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Depay in SF. And you will pay...


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If you wonder why providers avoid this site, this might be a reason why. @glutes picks someone out and says he "doesn't pass the smell test." He doesn't tell us why he picked this guy, or why he doesn't pass his olfactory nerves. Don't get me wrong, I love @glutes but just not this post.

There are hundreds of provider ads. I'll bet any individual client could say that they are not interested in one or the other, but why? Really, if you are not going to hire someone, who cares why? Should we each pick a provider at random and give our reaction to his ad?

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6 minutes ago, glutes said:

Simple research Mr. Lucky!

- staying at Grand Hyatt for a 7th night

- $200/ hour for massage, and I quote, "200 to start"

- will not verify his pics by sending selfie


Okay. But why is a 7th night at the Grand Hyatt a bad thing? And isn't he allowed to set his own rates? After all, he is not forcing you to pay them! I don't know about the last one. Do you have a reason to doubt his existing pics?

Did you reach out to him for information?

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For me, he just joined last week (which by itself isn't a pure bad thing) but given the track record of others so new...

Maybe its me but not all the pics look quite like the same guy - could be my vision though

IMHO pic #5 shows lots of tats including down to his wrists and knuckles, but last two there are no tats there

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