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Reindeer Sausage

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Guest ncm2169

Speaking of which (which I was doing in another thread), interesting factoid.


If my historical lore is anyway near correct, reindeer were introduced into Alaska from Russia starting in the late 19th Century and reached their peak population in the mid-20th Century. Their availability caught the attention of Korean poachers who knew of the ancient Korean belief that ground reindeer horns were an aphrodisiac. Between the mid-20th Century and the early 21st Century, the population of reindeer in Alaska dropped from a mid-Century high of over a million, to just a few thousand.


Now the reindeer population is back to mid-20th Century levels. What happened?




It worked better than ground reindeer horns.


Amazing how human history takes its twists and turns, isn't it? }(


P.S. If anyone has a more precise history of this phenomenon, feel free to post and correct my errors. }(

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What happened was the oil pipeline. The reindeer love it. It is warm but does not intrude on their feed or water, etc. It just provides a localized warm atmosphere. Apparently that makes those reindeer horny as if the ones on their heads was not sufficient. Reindeer have increased dramatcially in Alaska after the pipeline was on line.


Best regards,


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