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Escort New Year’s Resolutions?


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Guys have any?

I know for me: my Resolution is to leave the crap markets I’ve been based out of, hopefully within the next 1 to 2 months. Even though I tour and travel a lot, it doesn’t make up for going 7 days or longer without a booking when I come home. I don’t think I’ve had a serious new client locally since Thanksgiving weekend. Just my 2-3 reliable regulars. I didn’t have this issue when touring. It irritates the soul…

I’m also going to cut back or eliminate visiting cities for the added perk of meeting with friends. Many of the friends I meet in other cities are happy to meet when I come, but they rarely plan trips to my area. Plus, I been finding some markets I been going to regularly where I have friends, start becoming less productive when it comes down to bookings. The other week I did a tour to a couple cities I haven’t worked in years…and was just fine going someplace I don’t know anyone. Actually met new people and made new friends

Going forward, just going to focus on places that have the demand, not only based on what friends I want to see.


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