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Lap dance club in SF & LA?


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I recently had a go at lap dancing whilst in NYC for first time and found it pretty straight forward and easy..

Does anyone know any lap dancing clubs in SF and/or LA which might be worth approaching to see if any model slots available?

I'm not from USA so zero clue and been having a Google without any real success. 


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4 hours ago, Xavitv said:

Adonis in LA has been doing weekly events besides the monthly nude party. I think you can join their mailing list to get more details.

Where are the weekly events now? I saw they were at Fubar, but that location appears to be closed. 

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They started doing weekly events again in Adonis LA. On Wednesdays it is a new spot in the West Hollywood area in a bar/restaurant on the top floor that is private from the bottom half where the restaurant/bar area is. 

It’s not every Wednesday but if you sign up for the email list, Matt who runs Adonis LA will let you know if there is a show in the email for the week.

Very recently in August they have introduced a Saturday show over on Melrose in West Hollywood in a more private venue. It was where they were holding the Nude parties at the beginning of 2021. The weekly Saturday show is not nude but there is a private lap dance room.

The Saturday shows have been going every week at the moment except for the 2nd to last Saturday of the month when they have the nude party at another venue.

The details will also be in the weekly emails that Matt sends out as well. 

I don’t know about the SF area and what they have to offer.

But DM if you have any questions about Adonis LA stuff ;)




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4 hours ago, nate_sf said:

Nothing in SF, nothing, nada. Some gogo dancers in a few of the bars, but that's it.

I haven’t been to SF in 10 years. I’m definitely planning a trip back very soon. There were a couple of places that had sleazy type dancers and a raunchy environment. I think they were in SOMA. Or was it the Castro? Folsom Gulch - did they have a space in a basement or lower level? There was an Asian bar on Polk/Sacramento (?)   What bars/clubs have dancers now?

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