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Big Brother update

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OK. I did think that Jessie was really hot but as the weeks go on it is apparent that "hotness" only goes so far. He is such an arrogant, immature, jerk. He almost got himself booted out of the house with his behavior. He apparently seems to think that muscles and looks gives him carte blanche to behave in any sort of manner he chooses. Still nice to look at but only if the "mute" button is on.


There is really almost no one to like in the house (with the exception of Dan who seems like a genuinely nice person). Oddly, I think that that old fart Jerry is really just an older version of Jessie. He's arrogant, lies constantly, and thinks his "shit doesn't stink."


Libra? The worst sort of stereotype as is Keesha -- the "Hooters" waitress. Renny is probably amusing at parties.


Other than Dan, who is there to like in this house? Ollie got it right when he said last night "people in America must think we are the dumbest cast ever."

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Guest msclonly

RE: Bad Brother HOuse update


They must have choosen those Bad Brother housemates for the House from Hell with all that screaming at one another, lying, and just paranoia! It seems rather dangerous to live there at this time.

I don't think any of them are able to form real friendships and be comfortable. They did clean house last night somewhat, when they voted out the WIDE eyed screaming case! She was scary! It is really hard to watch this series.

Did you notice the misuse of words and poor sentence sturcture by Jessie. Guess he didn't need to take high school seriously or even finish with that look.

Will this program be the high water mark for the house mates?

They sure are a bunch of gossips with little to say.

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Thanks for the photo link for Jessie.

Question: Are some/many of the cast members selected from lists of "aspiring" actors/models/performers???? It seems that these people show up in a variety of places.

I agree that the more Jessie speaks and interacts, or fails to interact, with his cast mates, the less I am attracted to him. Classic case of "Great cover, lousy book."

When Ollie takes HIS shirt off and does the power walking thing, he is HOT. I think I'll switch my radar to him :))

I don't trust him, since he lied to Brian and Dan, but.......

I agree that Dan improves week by week.

There are downsides to this program but I'm addicted.

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I think Memphis has a great face ... his body does nothing for me. Dan will be a great catch for a nice Catholic girl. He seems like the genuine nice guy type. There is always one in the house.


Jessie becomes less attractive with each passing minute. My bf has as good a body and he's not as bulky and he actually has a personality. That's something Jessie really lacks. He's way too in love with himself. 20? He just needs to get the shit kicked out of him and that might bring him down to earth.


Jerry is what Jessie will be like at 70 plus. An arrogant old man still wearing muscle t-shirts. Egads.


I bet it would be a lot of fun to be drunk with Renny ... I'd like to punch Libra and Keesha in the mouth.

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>Most will agree this is a boring group compared to past shows.

> Then again I think the whole "Big Bro Show" has

>just run the course. ;-)


This show could be revived if they relied on more than just hot bodies to keep it going. How about a house with a more diverse racial mix, perhaps with 7 or 8 people of color. How about more than a token gay man or woman. Stock the house with people with diverse political views. Where are the Americans living with disabilities on this show, perhaps someone who is blind and someone with a wheelchair or cerebral palsy. Initially they might be paired up with another house guest, teams have been part of the show in the past but those enforced bonds could be broken once the houseguests had an initial adjustment period.

Keep running out ignorant 20 somethings with great bodies and people will turn away eventually, probably to a different show with hot twentysomethings as it has been the hot bod formula which has worked on TV since Goldie Hawn danced in her bikini on Laugh In.


I have never seen a purplekow;

I never hope to see one;

I can tell you anyhow;

I'd rather see than be one


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror

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They have a formula and I guess they are sticking to it ... Rather than more "people of color (which colors did you have in mind?)" I think I'd prefer just more people with personalities.


At least this cast is a vast improvement over the winter edition of the show earlier this year which was a total bust.


They need another open lesbian ... that always spices things up .... and definitely more than one token, soulful gay guy who gets booted the second week.


And no more cranky, old jerks like Jerry ... and how about a hot guy like Jessie who isn't an asshole?

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If you live on the West Coast, you may want to STOP reading:




Jessie, for those who loved and/or hated him, was evicted from the Big Brother House tonight, by a vote of 4 to 3. It was the bitch contingent + "America's Player" Dan that spelled the end for Jessie.

