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Note to Radio Rob

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12 hours ago, RadioRob said:

It’s August 2nd actually.  I’ve been sitting back reading quite a bit.  It seems folks may not have caught onto the new month.  :) 


Not for sports fan. For example, The US Open Tennis Turnaround begins in thel last week in August in New York.

And today was last day Major league baseball teams could trade players until the off season

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People were making gentle reminders to me that it was after August 1st because I had noted it was going to be closed through the end of July. 

As an experiment, on the 1st, I re-enabled access but did not post about it. I wanted to see how long it would take people to notice it was back. 

There was at least one Ask a Moderator, a Contact Us message, two PMs, and this post asking about it all after access had actually been already restored. :) 

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