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BEAUTY is in the eye of the Beholder


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We ALL have our LIKES and DISLIKES. Have you EVER found yourself DEFENDING your ATTRACTION to SOMEONE to your friends? Is there someone that you told your friends that you found HOT and they went, "HUH!?!" MOST of these will be celebrities...BUT WHO do you FIND HOT that you have discovered others JUST DON'T GET! COME ON GUYS...SHARE some of your GUILTY LUSTS!!!






YAO MING (Basketball Player)



Ted Cassidy (Addams Family, 60s Lurch)



Jack Palance (City Slickers)







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"BEAUTY is in the eye of the Beholder"


I have often felt that this site proved this statement. I am not at all attracted to some of the escorts raved about on here and apparently some of you would never chose those I find lustful (if that is a word).


Differences in taste. Isn't it wonderful. Something for everyone.


the Cajun

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>I sure don't want to discount your honesty here, but in my

>case, the older I get, I find that almost all men are my type

>and I can find something sexy in most men. Is it too late for

>me to have a career in escorting? :9




Jackhammer, I had to :-) while reading your response. I can take it as being mine except for my becoming an escort. If I were an escort, I'd (unfortunately) would have to scrutinize my clients in terms of looks; thus it would NOT work for me!


I like to say that I, too, "like all men!" And I do in terms of ethnicity.

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I really enjoy looking at hot 18-24 year olds. But, I find that they are often not a successful escort experience. They are usually inexperienced in sex, many have lots of baggage, and they think too much of themselves.


As to older escorts, the muscular and superhot also carry a lot of attitude.


In my many years of hiring, I find that the older and more common-looking escort is the best. (I do try to avoid trolls, though. ;-) )



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Well I can tell you that my preference for ticklish rough-trade has alwas gone right over the very tippy-top of the heads of most of my gay friends. Not even going into the ticklish part, they just don't get my appreciation of the over-testosteroned, the tastelessly-tattooed, the casually groomed.


But that's fine. After all, who neds the competition?


La Trix

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>Tall, skinny, freckled redheads.


You are so not alone in there....


Although I would even void the tall and skinny.... Give me a freckled redhead and I go nuts! }( And sadly so many caucasian peple don't share that like. They tend to be really popular among us, the dark ones, though.


Enjoy the fiery pubes! Yum!

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You asked for a guilty lust, someone most would not find attractive


I once had a very hot sex dream in which the main object of my desire was W. Christopher.


I know Rick is probably searching MASH files to find a picture of William Christopher, but this dream had to do with Secretary of State Warren Christopher.


So which is the stranger lust object William or Warren?



I have never seen a purplekow;

I never hope to see one;

I can tell you anyhow;

I'd rather see than be one


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror

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