlanta

8. Mark - KY

9. Jason - DC (may no longer be escorting)

10. Mark - NC (no longer escorting)


I ranked this list based on personal experience, reviews, general impressions, communications, looks, personality, and general ability to meet the clients needs.

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Guest assmaster

My faves.....for 2000


Chris....from Balto

Chrisopher....from Montreal



Tristan....NYC and Mtl

Miguel.....NYC and Mtl

Leo...Toronto and NYC


Not trully "escorts" but my all time FAVES are Tony Pitt

and Mike Dragna.

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I posted this message before....How do I get any contact info, for Rod Barry..He's always been a fantasy, didn't think that he escorted, any info, would be appreciated........

Thanks, Merry-Xmas


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Guest Kevin 2

LAST EDITED ON Dec-25-00 AT 11:00PM (EST)[p]My vote also goes to Michael Vincenzo. He has a great attitude, smile, body, and you know what else!

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LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-00 AT 01:26AM (EST)[p]My candidates for TOP TEN in no particular order:


Aarronn: Toronto

Mike (tenplusboy): NYC


Rick Munroe:NYC

Brent: Premier in Phila


thanks guys-you're all tie for number one in my book

see you in 2001



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Guest bottomboykk

My favorites remain:


*Scott Matthews in NYC, above and beyond any escort I've EVER been with.




*Josh Daniels in DC/VA, huge cock and knows how to use it, as well as a very genuine and nice guy.

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Talvin DeMachio- DC

Tony Cummings - Atlanta

Luke 2 - NYC

Justin - NYC

Sergey - Berlin

Zach Matteo - LA

Marc - Montreal

Carlos - NYC

Cory - NYC

Alex - Miami

Dominic - LA

Mark - NYC

Roman - NYC

Collin - NYC

Cesar - NYC


So I couldn't stop at 10, kill me. I agree with TY that Jason in Beantown is a great secret, as are Chad and Ethan.




PS. Of course, Kirk/Voltaire is also a great time in the rack - Couldn't resist that one.


PPS. 5 more days and the hobby is history. BF's can be so demanding. 2000 was fun. Always remember men - sex, drugs and rock and roll.


Much later.

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