He was arrogant, childish at times, not very bright a lot of time, but he was fine to look at and I'll miss him. Ollie and Memphis are the only thing worth watching now. Hopefully the new Head of Household, Michelle will put up two of Libra, Kaesha, Renny for eviction---Dan was powerless but still probably will face the wrath of Michelle, Jerry, Ollie and April.

Such boob tube garbage, but I still watch :))

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My favorite moment was in the interview with Julie Chen when she confronted him by the accusation by his houseguests that he was "arrogant."


He said "Jessie and arrogant don't belong in the same sentence."


Then Julie did word association with him and named "Jessie" and he responded "the man!"


LOL. He doesn't even realize that calling himself "The Man" is arrogant!


What a complete and total idiot ... nice to look at but that got old after while ...


Hope some of the BITCHES go this week ....

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Ari..Totally Agree! IF and When this Hunk ever manages to get over himself, he might turn into an interesting guy! Youth is once again wasted on the Young! LOL


But now it looks like he like some "Working Guys" is Strictly a Bod and that's about it.


The sooner this Season is over the better! I still think this show has run the course! At least VH1 definitely has more laffs...


I really enjoy "I Love Money" of course til "12 Pack" gets sent packing! :9 :9 :9 :9 Yup Shallow JT as always! ;-)

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I'm actually enjoying this season so far ... but that may be only because last season was SO bad.


As I've said ... someone needs to beat the shit out of Jessie and maybe he'll finally get it ... he is so arrogant and so full of himself.


My boyfriend has a spectacularly beautiful body (not as bulked up as Jessie) and doesn't look at himself in the mirror every five minutes, doesn't really get it when people tell him he's beautiful, and cares about his body only so he can be fit. Not an arrogant bone in his body.


You can be beautiful and have a smokin' hot body and not be a jerk ... unfortunately, Jessie fits a stereotype of a musclehead with no brain and no soul.


Pathetic. A guy only a mother could love.

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RE: My boyfriend has a spectacularly beautiful body... and... doesn't really get it when people tell him he's beautiful...


Shoot! Ariadne I an jealous as all hell!!! Lucky you!!! So why the f@*& are you hanging out here?


If I were you I would be all over the dude 24/7.


Please, with that type of body and that type of personality don't let him slip through your fingers!!!!!


And do enjoy! :9 :9

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Well, I didn't have him when I started out here .... but haven't seen an escort since we've been together.


Yes, I'm very happy. Sorry all you lonely guys!


"Slip through my fingers?" He's so hard I can barely hold him in my hands!


And only 25 years old .... and the opposite of Jessie!


Yes, I'm lucky. But so is he! lol ....

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***Now back to the Original Hunk Discussion!


A Hunky Body who hopefully will Mentally Mature very well! Jesse at 22 does have many Years to improve on his Attitude..Cause the BOD sure don't need it!


I'm sure he will Pop-Up again in the Wonderful World of Entertainment..OR maybe "The Wonderful World of The Working Guy"! ;-)

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Sorry all you lonely guys!


Way to go Ari!!! But don't assume there are only lonely guys on this site. Individuals post here and hire for a variety of reasons.


"Slip through my fingers?" He's so hard I can barely hold him in my hands!


Well if he is so hard… perhaps you might need just a touch of lube to make him just a bit slippery...


Yes, I'm lucky. But so is he! lol ....


Do I detect just a slight touch of Jessie-like arrogance there???!!! LOL!!!


Regarding Jessie, one has to wonder if that is his true persona. I recently spoke to someone who had a relative who was on one of these inane reality shows and the producers of these silly programs seem to thrive on developing certain personality traits among the participants. In other words, they are often told to act a certain way. Also, if they don't act accordingly they are often given various variations on the truth about other participants in order to make them act “fittingly”. So perhaps the real Jessie is indeed full of himself, but possibly not… If he were kind and gentle then there would be no conflict, no arguments, and no attention-grabbing story line.


Incidentally I have little time to watch TV and have never seen Big Brother or most of these insipid bits of entertainment for the masses. There seems not to be enough time in the day to get involved with such nonsense.

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