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US Gold Metal Wrestler

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ABC News carried the story of the 121 lbs US wrestler who won a gold metal in Beijing. Unlike Mrs. Phelps, Henry Cejudo’s mother was not in the crowd to watch her son drape himself in the stars and stripes and run around the ring in victory. Seems she’s a single mom raising 5 or more kids and may never have stopped to become a naturalized US citizen. Now given her new notoriety and the normal reaction of INS when it discovers an “undocumented” alien, she has to worry about being deported rather getting immediate citizenship in recognition for raising such a wonderful, patriotic son who is proud and grateful to be an American.

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I enjoyed watching the footage of our young Henry teary-eyed and jubilant in his victory. When asked what he would do with his medal, he replied he would "put it in his sock drawer so he could see it all the time"!

That one my heart!


He is one he more amazing stories to come out of the American Olympic teams. He was not antcipated to get very far, much less take the Gold.


It's a shame that he's unlikely to get the wealth of press and the flood of product endorsement offers that come with the territory for some of the other, more high-profile athletes. Nevertheless, he's 121 lbs of Lionheart and athleticism, and my favorite Olympian.


La Trix

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Is it possible for you to prove that his mother is not a legal citizen? I find it very offensive (being part Mexican) that just because one isn't of a lighter shade of white one just assumes they are not legally here. Are you one that thinks that it isn't ok to bash on gays but ok to bash on someone who is of an different shade of color or because of their residence status? If it weren't for those who are from south of the border be it Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile or whatever doing the shit jobs us Americans wont do this country would be in a world of hurt. I'm not saying that living here illegally is right but they have to start some where.




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I need a holiday!

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"If it weren't for those who are from

>south of the border be it Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile or

>whatever doing the shit jobs us Americans wont do this country

>would be in a world of hurt. I'm not saying that living here

>illegally is right but they have to start some where."


I like Lou Dobbs. Seems like he is the only voice of reason in the media, as he really tells it like it is. If only he would run for president as the useless Obama and McCain either want to grant amnesty or let the current situation continue in regards to the illegal invasion of this country by Latinos from Mexico, Central America and South America.


All of the supporters of this invasion cite the same old untrue bs about they are doing the shit jobs Americans won't do. Just what jobs are those again? Seems they were getting done by legal Americans before the invasion, many at minimum wage! And many of those jobs such as contstruction which paid great wages and was done by skilled people with years of experience and certification are now being done by unskilled, untrained illegal Latinos so the company owner can get even richer.


If they have to start somewhere, then start at home to improve their own country. Don't come here illegally, waving their flags, dissing the United States, refusing to learn the language, bleeding the social programs dry, not paying taxes, and turning the the middle class tax paying citizens neighborhoods into crime ridden ghettos!


x( x( x( x( x(

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Whoooooa Greg. You're preaching to the choir!


I didn't just assume Sra Cejudo's status. I was rather shocked and dismayed that in tying to point out how much young Henry had achieved, ABCNews indiscreetly mentioned it. My stomach turns at the hypocrisy of americans who for generations have enjoyed the economic benefits of cheap labor in the US but refuse to understand that if there is an immigration problem in the US they are just as culpable as those who sought better lives for thier families and themselves by coming here or by allowing their country to turn a blind eye to corruption and discrimination that occurs across from their southern border causing this migration.


But lest you tag me as a complete bleeding heart liberal, I'm still pretty steamed by the fact that in places along the border (like Laredo, TX), I am unemployable at any job from bank president to janitor because I'm not bilingual.

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I can understand that you might run into this prejudice a lot more than some of us, so you are more aware of it's effect on people. I believe the information about both parents' residency was established in the news story in an effort to explain why neither parent was able to see the young man perform in China, not to cast ridicule on their legality per se. We have seen a lot of Michael Phelps' Mom and some of the gymnast's parents. I tend to believe that ABC was trying to find a way to capitalize on the Olympics and run a human interest story.


I can sure understand your feelings about the assumption of illegality. There is a lot of that and it's pretty racist.

I am very sympathetic to the problems of immigrants and the issue of immigration in this country.


I will say tho, that at the same time, I wish more LEGAL immigrants chose to learn and speak English. It would make me feel like they wanted to belong in and be a part of this country by accepting the language of this country. Just a thought.

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