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The "medical" thread on another forum prompts me to pose a question. Last April I headed for my physical on a day when spring was blooming. The colors were rich and the air warm and clean -- relaxing and sensual.


My doctor is one hundred and fifty percent straight. He's attractive and pleasant, though I don't feel a gram of sexual attraction for him. He also loves to talk. This day he rolled on the rubber glove, lubed it with KY and then proceeded with a longish narrative, all the while holding his hand up, poised. I kept wanting to tell him to shut up and stick it. Finally he told me to flip over. My butt was relaxed so his finger slid right in there and rubbed my prostate. It was one of the best thrills I'd had in a while, especially because I hadn't really scheduled a physical to get off. I got so turned on I came home and booked Hans Hintern to continue with fingers and cock where the exam had left off.


A long way to my question: When have you had unexpected sexual thrills beyond the bedroom, bathhouse, backroom arenas?


I remember dry humping a tall blond in a crowded elevator at the New School. A friend let a window dresser at the old Altman's department store give him a blow job while the window was curtained off for redecorating. Can you imagine what the little old gray haired ladies at Altman's would have done if the curtain had accidentally fallen down?


I digress.......what tales of unexpected thirlls, guys?



"I'd say that's a bit of an extreme reaction, now wouldn't you?" -- N.F. Bates




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