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Tiger `Ray` gets honorable mention in NYTimes...

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Dead Banker Seth Tobias May Have Liked Cocaine, Go-Go Boys with Tattooed Stripes

Kudos to Times playboy (kidding! He’s married) Andrew Ross Sorkin for making it all the way to the fifth paragraph before saying “cocaine binge with a promise of sex with a male go-go dancer known as Tiger.” It’s all in his story about Seth Tobias, the rilly-wealthy hedge fund manager and CNBC talking head who was found dead in September, face down in the pool of his tony Florida estate.


With Seth dead, now the fight over his (at least) $25 million estate – and $52,532 AmEx black card balance, and $35,000/month mortgage – is going down, with Seth’s brothers in one corner and the late wife, Filomena, in the other. In between legal wranglings, the brothers have even accused Filomena of killing Seth.


The brothers, Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua, claim Mrs. Tobias drugged her husband and lured him into the pool. Bill Ash, a former assistant to Mr. Tobias, said he had told the police that Mrs. Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband into the water while he was on a cocaine binge with a promise of sex with a male go-go dancer known as Tiger. [Ed: Named for the stripe tattoos on his body. Clever!]


Mrs. Tobias’s lawyers call the claims outrageous. She has not been accused of any crime.





Also mentioned in the Times article was Ft. Lauderdale club Cupids.

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Guest Tristan

Just for the record, Cupids is in West Palm Beach, not in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale already has enough bad claims to fame. Cupids is no longer a strip joint. I believe it's a gay video sports bar now. It was closed down as a strip joint a few years ago.


- Tristan

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There's a Tiger Ray that used to dance at some of the clubs in south Florida about 6 or 7 years ago; a lanky blond guy. I think he was also a minor porn performer. He didn't have any noticeable tatoos that I recall. I believe there's another porn performer that goes by the name Tiger and he has a tiger stripe tatoo.

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Whenever I go to Florida, I stock up on the Archie McNally crime novels which are based on a fictional PI operating in Palm Beach. This Seth Tobias case reads like one of those novels. I've been to Cupids in WPB when it was a gay stripper bar. It would provide a good backdrop for rich hedgefund managers seeking out go-go boys. But the New York Times states that Seth took his wife along with him on these outings to Cupids. Now THAT'S weird! :o

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Tiger has now spoken up, and what I find disturbing about his report is that he doesn't remember his lap-dance customers! And here I thought I always left a good memory!

Gay porn star comes clean about link to murdered hedge funder Seth Tobias




Saturday, December 8th 2007, 4:00 AM



A publicity photo of gay club dancer and porn star Tiger (Christopher Daunhauer).



Slain hedge fund millionaire Seth Tobias

A gay lap dancer caught up in the mysterious death of New York hedge-fund millionaire Seth Tobias broke his silence Friday night and insisted he's clueless about the case.


"I'm happy to talk with the police," said blond dancer and porn star Christopher Dauenhauer, who uses the stage name Tiger.


"I have nothing to fear," he said. "I looked at the time of death. I was at work in Nevada."


Tobias, 44, was found dead in the pool of his Jupiter, Fla., mansion last September - and a battle immediately erupted between his widow, Filomena Tobias, 41, and his brothers, who claim she killed the Wall Street hotshot.


Tiger's name emerged when he was subpoenaed to testify in the probate case. A summons was left at the West Palm Beach gay bar where Tiger supposedly met Tobias.


The plot thickened when a flamboyant character named Bill Ash claimed Filomena Tobias confessed she lured her coked-up hubby to his death by coaxing him into the pool with the promise of sex with Tiger.


The 31-year-old dancer and porn star - who has tiger stripes tattooed on his muscular body - said he hadn't been in touch with the Tobiases and isn't sure he ever met them.


"This guy may have had a fantasy about me," he said. "Maybe during his drug binges, he got into this frame of mind where he built our meeting into a relationship.


"Or maybe he'd seen one of my videos," he added, referring to porn flicks like "Roar of the Tiger."


Tiger said he performed at the gay club Cupids - where a bartender claims Tobias and his wife got lap dances - from 1999 to 2002. But a photo of the moneyman - who ran a $300 million fund and did guest spots on CNBC - didn't ring any bells.


"They have these back rooms at Cupids. They're dark. I met so many people. It's quite possible I met him during a private show," he said. "He may have been this one guy I went with to the horse races. We spent quite a lot of time together. Did we have sex? I'm assuming we probably did.


"There was a couple - a man and a woman - who came in. I don't remember much about them."


Tiger's agent, David Forest, downplayed speculation that Tobias may have left Tiger a chunk of cash in his will. "If that were true, he'd be in Florida, trying to collect his money," he said.


He'd have to stand in a long line: Seth Tobias' wife is disputing a will that left most of his estate to his four brothers, because it predates their 2005 marriage.


The Tobias brothers claimed in court papers that Filomena drugged her husband and "intentionally killed" him by drowning, according to reports.


Jupiter police have not opened a homicide probe.


Filomena Tobias denies killing her husband and has attacked the credibility of Ash, who's been described as an ex-pimp nicknamed "Mr. Madam."


Ash's lawyer, Debra Opri, said her client has tapes of conversations with Filomena Tobias and "they may be damaging."


"What is also damaging is that a widow after the death of her husband sent a bottle of champagne to my client," she added.

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Wait a minute. A blonde, gay, stripper, porn star, escort, admits he's "clueless" and that's news??? }(


Nor is it a surprise that David Forest winds up being mentioned as having a connection to the story.


Throw in ambulance chasing, publicity-mongering lawyer Debra Opri for good measure and now it's really getting sleazy. :+

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