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Newbie in NYC: Is Titothereal real?


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I met him, he's real. But my experience with him was.... eh, mediocre, I probably wouldn't repeat. We didn't have much chemistry. He was also very aggressive at hustling and asking for tips (to the point where I felt pretty uncomfortable). Feel free to dm for more details.

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On 6/29/2023 at 6:16 PM, BOZO T CLOWN said:

..Is his thinking so myopic that he doesn't realize that as the years pass the laws of gravity kick in, his skin will sag, the ink will fade, and he will look like a freakish mess.



Don't they realize that when they're 60, they'll no longer be able to waste the beauty and youth of their 20s? 

And that they'll have to pay for that youth, like all the rest? That the 20s of that year won't care for their bygone glory?


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Something is very weird with this one, I found this model online, same body and tattoos but different, faces? To me, Titothereal placed his face, or a face, on top of this male model's body. I guess he used some type of graphic design computer program or app to do it, (becomes a little bit obvious once you pay attention). Nobody has the exact same tattoos, the two roses on each side of his chest, the side piece that reads/starts in cursive letters with "Let thy (...) ". My advice to you all, do what I did, and stay away from Titothereal, I don't think he is real. 





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