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Goodleanfun in NYC

Guest Strip4me

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I’m curious about his personality?

I’m intersted. Love his fit lean body type and not all waxed, but on the fence once I got to the outfit images.  To each their own, but I’m more into “guy next door” than clubby / costume fetish guys. 

any info appreciated.  Thx!


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I’ve met with him 4 times, in the city as well as in BK. It’s def worth the trip. Excellent in bed, very accommodating and understanding. Def boy next door type. He doesn’t just go through the motion with you. It’s not what I had expected, but in a good way. 

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18 hours ago, pubic_assistance said:

Curious what kind of boys lived next door to you ???

This guy's fetish repertoire alone takes him way out of the sweet and innocent boy next door category for me.

The hot Jewish type. Lol 

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31 minutes ago, pubic_assistance said:

I'm pretty sure most people when referring to "boy next door" they still mean All American and straight up. Not kinky Jews in leather bondage gear !

Just from the postings in these fora, it is pretty evident the concept of "boy next door" ideal has evolved into a variety of nationality and ethnic preferences.


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